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  1. Gained weight this week, but only 0.4 lbs, so it could just be water weight. I won't worry about it. I've done great! I've had no normal sodas at all for the past three weeks, and I've had three very short walks three times a week. Today, I start the next challenge I've set for myself. Keep the walks and the no-soda thing going, and add 5 minutes of meditation 4-5 days a week.
  2. I've been so busy at work, I forgot to update last Wednesday or Thursday. My weight was unchanged as of last Thursday, and I am still doing well walking 10-15 minutes 3 times a week and drinking no normal soda. Today was really difficult, with free soda in the office for a party, but I drank sparkling water instead. Wednesday is the end of this particular challenge. Keeping the "no soda" and "walk three times" going, I'll add in a 5 minute meditation challenge. 5 minutes 4-5 times a week for three weeks. Adding one healthy habit or subtracting one unhealthy habit at a time!
  3. Week 2 is almost half over for me, and I'm still doing well with the soda and the walking. I've decided what I want to add for January. The soda substitution has been an easy thing to maintain. Keep a house full of fizzy water and I don't drink regular sodas. I didn't so much "quit soda" as change brands. I'm not a Coke person anymore; I'm a Mendota Springs person. Or San Pellegrino or Perrier. So, I'll concentrate on walking 3 times a week for at least 10 minutes (which has been the more difficult thing to do this challenge period so far), and I'll add in 5 minutes (or more) of meditation 4-5
  4. A little over a week ago, I re-spawned. I've tried many times and failed many times to lose weight and get in shape. A couple of weeks ago, I saw 251 on my scale. I'm 5 feet 4.75 inches tall, and that's the most I've ever weighed. Something had to change. My plan upon popping back into the game as a level zero was simple: 1) For the rest of December, no soda other than Perrier, San Pellegrino and the like, which have no sugars and no artificial sweetener, and the occasional Zevia, which is sweetened with stevia, monk fruit and erythritol, which is a sugar alcohol. I bought new CO2 canisters
  5. So far so good. I went to the store and exchanged my CO2 canisters for my soda maker and got the seltzer water flavors. They have no sugar and no artificial sweeteners. They're probably chock full of artificial flavor, but that's not my current concern. So, when I'm having soda cravings, I can make a liter of lemon-lime seltzer water at any time! This is my second whole day without a "real" soda, and I've had no cravings because I'm drinking seltzer water and plenty of coffee with a touch of stevia and unsweetened soy milk in it. I took a walk today, and will take another tomorrow. The weath
  6. I lost another battle, and in fact, I'm heavier and unhealthier than ever. But luckily the cleric usually has a rez tucked away in his bag of tricks, so I'm back and ready to fight again! I'm back at level zero with no cool gear, just hanging out and killing rats again for XP. But that's ok. This time, I'll move slower. Kill rats a while longer, take my time before I move forward again. That's my problem. I want the gold and glory right now, but I can't kill any bosses yet. I don't even have the points to spend to be able to wear armor yet, or wield a sword! I've got pants, a shirt, a pock
  7. This is exactly how I do it. I tell myself, you only have to walk 10 minutes. 5 out and 5 back. Or, you only have to do 5 squats and 5 pushups and 15 jumping jacks and you can call it good and then you've done SOMETHING instead of nothing. Then you can quit or go back inside and read or play video games or hide from the world or whatnot. But after 5 minutes or the 15 jumping jacks or whatnot, I'm usually feeling pretty good and keep going. Because the exercise does help the depression, and I just need to trick myself into getting started. Once I'm doing it, I feel better quickly. On the
  8. You CAN do it! It's totally achievable! Just keep at it!
  9. So, I disappeared from NF in August...which is when my semester started. I couldn't keep a 40 hour job, 9 hours of classes and a social life without some things falling by the wayside...that which fell by the wayside was my internet time and World of Warcraft, which I plan to pick up again once I can afford Mists of Pandaria But I did it. I graduated! I've had a lot of trouble getting through college and have been trying, then failing, then trying again since 1994. It's not that I'm not smart enough for the classes. It's that my psychological problems were worse than I realized. Since
  10. I moved the filing cabinet from HQ and got it into the truck to move to the new location. (I went on a closet cleaning spree and realized I didn't need the tall four-drawer metal filing cabinet anymore. I found a neighbor who runs a non-profit that helps stray cats and she wanted the cabinet. I live on the third floor of an old Victorian. I lugged the cabinet and then the drawers, in stages, down into the yard, and then helped load it up to be taken away. It took me forever to drag that thing out of the closet and all the way down into the yard. I had to put the stupid thing down every f
  11. Although I hadn't read about this challenge until now, I accidentally completed it this week. On Thursday, I walked the streets of the bustling Capital City for a half hour at midday. There were plenty of people bustling about, but nothing out of the ordinary, though the trees which had been looking very sad during this summer's drought were starting to look a little bit perkier and greener after some recent rains. (Translation: Did a half hour walk over lunch hour at work - I work in the County seat of St. Louis County) On Friday, I walked many places. I tried the Capital again...I walk
  12. So, the DOMS from the 230 stairs were pretty amazingly rough. Haven't had them like that since the first day I started exercising after years of being relatively sedentary (which was only a few months back, really). So, most of the week's exercise sessions were gentle walking and hula hooping with the new hoop. And this weekend, I was camping so there was setting up and taking down camp along with nice walks in the woods. Since the goal is 30 minutes a day, and not a particular kind of exercise, it counts, but it just feels like I'm not doing quite enough. 30 minutes of just walking seems
  13. Tonight was supposed to be a night of rest, because of the DOMS from the 200+ stair climb. But I got a new LED hula hoop and it arrived in the mail! I had to try it out. So, unplanned exercise happened.
  14. I have had Symbicort in the past, but I don't usually use my emergency inhaler more than once or twice every other month, so my doc and I agreed I don't need to have it at this time. My asthma is mild. I just figured I'd be proactive with the stairs since I know stairs get me out of breath and I like to be cautious. If I pace myself like I did on the last climb, I won't need the inhaler at all.
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