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    That is probably it then, or all the food eaten... The best thing since I joined the rebellion is that when bad days happen I am writing it down here and stop beating myself up with it. And I receive so much support Thanks!!! Sent from my HTC Desire 728G dual sim using Tapatalk
  2. Diadhuit walks the path

    Week 0 review (12-18 aug) My quests: 1) Walk to or from work (it should mean 5k steps but usually I add other walks so I would expect to fare around 8k), walk 10k steps on weekends Using habits for the weeks, step tracker for the weekends / holidays Multiplier: 1.1 (a bit harder than last challenge) 6/7 --> 94% Cumulative 9/10 --> 99% In the last two challenges I noticed that Saturday is my weak day. Today I am planning some visits, so I should get my steps sorted.. Wish me luck! 2) Track my food intake and have at least 2 veggies portions each day (1 point a day if both, 0 otherwise) Using the tracker app Multiplier: 1.2 (at least once per day) 6/7 --> 100% Cumulative: 9/10 --> 100% Beside one very bad day it looks allright, I discovered that I am underestimating my veggie fists (80gr is a portion, I was considering 250gr 2 portions instead of 3 and I have very small hands :D) 3) I eat breakfast before leaving home. Before going to bed I prepare breakfast (1 point for breakfast preparation) Using habits. Multiplier: 1.4 (at least three days per week) 7/7 --> 100% Cumulative: 9/10 --> 100% I kind of cheated a couple of times when I brought back a salad from work and used as a breakfast, but I think I ate healthier that way, so I am happy of the solution. Level up my life: When I put my night gown on I pray the examen. Multiplier: 1.3 (a bit harder than last challenge) 6/7 --> 100% Cumulative: 9/10 --> 100% Is this becoming a habit? if so, it is very good! And the day I skipped, I did put the examen on in my app, but I fell asleep during it. I probably could count it (my spiritual director would approve) but this time I am not. Overall I am making progresses even if I had a bit of a setback for once this is working! I have lost 3kg and 6cm on my waist since I joined at the beginning of June and I am overall happier, some of my dreams are happening even when I am not pursuing them!
  3. Diadhuit walks the path

    Here it is: I saw myself going downhill in the last few days and yesterday I crashed. I was fearing that it would have happened since last challenge and I saw that coming Things were prearing since the morning when I forgot my lunch. Then because of some meetings I didn't drink enough. Went for lunch and had a delicious and filling salad (but my brain can't understand salad is a meal in itself), there was no fruit at work because it's friday there were buiscuits so I had one, I left work hungry and tired (not unhappy tho!) overthinking one thing and in big need of sugar. So I stopped at the best butcher in town and got a delicious steak and then went for groceries where I got tons of vegetables. I prepared my delicious dinner and it was good. I did forget to drink, silly me! I was proud of myself for having organised many things and for having refrained from eating wrongly, but at a moment it hit me: I was alone at home on a Friday night. 'So what? You have been out each single evening during the week, with good friends. Just yesterday you would have been happy to have a bit of rest!' Would have been the rational answer. The one I had was 'What is wrong with you? At least you could have gone out on your own! Find new friends maybe? Even just go for a walk even if your muscles are already tired for the 12k you walked today!' And I had bought my binge foods (peanut butter with no sugar and wholemeal 'Granetti' during last challenge (was so proud that I was not indulging!). So here it is in all its ignominous data. Food log 18/8 Veggie fist: 7 Protein palm, fat thumb: 19 Whole carbs and fruit cup: 15 White carbs cups, junk thumb: 1 Water: 3 Things to be noticed are: As soon as I drank, I felt both thirsty and too full to drink I couldn't sleep and I woke up in the night bacause of digestion This morning I still feel bloated and heavy, but I am not so tired and my mind is at ease, I am confident today will be a good day! Never commit the same mistake twice in a row! Today I am going to watch my eating! Sent from my HTC Desire 728G dual sim using Tapatalk
  4. Diadhuit walks the path

    I think that stress eating for me is the perfect indicator of my happiness. If I am happy I lose weight, if I am sad I can try so many diets, but none will work until my life changes. Last big weight loss required me to move out of my country, this time it has been leaving a job I loved but did outgrow. So: find what you love and you'll forget about food if only it could be so simple! Today I ate well, a bit more because I had Pilates, hula hoop and I did walk around 10k. Should have drank more! Food log 17/8 Veggie fist: 5 Protein palm, fat thumb: 9 Whole carbs and fruit cup: 4 White carbs cups, junk thumb: 2 Water (glasses of 400 or 500ml): 2.5 Sent from my HTC Desire 728G dual sim using Tapatalk
  5. Wow, petting your cat while on a bridge pose is pretty impressive! It is kind of a milestone in itself Well done! Sent from my HTC Desire 728G dual sim using Tapatalk
  6. Diadhuit walks the path

    That's what I normally do already... A snack at 3 (a fruit usually) and something as soon as I am out (a thumb of nuts) But sometimes is not enough. My hunger is usually due to stress and loneliness more than hunger I can't track my patterns, but it would be interesting... Today I am too full to have dinner and I have a salad ready to be eaten! Food log 16/8 Veggie fist: 3 Protein palm, fat thumb: 5.5 Whole carbs and fruit cup: 7 White carbs cups, junk thumb: 2 Oooh! Look! I had such a bigger lunch today tho! That explains it? Sent from my HTC Desire 728G dual sim using Tapatalk
  7. Diadhuit walks the path

    It is not going well with food this week. I don't know what it is, but I am getting home late and hungry, so I make less good choices regarding food. I think it could be stress, I feel my arms trembeling, my legs move even when I am sitting, I have a bit of migraine. This is still under control, but I am scared that I will fall into a well of bad choices. So yesterday I did prepare lunch for work today and tomorrow using lots of fresh green and barley, making 8 veg and 3 whole carbs in total, not sure if it will turn out to be 2 or 3 portions. Hopefully I will get back on track! Food log 15/8 Veggie fist: 2 Protein palm, fat thumb: 4.5 Whole carbs and fruit cup: 4 White carbs cups, junk thumb: 2 Sent from my HTC Desire 728G dual sim using Tapatalk
  8. Diadhuit walks the path

    The temptation is strong! I better publish the food log before binging so I can't! Food log 14/8 Veggie fist: 2 Protein palm, fat thumb: 7 Whole carbs and fruit cup: 8 White carbs cups, junk thumb: 1 Sent from my HTC Desire 728G dual sim using Tapatalk
  9. @Jlailin I had more issues with the shoulders having to keep my arms up in the air for so long I do miss it so much! Sent from my HTC Desire 728G dual sim using Tapatalk
  10. Diadhuit walks the path

    Am I still human? Dammit, I thought I was a Superhero... First has to be noted that I didn't slept well and woke up with a heavy stomach because of yesterday, yikes! Ehm, forgot that today would have had crochet (that is at lunchtime so I have no veggies) and I organised a dinner out. So, vegetables are very low. But I am ok with it, just need to do better tomorrow Food log 13/8 Veggie fist: 1 Protein palm, fat thumb: 5 Whole carbs and fruit cup: 2 White carbs cups, junk thumb: 4 Sent from my HTC Desire 728G dual sim using Tapatalk
  11. Diadhuit walks the path

    For the first time in months I had a moment of weakness and wanted to eat sugar forever! I kept calm and went for a walk, then went to Mass and thought it was gone. I had to go to the shop and I did overbuy I did overeat, but not binged so I consider it a partial success? I think triggers are loneliness and a bit of stress (but... levels are so low it shouldn't be this bad) Anyway.. Food log 12/8 Veggie fist: 4 Protein palm, fat thumb: 10 Whole carbs and fruit cup: 6 White carbs cups, junk thumb: 2 [emoji85] Sent from my HTC Desire 728G dual sim using Tapatalk
  12. Keep It Simple, Human

    I love the idea that a coffee with someone as a first step for a longlasting friendship And for me loneliness has been the trigger to deal with my shyness, I didn't talk to anyone for my first month at the previous job and when I left I had been described as 'she is not shy' as I became very outspoken and very friendly with all the newcomers... Life is strange sometimes! Sent from my HTC Desire 728G dual sim using Tapatalk
  13. KnitJoy something something consistent 2

    Wow, thanks for the information! I have a huge amount of todo lists, and it gets difficult when most of my info are online. I'll have a look at the website, might turn into a task for a challenge to get me started! Sent from my HTC Desire 728G dual sim using Tapatalk
  14. That is amazing! I wish we had kpop dance classes here too! I did learn a bellydance choreo, but I have no space to practice it, I tried few parts in the shower and ended up with bruises on my arms Sent from my HTC Desire 728G dual sim using Tapatalk
  15. Trying Not To Feel Like a Fail - Respawn?

    I am glad to have found fellow awkwards @Nadoriel I hope it will ease up, it must be very difficult for you. where in the UK are you? Btw here in Dublin there are even meetups for people with social anxiety maybe there are similar ones to join if you are shy? Sent from my HTC Desire 728G dual sim using Tapatalk