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  1. First week went well! I made the fitness and nutrition goals, so woot! Didn't do the art or laundry goals though... But in the first two days of the second week, I've done a load of laundry AND the 4 pictures I'm meant to finish for the week, so anything else is just cherries! How did your week go? I know it's been pretty crazy in general but gotta work and be as amazing as wonder woman! Awesome gif, btw
  2. Thank you so much! I'm really glad to be here and that my friend introduced it to me! I keep meaning to go make friends in the forums but my workouts and work hours have been keeping me too busy. But it's Children's day so I actually have some free time today and will work on mingling! Thanks for the tip!! Thank you so much!! Really glad to be here!
  3. This is a placeholder! Reflections
  4. This is a placeholder! Week 4
  5. This is a placeholder! Week 3
  6. This is a placeholder! Week 2
  7. Week 1 "Push... harder..." an overweight girl muttered to herself. Her long brown hair was tied back in a tight ponytail and her clothes clung to every ridge and curve of her wide frame. The shirt showed the sweat she'd already shed but she wasn't done yet. A determined look in her green eyes, she pushed her body even harder and smiled. I'm not sure if I'll be putting in those excerpts every time or not but I'll decide another time. Anyway, update for week one! I'm happy to say that I made both my exercise and nutrition goals! I've been tracking my food every da
  8. Morning crept up over the horizon on the shore of a small island. The red sand shimmered and gleamed as the rays began to tickle them and spread warmth across the deserted beach. On the very edge of the beach, was a small figure. She was disheveled, her long brown hair tangled and knotted and green eyes were red from tears. Her toes had dug themselves into the cool sand and she sat curled with her arms hugging her knees. There were no tears now, they had dried themselves up and she looked weary. As the sun ran across her and began to warm up the sand around her, she blinked and cl
  9. Yes! We're out there for sure! I'm currently in Jiaxing, so not too far from Shanghai. And good to know, I think pictures will be a great way to go! XD All about keeping me accountable T_T Someday I hope to be able to recognize the food for myself but I definitely haven't been here long enough for that yet... Yet... >.> <.< >.>
  10. Ohai! My name is Haze and I'm from a tiny island most people can't find on a map... in Canada.. where it's cold... But I'm not currently living there, and am in China where I'm currently making a living teaching English! Not what I expected to be doing with a bachelor of psychology, but meh. I'm a new teacher so still learning the ropes but that's one thing I really love to do: Learn! I've never been a very fit or active person. I was a chubby kid, bullied for being chubby even though there were other kids in my grade bigger than me. I did become quite smal
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