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  1. IT IS SUPER COOL! It's my first time using it, and I think I'm in love. The statistician deep inside me is enthralled hahaha. Thank you! It helps that I previously went 121 days without soda. C: My biggest worry is I won't be able to say no to McDonald's frappes. ;___; Good luck with weaning out caffeine and soda! We don't need liquid calories~ ===================================================== ===================================================== Here's a look at my current Daytum display~ I went running today for 0:13:01 - 1.25 km. Sucky number, but I'm working on bringing it u
  2. You're doing so weeeeeelll alreeeeeaaaady! I do that, sign up, lurk, disappear thing a lot. I'm doing my best not to do it this challenge. Let's be active togetherrrr! I love your goals! And I can definitely relate to them. <3 I wish you all the best! YOU CAN DOOOO IIIIIT! Also, I'm jealous of you living in Japan. That sounds awesooooommeeee
  3. So here's an update of my progress log~ I'm going to be tracking my data on Daytum properly in a little bit... Update is in bold. I think Daytum will be a lot of fun to use since I'm geeky and like to keep track of stuff wheeee! Tomorrow I will go running after I wake up. Then get ready to go out with friends (day 3 of 5 of leaving the house this week), then work... /: I'd say don't spoil me, but the TV show's done that already so hehe. My bf's on book 2, and I'm very jealous. I'm not sure why I can't seem to sit still with these awesome books. Bad attention span...? ;___; I l
  4. With me, it's leave the house to go to work. No work, no outside world. xD Trying to change that though.. Thanks for the luck~! <3 Thanks! That's exactly how I feel; hence, the goal. xD I wonder if maybe I made the reading goal, so I can have an 'easy' challenge? Hmm... Aw, thank you~! :"D My hair's not quite like that anymore though. C: Yeah, I'm just trying to ease my way in this time. Because last time I jumped all in, and then I failed miserably. Small wins for now, then I'll up the ante. ;D I hope I can finish the ASOIAF books in 6 weeks! They're soooo long! <3 I would
  5. Want to steal your grading system haha! Post pictures of your doggie! I love dogs, oh gosh. Good luck with your goals! I hope you achieve 'em all ;D (And also hope you send everyone baked goods because yummmm)
  6. Oh, yay! I'm glad my suggestion helped. YOUR PUP IS SO ADORABLE. IS HE A SHIH TZU???? /dying
  7. Oh, I just realised... Bubbette, what's your blog?! I've been on a blog hiatus for sooo long haha. Would love to see yours <3 Do either of those apps work well? I tried doing WeightWatchers for a couple of weeks because it was easier to track points compared to calories, but I kind of fail at tracking haha!
  8. Aren't you technically early since Japan is ahead in terms of time zones? ;D In any case, I'm in New Zealand, so we can be 'late' or early together haha! Checking out your thread right now!
  9. Wow, medical school! o: Good luck with all of your goals <3 Have no clue with what to replace jumping jacks with. :/ Maybe add another song to the Dance Central workout, one with more bouncing and movement? xD Not sure haha. As for your dog, you could start by giving him stats. Maybe just STA, CON and WIS because doggies don't need to worry about being charming or strong?! Haha, plus there'll be less points to worry about. You could then give your dog 5-10 points based on the results of the Pooch25k challenge as well as his evaluation. He levels up if the coach gives him a good eval
  10. I have a love-hate relationship with my ZR app. xD It had something to do with not being able to change the playlist... Then I realised I needed to use a different app for it. Whoooops. Curious about goal number two. Does that mean by the end of the 6 weeks, you'll be doing the bodyweight exercises 6x a week?! o: What about rest days? GOOOOD LUUUUCK! Let's doooo thiiiis thaaaang! <3 Also I love that Elf in an Ogre suit description. Brilliant!
  11. This post will have a running record of all progress, so it's easy for me to see. c: More detailed charts available at: http://daytum.com/wannabeempress Progress Log + 0.5 CHA for joining a group (from Mini-Challenge 1)+ 0.5 WIS for giving advice to a squadmate (from Mini-Challenge 1)Read 1 book (04/06/13), went out (Parents' + Daycare - 05/06/13), drank only water since 03/06/13 (3/3 perfect streak, 3/42 total days)Went out (Shopping with best friend + Maccas + StarDome Observatory - 06/06/13), read a little bit, drank only water (4/4 perfect streak, 4/42 total days) ---- Drinking only w
  12. Hi there! My name's Pattee. This is, unfortunately, not my first time at a challenge. I say unfortunately because the past two time I've tried, I failed miserably. So why have I come back for some more butt-kicking? Because I finally had a taste of achieving my goals! I've been doing little goals like "Clean room", "Get a job", "Run for 12 minutes", "Pay off your credit card". And I've achieved some and failed at others. Cleaning, well, my room is currently a dump. Job? I am proudly employed, thank you. Running? Well, it worked for a while, and then... Yeah. Credit card? Paid it off, an
  13. Okay, this is the team for me! I've been reading NF for a couple of years now, and I've yet to really get things going. But... Better Late Than Never, right?! Anyway... Hi, guys! I hope we can all be good friends by the end of this. ;D I still need to make my thread. Will do that shortly~
  14. Okay, this seems like a great challenge! I need to get myself in order anyway. Maybe I should have noted: Prepare Next Week's sched for either Saturday or Sunday, hehe.
  15. Oh, I love your goals! A mix of fitness for the body and mind. Great job on working out today! And for working on the mini challenge. I know I need to do it too. xD
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