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  1. Subduing the Yeti: Rebel Holiday Mini

    I thought this happened to my family only! Are you my sister? Oh, I know you are not... I also think that my grandparents knew we didn't believe in Santa anyway, because we would thank them for the gift, not for bringing the gift from their house (yeah, every year Santa got distracted) to ours...
  2. 20th Day Walking Challenge (Dec 5 - Jan 13)

    So, I got confused on my spreadsheet as I needed to update several days and nearly set a day missed more than I did. So I created a formula to get from the walked and skipped days it updates the last update date. Feel free to copy it!
  3. Subduing the Yeti: Rebel Holiday Mini

    Second this! I love the quiet 13 people family dinner, the week preparing for it, but come on, no need to falsely smile all the times :)
  4. Daily Dare (Nov 26 - Dec 30)

    Never two mistakes in a row: I did my exercise with EC today but at least it was easy I am going to try yesterday one if I have time...
  5. Subduing the Yeti: Rebel Holiday Mini

    Now, I hope not to start a flame war, but I honestly dislike people who want children to believe in Santa/Baby Jesus/St. Nicholas bringing gifts. Liying to children is not cool, man! I tried to politely tell people, but get the 'but I don't want to ruin the innocence' and I get a bit itchy I also not particularly like one common argument in Italy: how to respect people of other religions any connections to the christian traditions should not be allowed in schools. Too bad that parents of other religions are ok with it (most would like to expand the talk about winter festivities traditions of their culture/religion and I would like that too), it seems few vocal ones are deciding for all. I feel it's such a closed mentality to swipe all the cultures under the 'we can't talk about religion in school', can't we just talk openly about each other culture/religion/faith?!? Is it just me or it would make the world better if we all knew a bit more about each other?
  6. 20th Day Walking Challenge (Dec 5 - Jan 13)

    I love that I often did walk 'following the green man' allowing traffic lights to decide for me where should I turn. Yeah, it brings unto different places and often you walk more than planned. Well done@Telethot!
  7. 20th Day Walking Challenge (Dec 5 - Jan 13)

    Today I have been soo lazy: 250steps, didn't even left my parents' house...
  8. Diadhuit keep it up and spice it up

    I don't always get the notifications for my own post somehow... Sorry I only see it now! You mean the multiplier? I just found it was too hard to get through 4w without having a clear idea how was it going... My scientific mind says that a multiplier is not good because it forms a straight line, while it should be a parabole (y=ax^2+bx+c thingy) on a chartesian plane... But it works, so f#ck it. Today I have been soo lazy: 250steps, none of the challenges done, didn't even left my parents' house, was unproductive at work (wfh), eat too much sugar, drank not enough water. I had just enough freggies, and I am going to focus on that! Thing is that at my parents I revert to be a teenager shut in her room, and I get bored and I get pissed at myself and I do nothing... I love them, I would like to be a grown up around them too.
  9. 20th Day Walking Challenge (Dec 5 - Jan 13)

    The day isn't ended yet, but I'm afraid I'm going to skip today. I am exhausted of sitting on a chair. Why this country breaks all my good habits?!? Can't I be back home soon? (answer: nope, you chose to be back the 8th of January, you'll have to live with it)
  10. Taoin's 3rd Challenge - Taoin finds her way

    First, I am so glad to hear Matthew is getting better and better Second, don't apologise for not checking with us, your family comes first! We are here when you need us, but don't feel that you #have# to check in with us! Finally, I don't see you losing your way. Tough times ask for strength, and it's ok to fall back sometimes. Where you with the Rebels last challenge? Most of us all fell and I did with no excuse, no sick child, no family matters, just 'the sun is gone'. The important part is how we stand again, and you are so great you have it already started! 1. Have you tried an easier way to track food for 'emergency times'? I found the calories method so difficult that I cannot follow, but I can easily get an idea if I am eating ok with this method https://goo.gl/images/6A6VCJ I started 4w tracking, adjusted to my needs (protein and fats together, wholegrain and refined sugar separate) and then introduced goals (now is at least 6 freggies, no more than 10 crap) and it is so useful for when you eat out, or at family dinners! You can still enjoy but put a limit. 2. If you use the slow cooker it means you did meal prep! 3. You need sleep too, you are not a machine! And with Matthew's slower than expected recovery it takes time out of sleep, walk, all. Talking about time alone, you did what you can 4. It looks to me that you have been tidying up daily, from what you said. Many of us (read: I) don't have family to look after and do less than you do sometimes. Don't be hard on yourself or I should go hiding in a bush
  11. Need a reset

    Hi, can you do any workout with the puppy when you are not going to the gym? I too do struggle with the 'time lost at the gym' concept, but I discovered that walking to work to save transportation money makes me walk 10km per day feeling I am doing it for a purpose, or taking dancing and pilater classes is a 'social' activity and not lost. Maybe you can find what works best for you in this moment?
  12. 20th Day Walking Challenge (Dec 5 - Jan 13)

    That's probably me using the European date format (DD/MM/YYYY) as the other is sooooo coofusing
  13. Mahalak's Back to the Basics, Part 2

    You might not be impressed by yourself, but I am. I see first hand how crazy buzy life in churches in December! Even just not keeping stranded in 'things to do' to even think you need to care for yourself as well is very impressive! And seeing that you are at the stage of changing your goals according to your life without giving them up is great!!
  14. Countess D'If Takes Some Tests

    studying can be very boring and lonely. But you are nearly there, it's the last leg, don't give up! You can do it!! Take some care of yourself, find a friend to go out for lunch, call someone dear. Or write here if it helps, we'll be nice and friendly This soon shall be over!
  15. Daily Dare (Nov 26 - Dec 30)

    Who-hoo!! I reached my goal for bronze!! Now tentatively aiming for silver! Yeah!