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  1. Jon.... Has no idea what he's doing

    Definitely agree here! Though truth be told, I know pretty confidently I want to stick to big compounds like I have been. I'm doing this more for recovery and to keep having fun. Even in the gym, all work and no play makes Jonny a dull boy Today I followed the scheme of Pavel's Russian Bear Program for bench (without solid math). The principle is do a set of 5 at a little under your 5rm (I did 85% of my 1rm), rest 5 minutes, hit a set of 5 and 90% the original weight, rest 3 minutes and take another 10% off the bar. Then do as many sets of 5 as possible with perfect form and only a minute of rest. My math was bad, as I hit 205, 195, and 3.5 sets of 185. Liked the scheme though, and actually I feel solid after. For pullups I did two 2-3-5 ladders. I can definitely tell I'm stronger than I was even a month ago. This is a solid run I've been on
  2. Jon.... Has no idea what he's doing

    Yesterday was day 2 of playing around. Aaaaaaaaand admittedly I may have played harder than intended. Squats followed my 2-3-5 ladder up to 18 total lifts, all at 315#. This being my previous 85%, it was pretty taxing, and I'm feeling it in my hamstrings today. I followed that with 3x20 KB swings at 53#. Everything still hurts from my pullup extravaganza, but I'm going to try to hit upperbody with Bench and more pullups tonight
  3. Warrior's AMA: House of M

    @miss_marissa and @RedStone What are your lifting philosophies? How long have you stuck with them, and have you been eyeing any others?
  4. Jon.... Has no idea what he's doing

    Day one of basically the goof around challenge: Decided since it's been a solid 6 years since touching a kettlebell, I'd do swings and pullups, 100 each. Hot damn do my lats feel good! And by good, I mean like wimpy string beans I've neglected for years. Started week 1 strong by missing chapel to drive home from the girlfriend though. Call it even?
  5. Jon.... Has no idea what he's doing

    What if you PR, but by less than you anticipated? But no, getting the mandatory flu vaccine didn't help any with my arms feeling like jelly
  6. Jon.... Has no idea what he's doing

    Also, is it normal to feel useless the day after maxing? Because damn I feel useless
  7. Jon.... Has no idea what he's doing

    So the funny thing here is when I try to tell her that I love her, my phone decides what I really want to say is "I live you". So yeah, this is probably the most common typo I make. I have not, actually. The program I just came off of did most lifts at 75% and a few singles on Wednesday, with Friday being volume. I loved it, but I'll look into the Texas stuff. Definitely a healthy spot. I remember enjoying 5x5 with StrongLifts, but it quickly became too much in any given day, so I'm really looking forward to attacking it again. I'm kinda with @Taddea Zhaan in the lean towards a heavy day and volume day on my primary lifts: it lets me push myself while practicing form more often. And update from maxing day (getting out if bed this morning has been so difficult) : Squat 405 Bench failed 255, hit 245 Deadlift failed 505, hit 475 It's super clear that what I did for deads did not give the desired results, and bench went pretty poorly too. I know what I'm doing different for each though, which isn't a bad place to be
  8. Jon.... Has no idea what he's doing

    I legitimately have no idea what I'm doing these next few weeks. Sadly, I know exactly what I'm doing after this challenge is done, but these next few weeks embody the catastrophe that is an architect accidentally submitting his kid's fridge drawing of a dog shitting in the yard as the new plans for city hall. Goals: Go to chapel at least once a week. No exceptions. Pretty simple. Maintain (physical) strength until after the conference. Here's where I'm lost: I'm maxing out this week, then two weeks until I'm traveling, and I don't know what's a good idea. 5x5s? Which days? Should I start adding more explosive movements here? Etc. Advice appreciated. Kick ass into gear: I want to graduate so I can love with my girlfriend sooner. I need to have and enact a weekly plan in the lab to make that happen. Plan Friday what I'll do for the week. Those are the three big ones. Sorry for the blunt post, but I've really no $&#*I g clue what else I could do with this awkward challenge