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  1. Alright, ya'll. I've got a bone to pick. (Not with any of you, but I have questions...) I've been struggling with this for about a year; I'm an endurance athlete, my cardio can go forever. I've been strength training for two hours per week (an hour on Tuesday and an hour on Thursday--I also do some body weight on Mon-Wed-Fri), and I've notice some muscle build up, BUT: I get weak muscles. I just strained a muscle this morning, in fact. I'm not quite sure what is causing this, it could be a genetic thing, it could be just as simple as a muscle imbalance (though they aren't simple to fix; it took my mom a year to recover from that). It's like the little "micro-tears" that build up muscle strength and endurance aren't having time to heal, and instead keep tearing. I've gotten some pretty nasty muscle injuries from this problem. Long story short: Cardio endurance, good. Muscle strength and endurance? Bad. Any suggestions on how to fix this while still bringing my fat percentage down, and without neglecting my cardio workouts? (Track season is upon us, my friends.) Thanks guys! P.S. Unrelated, but I've lost another 10lbs. since July! Whoop Whoop!