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  1. So tomorrow I cross a major item off my bucket list - I'm getting my first tattoo! I'm so damn excited I can hardly sit still today. It's going on my left upper thigh. But I'm also in the middle of a 5k program and I'm concerned about taking too much time off. I've read you should take a full week, or until it has completely healed, and I've heard I shouldn't have to take off more than a day or two. I've heard that I should wrap it in plastic wrap before I run, I've heard that just bandaging it is fine, I've heard that leaving it exposed is fine. So what are your stor
  2. Hi all! After a lot of consideration, I too think the Scouts Guild is right for me. I do want to eventually work on some strength training, but not enough to warrant joining the Warriors, and when I think about it, strength training for me might only be applied as far as it will help my running. My issue, and I'm hoping someone can help with this, is my speed. I've been an "off and on" runner for about ten years, but during every "on" period, my PR mile creeps up and up. I'm sitting somewhere around 12 minutes/mile right now, which is giving it every last drop I've got for that on
  3. Done and done! I set it up a couple days ago and only just today learned there was a forum. Thanks for the warm welcome! I do believe I have found my people. Speaking of which, I notice there are forums for the different guilds. I think there's one in particular that I'm interested in but I'm not sure how to join up. Do I just post there? Or wait for the next challenge to open?
  4. Hello rebels! First of all, wow. This place. This system. It's all so wow. So glad I found this place. It's literally everything I have ever dreamed of. I don't want to go into a lot of detail here but I have some perhaps unusual goals that are very close to my heart. After a lifetime of trying (and failing) to live up to the standards of some pretty villainous and dastardly people, I recently broke free of the psychological chains that bound me and have been slowly but surely gaining control of my own life. I am actually pretty happy with my weight and how I look. I a
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