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  1. Saturday and Sunday, no love. 24/66 36% No - and that's what's weird. I was thinking about this the other day. Usually end of winter/early spring is when I make up lost ground from my fall/winter down cycle. And I'm actually cycling up right now, to the point that I'm talking to my doctor about adjusting meds. But at the same time, I've basically given up on trying to eat well or exercise. I can't quite explain it. I did read a little while ago someone who wrote something about setting and achieving goals, and how to build and maintain motivation to engage in healthy habits. A lot of it boiled down to believing that you have the resources to achieve what you're trying to do. The confidence is a big part of it. Right now, I have zero confidence in my resources of time and my ability to make good choices, so I have no motivation to try to do anything beneficial. I'm not sure what to do to get it back.
  2. Thursday and Friday, also not good. 24/64 38% Well this all fell apart.
  3. Tuesday and Wednesday did not go well. 24/60 40%
  4. Monday I was good on calories but did not exercise. 24/56 43%
  5. Thursday through Sunday, calories were a shit show and I didn't get any exercise. I hope today will be better. 23/54 43%
  6. I am super impressed by the progress on your barn. Some day I aspire to build a coop for my chickens that won't blow over in a stiff breeze. ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. Wednesday I was on track for calories, but I did not exercise. 23/46 50% I think I'm detecting a pattern.
  8. Tuesday I was on track for calories, but I did not exercise. 22/44 50%
  9. Monday I was on track for calories, but I did not exercise. 21/42 50% I found a book on mindfulness and eating which I think will be interesting, and hopefully informative. I have previously read the Intuitive Eating book, and from that I was able to draw some good principles of how to eat well, but it didn't get all the way to the root of the matter, I don't think. The new book is called "Savor: Mindful Eating, Mindful Life".
  10. Sunday I was not on target for calories. I don't exercise on Sunday. 22/40 55% I think I might need to look into mindfulness. I've played around with mindful eating before, but I seem to have difficulty engaging the mindfulness before I eat, and a lot of the time I get myself into trouble because I'm eating on autopilot.
  11. Friday and Saturday I went over calories, and did not exercise. Boo. 22/39 56%
  12. Thursday I went over calories, but I did exercise at lunch time. 22/37 59%
  13. Hey Yo! It's nice to see you. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wednesday was good; I exercised and I also stayed on calorie target. I've started using Habitica to try to track some other stuff too, so that's fun. The weather here has turned nice this week. Rain tomorrow though. Oh well, good for the garden and all that. 21/35 60% That's moving the right way now.
  14. Tuesday I stayed on target with calories, and I also got some exercise. It wasn't much, but it was intentional and I squeezed it in. 19/33 58%
  15. I'm sorry for your injury, and I hope it is better soon. I would love to hear about your new program if you feel like posting in a challenge, but I definitely understand the not posting as well - I've barely been in my own lately and some times it's just hard to do regularly. In any case we'll be here, as I know you know. ๐Ÿ™‚ Ciao
  16. Why am I having so much trouble checking in? Wed - calories good, no exercise because of covering class Thur - Calories good, no exercise Fri - calories bad, no exercise Sat - calories good, light exercise Sun - Calories bad, no exercise because of Sunday Mon - Calories good, took a walk and jogged a little bit. 17/31 55% That's a slight improvement, which I honestly wasn't expecting. I have to stop using work as an excuse not to exercise. I can always do something, even if I'm stuck at work for long hours and can't get home for lunch because I'm teaching class. Today is going to be exactly that. I'll be here until 6, then straight to bible study, and I won't be home until 8.30, just in time to eat dinner and get ready for bed. So my only exercise option is to do something during the day. I can do toe raises for my knees. I can do air squats on breaks, which I need. I also have a 10-lb dumbbell in my office. And then there's always darebee. I mean, I haven't done pushups in ages. And failing all else, there are burpees. So. No excuses. Something > Nothing.
  17. I won't be able to remember all the days in the last week. My opportunities have been limited by my inability to go home for lunches; I've been covering a lot of classes. But every day I have the opportunity to stay within my calorie goal, and I do have a record of those. Monday I did both - I took a walk and stayed on target. Tuesday I stayed on calorie target but did not exercise. 10/23 43% I'll try to check in more.
  18. I had a dream that you and I were teaching each other to play bass. And I think Flea was there too. Wednesday I stayed under calories, but I did not exercise. 4/11 36%
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