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  1. I've never been a big fruit eater myself (Much prefer my veggies!). Always felt weird about it too because everyone I know loves fruit and would gorge on it, whereas I'd have a few pieces and be done. If I do eat fruit on any given day, its one serve as part of my brekkie. My go-tos are (in order of appearence in my kitchen!) bananas, strawberries and blueberries.
  2. After using resistance bands to help with my chinups, this week I can finally do them unassisted - granted I can't do one after the other. I've now started the "Grease the groove" method to improve on this. In addition to using bands and working on my chinups, I've been doing inverted rows and negative reps (the slowly lowering yourself down exersize) to hopefully one day get my first pullup. I've found these two articles to be helpful, and they mention different exersizes that can be done to build up strength: http://breakingmuscle.com/strength-conditioning/proof-pull-10-tools-getting-better-pull-ups http://breakingmuscle.com/womens-fitness/women-and-pull-ups-3-secrets-for-success-youve-probably-never-tried
  3. Hmm I haven't heard much about it interfering with strength training? Thus far all my readings have said it makes a great complement. But as you've alluded to, there are quite a number of different yoga styles. I think some of the more vigorous styles may be difficult to manage if your muscles are already worked.
  4. My answer probably won't help too much because I currently don't have a proper flexibility routine, but I've found my overall flexibility has been increasing from the combination of dynamic stretching/warmup before working out, static (~30 sec) stretching post-workout (and sometimes in front of the TV), as well as the workouts themselves (strength training + pole). I go to a yoga class once a week, want to do it more often at home but pesky cats are distracting lol. There are heaps of yoga resources online, on DVD and books. I really like doyogawithme.com - its free and has lots of different styles and difficulties I hear foam rolling (and massage in general) helps... its on my list of things to try! But anyway, I'm interested to see what other people have to say because I'd like to up my flexibilty too.
  5. I love chia seeds! I add them to my oats and in my smoothies. Flavour wise, there's not much going on, but I really like their texture and they add a bit more variety to my breakfast. I have yet to try making chia pudding - sounds delish.
  6. During depressive episodes I also struggle to maintain my healthy eating and I don't have the energy or desire to workout. I don't really have any advice other than trying to pre-prepare easy & healthy meals/snacks where you can. Everyone has had some great advice and insight. Thanks so much for posting this, and to everybody contributing.... Its somewhat relieving to know other people feel similarly.
  7. I was, and am back to being, a B cup.... however my boobs are so unshapely in the top so I hate them. When I gained weight I gained enough boobage to fill a C. That part was great! Now I've lost weight, and naturally my boobs have gone as well Anyway. I'm working on my chest excersizes to at least make them perkier!
  8. I'm about 5'2 with short legs aswell... We have an adjustable bench, and I have to rest my feet on the feet things that curl out under the leg curl attachment. I don't even know if that makes sense?! But its really awkward. Didn't think of putting anything under my feet... Going to have to get some blocks and try it too!
  9. When I did BJJ I took off all my jewellery and removed all my body piercing jewellery except for the little ring in my forward helix, just because it's too darn hard to put back together. (I ended up retiring most of my body piercings except my forward helix and tongue) Gym-wise, I have stretched ears so my plugs always stay in. I recently caught my forward helix jewellery (just had it pierced in my other ear!) on a resistance band doing chinups.... holy crap that hurt. I also take off my engagement ring and signet ring to avoid damaging them and so they don't get in the way. In yoga I keep my rings on, but I find sometimes I have to spin my e-ring around because it gets in the way. I don't wear necklaces, or bracelets, but if I did I'd take them off. I don't even wear my watch.
  10. I'm in Adelaide!! Doesn't look like there are many other Adelaide people....? Not in the current challenge... maybe next time! I'd totally forgotton it was coming up! But I've never gone to any of those expos, so unlikely. Though, I'd love to meet Peter Dinklage.
  11. Welcome back! I've just come back after a over a year - Glad I'm not alone. Great to hear you kept at it in spite of life's hecticness, and good luck
  12. Hello! Long-time NF blog fan. I signed up to the forums over a year ago to partake in a 6-week challenge, started posting, then…. Stopped. Or at least I stopped posting anyway. I don’t know, I just didn't commit to updating my challenge thread! How weak!!! Having said that, for the record – I did complete 2 of my challenges. Namely, I ran 5k (I don't run anymore though) and I didn’t drink alcohol in the 6 weeks aside from designated cheat days (This stuck with me, I drink much less than I used to now. No more post-stressful-workday or with-dinner beers). I don't recall how the rest of my challenges went; I likely failed them. That’ll teach me for not updating my challenge thread. Anyway. I’m back now to give being a forum user another shot (minus the current challenge - perhaps next time!) Why? Because aside from my fiancé, I don't have many friends that I can ramble about health and gym to. Also, more inspiration is good! Sooo a bit about me: I used to train BJJ. Hence my display name. It helped me lose a chunk of weight I had gained. Buuut I actually stopped training about 12 months ago. Fail. So I bobbed around doing nothing for 4 months or so and thankfully didn’t gain back any weight. I then started yoga. Then I started pole dance. Realising I needed moar strength to climb that damn pole, I took up strength training. Seeing results has helped me stay motivated… and damn, just be excited about it. I’m feeling great. I want to get stronger. Most importantly - I want to interact with more people who are working on levelling up themselves. So to cut it short: Current routine: Weights (Mon, Sat), pole dance (Thurs), yoga (Wed). I keep a written diary of my gym work and I really ought to start logging my pole and yoga. Current diet: Lacto-ovo vegetarian. About 2 months ago I cut back significantly on pasta, rice and bread and I believe this has helped a lot. I also enjoy experimenting with paleo vegetarian meals. Current goals: Overcome my emotional and PMS eating habits. Say no to the chocolate in the work fridge. Increase my hip mobility. Do a pullup!!! Other: Almost 26. 3 cats. Live in Adelaide, AU. I work as a vet nurse, and am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel that is a BSc. Current addictions are Fallout New Vegas and Breaking Bad. I won’t disclose how quickly I burnt through BB to catch up
  13. Bloor! I've had such a busy week, haven't been able to spend any time on here. I feel bad for not checking out other people's challenges nearly enough as a should be :S I currently have some leftover birthday cake and a friend gave us some homemade brownies. Need to be very careful with those... I think I might have small pieces as part of my breakfast so that I have all day to work them off! I don't even know if that works, but it makes sense to me haha. I like the sound of the carb cycling thing, Kishi. Do you keep track of your calories? Here's my Week 2 Report: Goal 1 - Alcohol/dessert. Woo! Good week for this. Made an epic birthday cake for the boyfriend on Saturday. Gave everybody diabetes. I have about two-three pieces left in the fridge because I took the rest to mothers day lunch on Sunday to palm off to the family hehe. Anyway, I allowed myself a max of two drinks and small pieces of cake on both days and I made it! Only one beer on Saturday, and two glasses of wine on Sunday. Also didn't spend the whole night snacking. Rest of the week has been great, no booze or unnecessary sweet things. Just need to deal with the leftover cake and the additional brownies. I'll take an A! Goal 2: Conditioning training. Went twice! Yay! Second time was easier and I didn't feel so screwed after. A! Goal 3: Run 5k Again only made two jogs this week. Did the 3.5km jog + walk back first, and that killed me. Second I jogged 2.5km out, 2.5km back for a total of 5km. Managed to keep a steady pace and better breathing. But I did go slower. Also had to stop at numerous roads. Again, could have gone at least once more. Would also like to work on picking up the pace. Gahhh. Not sure if I should go another B, or knock it down to a C. Goal 4: Exam revision Hah. Yeah. No time made for it over the weekend, or Thursday. That's three days of no revision. On Friday I was good though and did my study before doing anything else for the day. This week gets a C. Not entirely sure what this week's overall score would be. B, B- maybe. Must pick up the slack! This week should be a bit better though, I don't have so much to do/prepare/clean/think about. On a side note I'm worried about the weekend of the 26th and 27th - Uncle and grandmas birthdays, staff party, and I hope to catch the UFC. Its going to be a long weekend of soda water and savoury snacks hahaha. That, and the Diablo III release tomorrow - Must keep real life going!
  14. I totally feel you! I'm only 24, but I've never wanted kids, don't want kids, and can't ever see myself with kids! Whatever maternal instincts I have are quite easily fulfilled by my cats ;D There are so many things I want to do in my life, none of which involve having children, and all of which I consider more important (for me) than having children. I get the third degree from family a lot, and many people just assume that we will have children anyway. I'm really not a fan of the society's underlying assumption that women without children are somehow "inadequate" and its something I could rant about forever lol. Frankly, if I do ever change my mind, its not anybody's business but my own, and I guess to some extent my partners hehe. Thankfully so far my SO also doesn't want children, but considering he's 30 I'm worried *he'll* be the one changing his mind long before I do lol. Also because we want to get married, frankly I'm terrified of the increase in "when will you have kids" type questions :/ Anyway... don't let yourself be forced into making any kind of decisions, and don't let people get you down or make you feel bad for your choices. It's YOUR life, not theirs. IMO you shouldn't have to justify your choice to not have children to anyone. Unfortunately there's not much that you can do to get them off your back or change their thoughts. But if it helps, here's a piece called Snappy Comebacks to Inappropriate Questions: http://persephonemagazine.com/2011/03/childfree-or-die-hard-snappy-comebacks-to-inappropriate-questions/ I do apologize if my post comes off as hostile or offensive to anyone btw :/
  15. Just a quick report/grading for week 1. Trying not to get too sucked into being on the forums, because then I'll just spend all my time here and not get anything done LOL. Goal 1: No alcohol or dessert. Going well, despite last Thursday's temptations! I did lapse somewhat on Friday. Some friends bought over a heap of M&Ms, and it went with the typical "I'll just have one...." Well, one turned into a few handfuls AND a Coke. So that was some unnecessary after dinner sugar :/ For that lapse in self control I give myself a B. Goal 2: Conditioning during the week. Yep easy done. However as the goal states I do want to aim for twice weekly (because I only have two opportunities to do it), so in future I will take that into consideration when scoring myself. For this week I give myself an A. Goal 3: Run 5km by the end of the challenge. In the past week I've been on two jogs of the same distance (3.5km). I did better the second time around. But I feel I could have squeezed a third one in, so its another B. Goal 4: 1.5 hours exam revision. I'm managing this surprisingly well! Except for yesterday because I had a pretty full on day at uni followed by 2.5hr training. By the end of it I just wanted to veg on the couch and not think about anything. Must ensure Tuesdays are planned better. Will be lenient on myself and give myself an B+ here. I feel my overall score for the first week is a B+ I did things but I didn't do enough
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