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  1. Thanks for the encouragement and checking in! I've just returned from vacation! It was lovely and I did okay on goals. Honestly much better than I usually do, but it'll be good to be back in a routine. And I'm feeling renewed and refocused after a break, so that feels like a win. Week 1: Meditation/Yoga: 3 days. Not great. Step Goal: 6 days. So close! Run 3 Days per Week: 2 running days. Not quite, but I did have a ski day, so not all is lost. I'm doing a slow C25K, where I'm repeating each week. I decided to skip the second round of Week 3 because I felt strong! Strength Train 2 Days per Week: 2 days. Done! 5 Fruits/Veggies: Pretty hard fail on this one. Week 2: Meditation/Yoga: Not great on setting aside time for "formal" meditation. But, I did have a lot of relaxing down time on vacation, including sitting and looking at nature, which counts for something. Step Goal: So good here! In a fit of hubris, I've upped my step goal to 10,000 steps again because I got over 10,000 steps 6 days this week. Run 3 Days per Week: Good here too! I'm almost finished with round 2 of week 4 now! Strength Train 2 Days per Week: Nope. Vacation. I could have done Pilates, but didn't. I'm fine with that, especially given all the other activity. 5 Fruits/Veggies: I did not track this on vacation. Spoiler: It wasn't great. I did eat a lot of fruit and some vegetables. But I also had pie almost every day. Week 3 so far is a lot of planning/getting set up. I'm back at work and into a routine. A red eye flight and jet lag destroyed some of my good intentions yesterday, but I did grocery shop for healthy foods and packed gym clothes for the week. I'm back at it! Hope everyone is having a successful challenge!
  2. Hi everyone! Last year, I did several challenges as a Warrior, but I'm thinking the versatility of the Rangers might make it a better guild for me! 2019 was a hell of a year, and I'm excited for a new leaf. One word that is sticking in my brain about my goals is Restore. I've been really anxious and have let a lot of things that are important to me drop in the last couple of years. In some ways, it was necessary because I needed to prioritize some basics (i.e. career and family stuff). But I'm feeling more settled and ready to restore some of the things that I've inadvertently left behind. I have some big goals in mind (fitness and non-fitness), but I also have a nice, long vacation right in the middle of this challenge. So I'm going to try to not go crazy with goals. Here are my goals for this challenge: 1. Meditation (or yoga) every day. 2. Hit Step Goal (I have it set low, at 6,500 steps at the moment. Slowly increasing.) 3. Run at least 3 days per week (doing a slow version of C25K). 4. Strength train at least 2 days per week (Pilates counts). 5. Get 5 servings of fruits/veggies every day.
  3. Challenge Wrap Up: 1. Do something active every day, preferably for 30 minutes. Overall success! Not really doing any kind of intelligent programming, but I'm back in the habit of doing something almost every day. So mission accomplished. 2. Say no to something at work. Literally, just saying no once, and I'll be happy for the challenge. Just the one. But I'm counting it. 3. Sleep 7 hours per night, 6 days per week. Fail. But getting better quality sleep, so not as tragic as it could have been. Still need to get better with time management. 4. Drink 10+ cups of water, 6 days per week. Generally pretty strong on this. A couple of days where I stopped paying attention, but usually good. 5. Bonus Goal: Dry July. Very successful. No booze this month. I lost 3-4 lbs without much effort, my skin cleared up, and I'm sleeping better. It's one of those times where it's a shame when doing healthy things, you know, works. Oh well. I think I'm going to keep it going for 90 or 100 days to see if my skin will continue to clear up and some weight to come off. After that, I may reconsider, but I don't want to undo all the good tee totaling did in the last 30 days just yet.
  4. Late Week 3 Wrap Up! 1. Do something active every day, preferably for 30 minutes. Not 100%, but doing pretty well at this! Between swimming and sneaking away to the office gym, this is going well. I've also done a few lazy stretch sessions, which I'm counting for this challenge. So the only day I didn't do anything was Sunday--recovering from a good friend's wedding festivities. Although, I think we danced past midnight, so maybe I can count that for Sunday... 2. Say no to something at work. Literally, just saying no once, and I'll be happy for the challenge. Nothing to add here, but I only had to get one! Because usually it's more like this: 3. Sleep 7 hours per night, 6 days per week. So much fail. Getting closer to 5-6 during the week and 7 on the weekends. With one big 8.5 night thrown in there. Not great. But, I do think I'm sleeping better with no alcohol. Even though I'm not getting the 7 hours, I'm not feeling nearly as tired as I should on a 5-6 hour night. So... that's still progress? 4. Drink 10+ cups of water, 6 days per week. Doing well on this one, again, partly because of a big water bottle at work and partly because no booze. 5. Bonus Goal: Dry July. Winning. And starting to see the benefits. I'm sleeping better, which was one of my main goals. But I'm starting to notice other things too. On day 20, I got complimented on my skin, which was neat (and unexpected). Also, in the last year or two, the "chicken skin" on my arms has gotten way worse. I blamed the hard water at our new house. But in the last day or two, I think I've noticed that it's getting better. So that's pretty cool! I'm pretty proud of myself for not drinking during my friend's wedding festivities (including a bachelorette party). But it was awesome to enjoy all of the fun and festivities (I was part of the crew dancing until the very end), and still be able to drive myself home and wake up the next day fresh as a daisy to do it all again. I'm sure it was very irritating.
  5. Thanks for this. It's good to remember to be patient...
  6. Week 2 Wrap Up! 1. Do something active every day, preferably for 30 minutes. Medium. Because I'm counting stretching and walking, I think I got 6 days, so okay. But I've made progress in setting myself up for success going forward. On the swimming side, I'm feeling pretty good about the progress there, and found a great set of workouts to follow for the next month or so. On the strength side, I've decided to do some less heavy work for a bit--mostly focusing on form and fixing imbalances, which is something I can do at the office gym for now. (e.g. I lean too far forward on my squat, so I'm doing more mobility work and more lunges/bulgarian split squats to help with single leg work.) I'm also working towards being able to really effectively do push ups. 2. Say no to something at work. Literally, just saying no once, and I'll be happy for the challenge. Win! Someone asked me if I wanted to join a board. I'm already on 3. None of that work is billable, so none if it is actually required for my job and none of it contributes to my job targets. The extras have got to stop. So I said no! Yaaaayyyyy. 3. Sleep 7 hours per night, 6 days per week. Failing hard. I'm getting 5 hours, then 8.5 hours, then 5 hours for two days, then 8 hours.... I don't like it. I feel crappy with no sleep and sluggish with too much sleep. But I'm not totally sure how to fix it. A lot of it comes with having a hard day at work, then recovering. So... I don't know. Be more efficient? I'm going to give this a ponder this week. Sleep deprivation is not a good look for me. 4. Drink 10+ cups of water, 6 days per week. Easy peasy. In addition to normal water-drinking, I'm drinking all the bubble water, so this is no problem. 5. Bonus Goal: Dry July. Doing good here! Today is Day 15. Woot.
  7. I just love these approaches to anxiety so, so much. I need a reminder of this on a sticky note in my office. . . And my car. . . And probably at home.
  8. I swam yesterday! I got lucky and didn't have to share a lane, which was cool. It seems like a lot of triathletes training. I'll be curious to see if that's a Wednesday thing (like Wednesday is swim workout day) or if that's always the case). I like the rec center I went to--partly because it has a hot tub and sauna. But I want to try to go to a different rec center that has more lanes, but that pool is used for swim teams/lessons/etc., so it's booked more often. I think a combo is probably going to be the best option. I think swimming can be hard to get into. I think it can definitely be learned, but stroke form is not necessarily intuitive. I think lessons or a masters program would really help. (I'm starting to poke around for masters programs.) I did swim team almost every summer growing up (not particularly competitive, but it kept us out of trouble), so my technique isn't terrible. My conditioning is terrible if I compare it to the workouts I used to do, but the motions themselves still feel fairly natural.
  9. This is such a great thought. I really do need to just create some space to let my brain stew on stuff. I also kind of wish I could take a quick nap in the middle of the day for the same reason, but I can't really see how I could pull that off... Week 1 Wrap Up: 1. Do something active every day, preferably for 30 minutes. I've done well on this! And in a fun way! Over the 4th of July holiday, we did a 5K and went stand up paddle boarding at a lake in the mountains! I've also re-discovered swimming. It felt soo good--I felt so much looser after. It's the first time I haven't felt like the tin man in a while. I scoped out two rec centers with public lap swimming. This week's goal is to experiment with different times to see when lanes are open. The next goal will be to get into a groove with weightlifting and swimming. I think they'll complement each other well. Weight bearing for bones and muscles; swimming for recovery and conditioning. 2. Say no to something at work. Literally, just saying no once, and I'll be happy for the challenge. Half-credit on this one. I didn't go to a conference that I could have. I didn't realize that I was supposed to go when I declined the invitation, so it wasn't really a bold saying no... but it was helpful to not have that time suck. 3. Sleep 7 hours per night, 6 days per week. Not great. Only 4 days. I had a couple that were close to 7, but I'd like to be between 7-8, not close to 7. I need to do a better job of protecting my sleep. I'm hoping for improvement in this area with more working out and the new goal (see #5). 4. Drink 10+ cups of water, 6 days per week. Didn't track this too carefully, but generally did well. Especially with the next goal, I'm drinking a lot of bubble water. 5. Bonus Goal: Dry July. I hadn't decided if I was going to do this at the beginning of the challenge, but I'm a week with no booze, so I guess I'm doing it. I'm not a huge drinker anyway, but I was seeing it starting to creep up to "help me wind down," which is actually really counter-productive for me. Sadly, I've learned that, if I even have 1 drink, I will get acid reflux and I will wake up in the middle of the night. I end up sleep deprived and more stressed out. So, in the interest of no tummy troubles and better sleep, here we go. Happy Week 2 everyone!
  10. Ha! That makes sense. But I can also see not wanting to wander around when you're getting eaten alive... So either way works? Ah! Thank you! I forget about Nia Shanks and I should not... I think I've liked everything I've read from her.
  11. Quick Zero Week Check In! I won't go over goals in detail for zero week, but I did try to build up some momentum. I did something active every day but Friday. And yesterday is being sort of generous... I did some stretching, but it counts! Close-ish on sleep. According to the fitbit, I'm getting about 6.5 hours per night, which does mean I'm in bed at least 7 hours, so that counts for something. Water is okay. As long as I remember to bring my big water bottle to work, I do okay, otherwise I forget. So, lesson learned. Saying no to things at work... not so much. I did skip out on a conference, which was good, but I also worked all weekend, so... not great. Good to be back with goals! I brought my gym bag and packed a lunch today, so winning! One thing I've found recently is that working out in the middle of the day has been really helpful for stress management and productivity (otherwise I just wanna nap in the afternoon). My office has an okay little gym, but no barbells, which is sad. So, I'm wondering, does anyone have a dumbbell/kettle bell routine that they like? (They also have a cable machine.) Happy July and new challenge everyone!
  12. Good point on the bugs. I forget sometimes that I'm pretty lucky in that regard. We have some, but it's not terrible. As for the battery, if you leave on the "augmented reality," it kills the battery really quickly. Turning that off helps alot, but it is still a drain for sure.
  13. I want to know this as well. It's advertised everywhere on my phone, and it annoys me. It's a Harry Potter version of Pokemon Go. Made by the same people. It's a silly and fun reason to go wander around outside to look for stuff and play the game. A few of my family members and a couple of friends are into it too, so it's been a good excuse to go for walks with them too. (The dog hates it though. "Why are we stopping so much?!")
  14. OOOOkkkay. I'm back! With Brooklyn 99 gifs, as promised. Yea, I was. It's been a good/bad time over here! Things are fine, but anything extra just seemed like too much for a little while there. Work has exploded with busy-ness and there's been a fair amount of personal stuff going on too. So I went into survival mode, mixed with comfort food, more alcohol (not a ton, just more frequent than usual for me), and laziness. As anyone could have predicted, I'm not sleeping as well, my aches and pains are back, and I'm generally just not feeling great. I still think I needed a break from extras, but here we are. So, back to basics. 1. Do something active every day, preferably for 30 minutes. Ideally, working out and picking up heavy things will happen, but I will also accept hiking, yoga, stretching, and even Wizards Unite outings (as long as I actually walk some and don't just park myself somewhere). 2. Say no to something at work. Literally, just saying no once, and I'll be happy for the challenge. 3. Sleep 7 hours per night, 6 days per week. 4. Drink 10+ cups of water, 6 days per week. It's gonna be great.
  15. Failing so hard this challenge. I'm going to tap out for the rest of this one and just be for a while. I'll be back for the next one with more Brooklyn 99 gifs!!
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