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  1. I always liked the saying "this too shall pass". Do what you can when you can. Even if it is one small thing. That small thing might be to get one healthy meal or snack a day from the store for yourself. If the rest of the time you have to eat what's at home and it might not be that healthy, deal with it, do some cardio and know it won't last forever. You are young, there will be ample opportunity for you to be on your own to amp up your health efforts. Be patient. Ride this tough time through.
  2. It was a traveling weekend for hubby and I so as is the usual, keeping up with my plan didn't happen. Starting tonight I'll be able to get back to what I want to do. Thus far today Breakfast Ham, bacon and cheese water coffee Lunch Salad with minimal baby greens broccoli cheese eggs sunflower seeds mushrooms cherry tomatoes pinch of shredded carrot green peppers honey mustard dressing olive oil salt and pepper Exercise chasing after volleyballs tossing volleyb
  3. Thank you, Sabina. I'm looking forward to getting stronger and more flexible. There are days I can't help but feel it is too late for this 41 year old body to do it. I know I won't ever be in the shape of a 20-something year old, but I do know I can and will get stronger and more flexible.
  4. It has been a year and few weeks since last I visited. A lot has happened since then. One major move from the Rockies to New England and a massive change in career and lifestyle. What drove me here? What else but a job my husband took. It's been an interesting, albeit stressful, year, gaining 40 pounds along the way. I finally got back to some semblance of eating healthier in November. It's been going great and I have lost 21 pounds by eating a ketosis diet! Yaay me! I'm here again to take the next step as I have plateaued so I'm looking for motivation, success stories and an exercise plan to
  5. Here I go again. Back to tracking my progress. While I have been eating healthier the last three months resulting in 21 pound weight lost thus far, I haven't been exercising nor tracking it. I've since plateaued so time to start incorporating more exercising. So I am back again for some motivation, support, and guidance. I have 17 more pounds to lose and I'd like to lose 10 of that in March bringing me down to 142. Tonight 2 body weight sets 20 body weight squats 10 push ups 20 walking lunges 10 dumbbell rows 15 second plank 30 jumping ja
  6. Best of luck to you! I too am back on a keto diet along with my husband. For us it works the best and I love watching the pounds drop (I think it is mostly water weight, not actually fat, but all the same, it is motivation). One week in and we're both down 8 pounds! I'll be around cheering you on!
  7. This sucks and something I'm can completely relate to. As of today I've been bleeding straight for 35 days so this is all too familiar. My issues started in 2013 and back then I definitely considered hysterectomy (my mom had one for this very same reason, myoma related) and at the time I did not want kids, I was actually quite adamant about not having kids and at 35 I thought it was too late anyway, but then I met my husband, and was thunder struck about how instantly my mind changed. When I met him, I wanted to have kids with him. I will never forget how strong that feeling was, it humbled m
  8. Good luck on this next challenge! I echo the waking up early issue, while mine is more like 6, so kudos to you for rising at 5am! You inspired to rethink how I do this one in this next challenge. It's tough!
  9. Two weeks down -- seems longer, does it not? Had my successes and failures, mostly with the waking up early part. Summary thus far is as follows: 20 net carbs a day - 80% success - a few cheat meals this weekend threw my weight off but overall I feel I'm succeeding in this. no sugar coating now, I'm not really meeting the true nature of the challenge. I will strive for better in the next challenge. Water - Success, the extreme dryness of this winter has helped me succeed in this. daily morning yoga - hardest of the challenge for me. no wakey early, no yoga. Failed
  10. I hear you! Getting out of bed when the alarm goes off is definitely one of my more difficult challenges. This morning was one of those failed attempts. I ended up rolling out of bed at 7, so no yoga for me! Monday and Tuesday were good though Thank you and wish you success with your goals as well!
  11. Day number 8 Overall my challenge is going well...a few minor slips, but I'm proud of myself. With having President's Day off though, I found myself a little off the routine with sleeping in yesterday morning. I didn't allow myself enough time to do yoga though. Over the weekend..... 20 net carbs-mostly a success. I had one cheat meal yesterday Drink more water - success Daily morning yoga routine - Fail Drawing - Success Weigh-in this morning - 163.6 Hoping to break the 160 range this week! Happy Tuesday!
  12. Just a general little progress note for how my week has gone. Overall a great success. Waking up early has helped me maintain a positive attitude throughout the week despite a set back physically. I won't get into the gory details, but it hasn't been pleasant. In any case, I've stuck with my plan, and I'm very proud of myself for getting through it. Today, has also been a success. awake at 6:30, a little yoga, green tea, breakfast, and wonderful start to a beautiful morning. Happiness is the present moment. That brings to mind a mindful goal that I'm practicing. Remembe
  13. Hello everyone, Officially I re-spawned in January, but haven't paid NF a visit until this week. I tried to get started back in August, but burn out, laziness, and a rather stressful unexpected event where my husband was forced to resign from his job set me back a bit. Despite the stress of losing 2/3 of our income, we still ended up going on our planned honeymoon in December. I consider myself very fortunate to be with someone that is financially savvy. With a decent monetary cushion, we have a little bit of breathing room while he is on the search for another job. Meanwhile, bil
  14. That is indeed what we have to do! I've been doing the low carb thing off and on for a couple of years now and that seems to happen, rapid weight loss and then it levels out a bit. I love the thought of Tai Chi. I've never really practiced it before, but hope to put it on one of the next challenges. Good luck to you and stay strong! I am half telling myself that too. Had a little down day myself.
  15. Crazy how fast it melts off in the first couple of weeks! I've already lost almost 6 lbs in 2 days. I'm on a keto meal plan, 20 net carbs a day Moving, bleh. Done it too many times in my life and I don't think I'm done.
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