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  1. Huh, I was in California and completely missed this. Oh well, I was mostly nice to people there, so message received.
  2. So, week 1 summary: because of the ankle injury, I'm going to nix the yoga and running challenges. This thing will probably take upwards of 6 weeks to heal, and I'm very certain I won't be running before then. Yoga might be a different matter, but for now I'm not sure how to practice yoga without using one of my feet. My pressing numbers were pretty good as of Wednesday, and I think I may go to the gym today just to get out of the house. I also might have underestimated my bench press maximum at the beginning of the challenge. The writing is bad. I got a whopping 381 words out of 2000. But I feel more comfortable with writing than I did last week, and I expect more this week.
  3. Sigh... I sprained my ankle Thursday. I fell off a bouldering problem in my climbing gym and landed on my foot sideways. The irony here is that I was just able to start running again 2 weeks ago because I ruined my other ankle at the beginning of summer. So, no yoga, no cycling, no gym for probably about a week, maybe 2. I'm so happy right now that I am unable to express this feeling in words.
  4. Well, I was planning on getting into the groove of things over the weekend so I could really cement my plans, but that only happened for yoga practice. However, Monday is a new day (a la Steve's new blog post), and right now I'm going to start writing. Today is also gym day, and I have some fun new exercises I'd like to play around with.
  5. Wow, it seems like you've come a long way. All kinds of cool. Also, I have a strange tip for lower back pain, if that's what's troubling you. I'm a rockclimber by trade, so I'm familiar with hanging around on stuff. It seems to me that whenever I mess up my lower back, going for a climbing session always helps. Basically, taking weight off of my feet and putting it on my hands feels good. So practice them pull-ups, and it may help your back!
  6. Ooh, a handstand challenge. Good luck with that one. Those have been defeating me for months.
  7. Oh holy crap! I just realized my birthday is in this challenge too. Funny how those things just seem to sneak up on you.
  8. Oooh, I'll check that out. Many thanks!
  9. Whoah, you have basically the same challenges as I do. Good luck!
  10. Hi, I'm sayre. This is my 3rd challenge, and the first time I'm picking a druid (fun fact: my first character in WoW was a druid). Previously, I was an assassin and a warrior, but my favorite kinds of exercise are bodyweight training and rockclimbing. I'm trying to do some challenge ideas I've had before but seemed a little too far out of my range of experience. Challenges! 1. Practice Yoga 3 days a week. I'm taking a yoga class at school, but I haven't practiced all summer, so for the next 2 weeks I want to do some yoga to get back in the practice. Also, the class at school is only 2 days a week, so I'll have to do an extra practice per week after school starts. A: perfect; B: miss only 1 practice; C: miss only 2 practices; D: miss only 3 practices; F: miss 4 or more practices 2. Add 30 lbs to my bench press and overhead press combined. My current bench press plus shoulder press maxes are 165 lb + 115 lb = 280 lb. So I want to get them to 310 lb. Simple, non? A: 30+ lbs; B: 25+ lbs; C: 20+ lbs; D: 10+ lbs; F: <10 lbs 3. Run (or bike) for your life! There's a Couch to 5k program at my school, and I'm going to do that. But before school starts, I'll try and ride my bike for time a few times a week. 4. Write some stuff. I used to love to write, and every once in a while I get back into it for a short spurt but give up quickly. So, I think I'll challenge myself to write 2000 words a week. 2000 words of anything: diary, fiction, opinion, just anything that I don't have to do for some other reason. There is no ultimate goal for this challenge, just the fact that I will have written 12000 words. A: 12000+ words; B: 11000+ words; C: 10000+ words; D: 9000+ words; F: <9000 words Side Quests! Here's some other challenges I thought about doing, but didn't make the cut. Perform a 1-arm flexed arm hang. Perform an advanced tuck planche, advanced tuck front lever, and advanced tuck back lever for 10 seconds. Read lots of articles on this site: http://wiki.lesswrong.com/wiki/Sequences. (I totally suggest other people start reading this too, it's interesting reading.) Finally upgrade my 2 computers to the latest version of Ubuntu. Work on handstands Perform a perfect 1-arm pushup. I think I'll just keep tabs on these goals, and see if any of them get accomplished by accident. Let the games begin!
  11. DUUUUUUDE. I've been playing Mirror's Edge; your first-person shots look a lot like that game. Less police officers shooting at you for some reason though...
  12. I'm calling it now: I'm going to take some rest time since I just finished my internship + 2.5 months of consistent exercise.
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