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  1. Food has been hit or miss... sigh. Lifting has been only once per week. Hiking has been most days though. And most importantly. I've started physical therapy. I'm over a year post partum and still having some pelvic pain and incontinence issues, so I got a referral approved for PT with a specialist. So far, its been interesting.... she says I am really bad at hip alignment and that my breathing patterns are lazy and causing weird pressure in my torso and pushing down towards my pelvic floor muscles. It's probably going to be several months of PT. But life it good. Sp
  2. She is very very patient. She puts up with a lot of attention from him, which of course is watched closely by us. We're trying to teach him how to nicely pet her and not to grab her fur, but it's slow going. I have her bed in our bedroom and she can escape him when she wants to and I make sure that if she's seeming annoying we separate. But she's never growled at him so it's going well.
  3. Lifted yesterday! Deadlifted a whopping 55 lbs... but that;s still improvement so yay!
  4. Simple but satisfying... Fried sardines with spinach and a heap of guac. Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  5. Also... I now have a 1 year old.... Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  6. Hiking pics... You got it! Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  7. Alrighty, so I am back once again, trying to get any kind of momemtum going. #1 Food: Paleo, no added sugar #2 Lifting: 2x Week, Continue NRoLfW plan #3 Walking/Hiking: 2x Week minimum Starting Stats Weight: 163.3 lbs Body Fat % (per scale): 42% Waist: 35/40 Hips 42 Thighs 37 Neck 13 Calf 14 Bicep 10 Bust 40/36
  8. I was SUPER DOMSY and then of course, I got a cold. Food has been good though, and I finally felt well enough today to get out and hike with the kid and dog. We needed it. I'm excited for another challenge to start.
  9. Kiddo woke up this morning with crusted shut nostrils, so we stayed home. However, I think I got a decent workout scrubbing my floors by hand while kiddo climbed all over me. I might try to go once hubby is awake (he's on nights right now). If not, there's tomorrow.
  10. Almost a week has passed, and haven't made it back to the gym. Kiddo is just not sleeping well, and it makes it so hard to be motivated to do anything. Planning to go in the morning, no matter how tired I am. Even if I just stretch and do a little cardio, I need to do it for me. Kiddo is taking a late nap, after that I'm heading to the store with my list and my meal plan to prep for the week.
  11. Man, time flies and flutters away from me... Once again, kinda cheating and moving this thread to the new challenge. It's been a crazy month since I last posted. Haven't been working out, thanks to a bunch of life happening. Kiddo turned 1, still waking me up constantly and now he's walking and climbing everything in sight. Brother and sister in law came for a visit. Got the stomach flu. Hubby totaled his SUV. Haven't been working out or eating well at all. Gained back the few lbs I lost early this year. I am so ready to get back to things. Went to the gy
  12. Doing well this week! Meal planning is so important... I planned it all out on Sunday, shopped on Monday, and actually stuck to the plan! No need to last minute figure out food or resort to eating out. So much better for our budget too. And since I've been so good at the house routines, my sink is empty just about every night so I can easily cook meals throughout the day and immediately clean up afterwards. I did a bit of cardio and my lifting routine last night. I did deadlifts with an empty olympic bar and they felt great. I think I'm ready to add some weight next week, when the
  13. Alaska is cold... Ive been staying and home and eating because it feels right when you're freezing! I need to get back on track Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
  14. Here's some fun pics of me and the kiddo and pup in the snow. It was about 3 degrees! I try to get outside every day, even in the the extreme cold. These are my new workout shoes! Bought them to motivate me to get into the gym for weights twice a week. I couldn't find anything I liked for lifting and jogging/zumba locally, so I bought two sizes of these off amazon and returned the pair that was too small. Yay for free shipping and returns. I did my two lifting workouts and they were tough. Even though NROLFW starts off with higher reps and lower weights, it was st
  15. Last night's bone in new york roast!! Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
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