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  1. Welcome back! You get unlimited restarts. Every single time you make a positive food or exercise choice, you are blessing your body (and yourself)! Don't beat yourself up too much about when you fail- just make a better choice next time around. Yep- my favorite part of weight training is being able to carry all of the shopping bags in one trip.
  2. Woot for you on getting to your squat goal! That's awesome. You are smashing this challenge.
  3. A battle log is a good idea. I should look into that!
  4. This sums up my thoughts better than I could have expressed them myself. Also, I'm not sure where you are at, but this is a massive issue to tackle on your own. Don't be afraid to seek out some outside, professional help.
  5. I love this! They say that realising you have a problem is the first step. Credit to you for knowing where your main problems lie and tackling them head on. You are going to rock this.
  6. So, right now I'm making some small changes while I hang out for the next challenge to kick off. Have been walking lots. Coming to the realisation that I'm over-complicating things, and it's really easy to just put on my shoes, grab whatever kids and dog are nearby, and go. No, it's not the workout of my dreams. What it is though, is moving my body. And movement of any sorts counts. Also trying not to self-sabotage. Made a bad eating choice? Shake it off, and make a better one for the next meal. Didn't do the yoga workout all week? Shake it off, and do it now. Change is at a glacially slow rate, but it's happening. Endlessly grateful to the way the NF community keeps me motivated and on task!
  7. Totally late to the party, but I love my Hybrid. I'm a very casual rider (normally have one of those super fashionable kiddie trailers attached to it), and I've found it really, really easy to navigate. I love that the frame is so light- it gives me confidence that I could carry it home if I needed to. Happy riding!
  8. Raincloak really hit the nail on the head. You can't change people, no matter how much you care about them, and how many good intentions there are behind your advice. If anything, you are activating their instinct to be defensive of their lifestyle choices, and they will dig in even deeper. The best you can hope for is that one day, after all that time of being a great, supportive, non-judgmental friend, they'll turn to you and say 'Hey, I want to make some changes, and I'd really like your help'.
  9. I hear you. The first time I attempted to give up sugar (cold turkey), I was wildly irritable, got the shakes, and for about two weeks had to go to bed at 7pm to stop myself from going mad during that really terrible after-dinner craving period. I lapsed, of course, but slowly, have reduced my sugar intake, and now find it easier to have next to nothing. My advice would be to have sweet things available around the time you'd normally take a hit. My fav go-to is camomile tea, two squares of 70% dark choc, and a handful of nuts. Tanuki's advice is good- find some less-bad options, you can always drop those later, when you are feeling stronger.
  10. I agree with this. Give yourself some credit for stopping halfway, and then being honest about your slip up. I think that's really awesome.
  11. You are doing great! Those pushup numbers are amazing. I like that when you mess up somehow, you identify what went wrong and what you are going to do next time. That's the real key to success there!
  12. It's one of the reasons I enjoy reading Marks Daily Apple. I feel like he encourages that 'move slowly more often' idea, in exercise at least. I've got a lot of friends who spend hours in the gym on various machines, count every calorie down to the small licks of the spoon while they are cooking. I get exhausted just looking at them! This weekend we are taking the kids camping for the first time. I'm so excited to start introducing elements of the simple life into our family- food roasted on a campfire, early bedtimes and even earlier awake times, long walks and big stretches of nothing more than counting ants on the ground. I
  13. Welcome back! I've also just gotten back to Nerd Fitness, good on you for having some great goals! A quick note regarding your Yoga challenge- I've been doing this one, Yoga with Adriene, and it's really fantastic. She's wildly supportive and makes me feel more like I'm actually doing something, and less like I'm just rolling around in the dog hair on my living room floor High five to you and your awesome-ness
  14. Improving confidence is a tricky one. I luck out, I can't see very well without my glasses so I just take them off- people can give me weird glares all they want, I can't see 'em! It's about believing in what you are doing- that old adage about 'At least you are outrunning everyone who is still sitting on the couch' is very true. Re: headaches- how much water are you drinking? Are you well hydrated before you begin?
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