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  1. Dude, you've hit the nail on the head. It was rough. The backlash has been minor, petty things though, so that's easy to deal with. New lab is way better, and its frankly a more interesting topic. I'm pretty pumped about getting to start over, and I've enjoyed learning as much as I have in the past three months here. Oh hey! Thanks! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Goal 1: Contribute So this counts right? Rough weekend for reliable internet access: I was staying with my folks because my brakes went out, but they had an o
  2. Hey guys, I'm hopping back in halfway through a challenge. Don't hate me for it. Or do. Your choice. Brief life update: I know I've done this a few times now, where I "come back because life is more reasonable and I have the time to do so". Those were typically lies. I had gotten into a bad situation with my degree, and I was under constant pressure and attack from my advisor, to the point where everything else was getting swallowed up: time with family, time with my relationship, even time to physically take care of myself. I am thankfully out of that situation now. I left with my
  3. Fair enough. Still got them goals and naivity, but I can guarantee you I am neither fresh nor energized. Youth depends on who you ask. Thanks! I was super happy with it, especially with what I had in the tank! If you'd seen the sweat angels, the fatigue at the beginning, and the amount of spite and hate I've developed for AMRAP sets, you'd realize I have not made this look easy. lol ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wave 2, Week 1, Day 1 -- Squat "Light", Assistance "Heavy", Conditioning "Medium" The astute observer would not
  4. So it looks like I'm slipping back to posting less frequently and I'm doing a poor job of making it back to the Warriors community... Crap. Good news, everything else this challenge is going really well. Rather than go through the specifics of both deadlift and and bench days from last week (I gotta get to work), I'll post a quick recap of each day: Deadlift - Hit my PR of 4 x 465, at least two reps in the tank, but I saved those for this week. Paused deadlifts are the devil, and they are so good for you. Front squats are getting bett
  5. You know, I think that's close enough. Let's call it that.
  6. Holy smokes, I'm got a lot to catch you all up on. Between visiting my girlfriend and the DnD game starting back up, this is really the first chance I've had to check in. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wave 1 Week 2 Day 4 - Bench Volume, Heavy Assistance, Moderate Conditioning First Giant Set Row - 12 x 165, 10 x 195, 8+ x 225 (got all 8) Bench - Same reps (got 7) Russian Twists x 10 a side Run a lap Assistance Sets DB incline bench (6 reps) DB 1A Rows (10 reps an arm) Max Dips (not many) Max Pullups (even fewer) Bonus
  7. Honestly, even with a rep PR, I have to agree. A close second is press PR, but those are so damn rare
  8. Dude, solid plan! Yeah, honestly it takes a while to get there with Front squats. If wrist mobility is a huge issue, but you want much if the same effect, look into Zercher squats. Word of caution though: wear a hoodie. That's true. Just keep an eye on them then until your form is there. Once you're dialed in, they spur a lot of growth
  9. Dude! Awesome sauce on the PR! I was/am in the same boat with the concerns about frequency, but keep in mind that you will keep the volume about the same. All other things being equal, volume is what ultimately drives growth (note, I mean volume as a corollary to total tonnage). I just recently switched from a Sheiko program (squat and dead 2 x weekly, bench/variation 4x weekly) to something that is more akin to 5/3/1, and I guarantee you will not get weaker at the lifts. If the issue is about form, a little known secret is that bench variations can be assistance for over
  10. Let's burn that bridge in a few months. My work capacity is garbage right now, and I will actually die. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wave 1, Week 2, Day 3 - Deadlift Volume, Assistance Heavy, Conditioning Moderate I very much want to say volume deadlifts are worse than volume squats, but then, I actually finished today's workout. My main giant set went banded good mornings (way too simple), deadlift (12 x 295, 10 x 355, and 8 x 405; I hit my goal today! I may have been able to pull a few more reps, but I was getting gassed conditioning wise), ab wheel rollouts, an
  11. I couldn't agree more That was a big burger night, and walking/standing felt funny for a while after. One of the squat conditioning workouts I've seen and want to try eventually is the Mike Jenkins Memorial Squat Challenge. 1 minute amrap, 1 minute rest, 2 minute amrap, 2 minute rest, 3 minute amrap, 3 minute cry. I think the loading I saw was around 70% 1RM(?). Regardless of the load, I hate amrap squats.
  12. Never in my life will I do 300 squats, unless they're unloaded. I've done that, and it was awful. I feel like you do get better at it, but only if you want to get better at it. There are definitely times when starting a set will be the biggest uphill battle you face that day, and if you want to get better at pushing past things sucking, you absolutely can. For instance, I used to hate diving under the squat bar near the middle or end of my workouts. It just drained me doing another set with the same weight, but I forced myself through it, and now I don't really have that problem (w
  13. Wave 1, Week 2, Day 2 - Strict Press Moderate, Assistance Light, Conditioning Hell Heavy First giant set was a little disappointing, but I'm finding the silver linings. I missed my last rep on overhead press, just shy of the rep goal. I could have recovered that missed rep, rebraced, and shot for it again, but my mind just wasn't in it. This program is a mind challenge, I'm learning more and more. Silver linings though, I did not end up missing my pullup goals. I didn't add weight, but it's been several months since going above 5's on pullups. Pullups (10, 8, 6+) Clean and St
  14. Thanks! It was a lot of weight, and honestly, I think I did too much with it. My triceps have recovered, but I don't think my anterior delts have yet and it's press day. So I kind of expect all of that to come back and bite me in the ass. Everyone has a different heavy, and that heavy, and there's nothing wrong with asking for help. The bigger thing that's been bothering me with getting pinned by that weight was that I let my pride get in the way of my safety. I knew I was tired, and I knew my arms didn't have a ton left in them, and I should have asked for a spot instead of doi
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