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  1. Can I ask what your mantra is?
  2. Hey cheers! It's definitely a strange (but common) one. People tell you to only start one habit at a time, but I think they're really interlinked: like, I won't exercise if I don't get a good night's sleep. And when I've exercised, I feel like I've 'earned' my leisure, and I'm more likely to just do the fun thing, instead of half-berating myself into doing a Task and half mindless internet browsing.
  3. Western culture has a tendency to value yang (active, visible, etc) over yin (quiet, hidden, 'inactive', etc) and I'm part of that culture so I can be a bit that way too. But you need the yin stuff. Muscle growth happens on the rest days right - the yin days? I just joined a gym and I'm pretty fired up about it, but it is EXTREMELY typical of me to get way too fired up and then burn out within a fortnight. So to avoid that, I need to balance that yang stuff with yin habits - getting enough sleep, stretching, rest days. Yang Strength train at gym twice a week Play Zelda:
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