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  1. [ATTACH=CONFIG]5820[/ATTACH] and if she'd come into the thread asking 'how should i structure my program to get to pull ups?' id answer that question. but she didn't, she posted a program that was essentially SS with lunges and sit ups and asked if she should do more. given SS's track record with beginners, how much info there is on it, and how well it is structured to go from novice to intermediate lifting, i don't see why i wouldn't recommend it. except i always said to combine it with deadlifts for strength gains, and negatives to learn the movement pattern. then you started jumping up and down about how wrong i was. i dont know, maybe you have had some bad experiences with SS or something, but every person ive seen stick to it has seen dramatic gains in all lifts. this includes going from not being able to do pull ups to doing them weighted. there is a possibility it wont work for her, but there are better ways to find out than theory-crafting. you can keep arguing if you like, but you wont change my mind that SS is a good program for beginner weight lifters, and the first i would recommend to novice lifters with no injuries and a desire to start lifting barbells.
  2. Did you not read all of the original post, which went into detail about how much fun she was having lifting barbells? That's why I recommended SS. If you enjoy lifting barbells, are just starting out, and want to get strong, SS is the program for you. The way pull ups fall into that program is as an accessory lift. You'd have to rework the program to a put a focus on pull ups, but that would be to the detriment of your other lifts. Especially if you cant do a pull up yet, but that's not even the point. Her goal, specifically, is to increase strength. The pull up is a side goal, and the question on negatives was whether or not she'd be able to do them if she can't do a proper pull up. You're right, i worded that way wrong. I meant that the negative is not being used primarily for strength development, as it's an accessory move done after your primary lifts. however, the strength gains will come from the primary lifts, the neuro-muscular control will come from doing negatives (yes this is a form of strength development, but im fairly sure we can differentiate the two without too much explanation), and these combined will help you work towards getting your first pull up. in the same vein that handstands can help your pull up, or bench press can help your dips. i do think so, ive seen it in myself and many other people, especially when combined with deadlifts and negative pull ups. thats kind of the point of doing compound movements based around functional strength development. bodyweight rows are a solid replacement for negative pull ups if you cant control the negative / aren't progressing. in fact you could use almost all of that article as a progression for your accessory lifts (though id skip the dumbbell row personally).
  3. depends on how much you earn maybe? but honestly 4% is nothing, you can come back above that after 4-6months in any company. if the new job is a sure thing why not take it up?
  4. i think i now know how my non-fitness-focused friends feel when i try to explain proper programming (with in depth analysis of muscle activation)...
  5. okay, definitely go with starting strength. as a baseline training program, it's perfect. even more so if you're loving big compound lifts like deadlifts, OHP, and squats. in this case, the point of negatives as accessory work is not to get to a pull up, its to get used to the movement pattern and controlling those muscles. you dont just fall, you control the drop, stopping at various places to hold etc. just doing hangs would be a good start. by working on your OHP and deadlifts you'll be building strength that will cross over into your pull up, but i cant say how long that will take. definitely hang out with the warrior forum, and just go for it. good luck yo
  6. this is where barbells and other adjustable weights become necessity. personally, im looking to building my own t-handle for adjustable kettlebell work.
  7. id say you're doing too much. do less. drop the split, you're so close to starting strength you should just do that program. dont worry about situps. more importantly, what are your goals? strength? endurance? sport? this will affect what areas you focus on within your program. for the pull up, stop with the bent over row and the lunges, do deadlifts every workout and OHP twice a week. work negatives (trying to stop and pull back up at increasing depths) as accessory after all your big lifts.
  8. im on it, but having switched from barbell work to bodyweight ive become pretty jaded with keeping track of my workouts and what not. now i just read the group forums when im bored. really, bodyweight workouts are seriously undervalued, when you can even find the correct 'lift' to enter at all. case in point: At 91kg bodyweight. Somehow doing nearly double the work is worth 1/7 of the points. No planche push up, no floor L sit or tuck variations (and coming in at under 1 point per second no less...).
  9. subscribed. im only on book 4 (been on book 4 for a while) but i dig the series and love overly in depth discussions of fantasy universes tbh im kind of torn on book 4, i love all the stuff about dorne, but hate having to read so much cersei and i really just want to get back to tyrion, john snow, and arya chapters. how long does it take for george r r to get back to the meat of the story?
  10. Sure does, and it has a lot to do with which of your body parts are already strong, mobile, or flexibile. If you have decently strong legs with a good bit of flexibility, most warrior poses are going to be a breeze. If you have tight hips, it will be a different story. Which poses were super easy and which were difficult? Typically, your weaker areas should get stronger pretty fast, so long as you're giving them enough work in your program.
  11. aaaand done, quick session when i got into work this morning.
  12. Bloody hell, you must be well out of the city to be running into western reds! Good ol trail running in the (semi) outback
  13. http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?feature=plpp&v=g-VLIZibl_4 International noise conspiracy - black mask.
  14. Thanks for the articles yo. I saw the one on "lowest difficulty setting" and immediately thought "wait wasnt this on cracked?" and then bam, first comment: original concept from cracked.com. And i think it makes more sense in that article than it does in the one you linked, namely because hes talking about sex and not life as a whole. This line sums it up: "you know what you want and everyone in your demographic will praise you for being able to do it" I think this relates more to this thread and to the idea of what we mean when we say straight white male is 'ezymode' then trying to claim that all of life is easier for the straight, white, and male, while handwaving away other factors such as wealth, health, loving parents, or location.
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