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  1. This makes a lot of sense. I was worried that you were referring to be spiritually draining, my spiritual director always reccommends to see where energy is driving you, not sure if this helps?
  2. Some weeks are like that, mine as well was ups and downs. These are waves and will pass. What's the e-diet?
  3. Aargh! Nearly missed your thread!! How is this week going?
  4. How much do you need to exercise to consume the apartment manager calories?!? better feed the croackroaches with them
  5. OMG! This is really difficult! And I realise I cannot complain for the painters entering the only room of the house where I put all my belongins then. I got angry for much less... I'm sorry to hear what you are going through, hopefully it will pass soon!
  6. Happy Thursday! Seems a lot of good things happening
  7. Thu - physio exercises twice a day every day (unless dancing, max 1/week skipping) - no - cook once per week - 1/3 (done for this week) - in bed at 11 every working day, 12 weekends - yes - meditate / pray daily (as little as: 'Goodmorning, I love you more and more and I feel God's love' acclamation is enough) - funnily enough, went for dinner with a priest, but no!
  8. Cooking is easy when: 1. you make polenta in the bread machine (boil water, pour water, salt, corn flour in the BM, set jam setting, wait 1h) 2. You are at home anyway! But with the limitation of the kitchen being painted and all, I'm happy I could cook!
  9. Wed - physio exercises twice a day every day (unless dancing, max 1/week skipping) - yes - cook once per week - 1/3 - polenta! - in bed at 11 every working day, 12 weekends - so tired I'll do it - meditate / pray daily (as little as: 'Goodmorning, I love you more and more and I feel God's love' acclamation is enough) - yes
  10. I get you! So much! The only exercise that I did at home was wii, and that didn't last long either. I walked to/from work every day and was a delight! But moved further out and that makes me 1 hour away. I probably could/should continue, but it's just too much mentally. I find that Darebee Daily dare is doable as it's so little time, but still I'm not really up for that every day. What's wrong with black beans? Fibre, proteins, yum!
  11. What a day! Started with sending condolescences and dealing with what in previous post. Went to work, received a call from my priest on the way, agreed to meet in the evening, realised I forgot my laptop home, headed back, met a former manager of mine, catched up, my tram was stopped for a while, walked home, alerted the painters I was here, joined a meeting, thought I couldn't connect to the work network, panicked because I might have to work from home for other three days as a storm is coming. And all that before 10.30!
  12. It happens. Can you leave earlier another day? Or take longer breaks?
  13. That is a big milestone!!! from the storage place to few boxes you came a long way!!! When you say drained, what do you mean? Mentally or other?
  14. Ok, need to share this with someone... In August I was meant to go on a date, with a guy that I was really clicking with on the chat. I knew he had some medical issues, but nothing more. The plan was to meet on Sunday, but the Thursday before he broke his hip. I offered to meet him in the hospital after the surgery and he declined. After that I got no answer. Got a bit hurt, as it didn't seem the person to ghost me, but I shrug it off. On the 24th I sent him a text, because I felt something about him. I googled him today and discovered that was the day of his funeral. I don't know how to feel now, it's so sad that someone so young dies! And here I am having feelings of being cheated by fate, and bad that I make it all about me.
  15. Actually,@Waanie I recently wrote this in anothe thread: I feel the desire to cook at home, yet I am not 'finding the time' that I know it being my excuse... what is the block I don't know yet.
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