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  1. Figured I should log my current status here, just to keep myself on track. I have a habit of starting goals and then letting them die quiet deaths while I avert my eyes. So, the "later this month" goals actually didn't happen later that month. The money I'd saved is going to my vehicle instead for registration renewal and a new serpentine belt. I didn't start my gym goals, either, because I took a tumble during a bike ride and cracked a rib. (I will master you one day, clip shoes!) Feeling loads better now than I was, but it still hurts to twist or stretch my torso, and sneezing puts me out o
  2. I grew up gay in rural Montana, and was bullied pretty from j-high through graduation. My parents were all about the "meet cruelty with kindness" approach -- bullies are insecure, the bigger man walks away, violence solves nothing, etc. And even though I'm this close to being a pacifist today, I still think that was a crap response to bullying and wish I would've punched someone in the face instead. After years of doing nothing, I started to believe that I deserved it, and I finished high school feeling like I was trash. Maybe people get more traction and intervention with school administrati
  3. A quick overview of bike styles. If you're looking to bike for leisure instead of for a workout, a fixed-gear bike might be a good option. They only have the one gear so you won't win any road races, but they're good for casually tooling around, and craigslist usually has a big pool of used ones for relatively cheap. Plus some of them look pretty cool with the fenders and basket. Another deciding factor might be if your bike paths are decently paved. I have a road bike (Mercier, bought used for $300) and my bf has a hybrid (Diamondback, bought new at, what, $400-something?). Both good bikes
  4. Glad to have you on board, Wardog! I like your progressive goals for working your way up to Tough Mudder and the Beast. How's Couch to 5K treating you? I strongly dislike running, but slogged through Cto5K with the help of the Zombies, Run! app. I'm looking forward to following your progress!
  5. Yuuup. I'm trolling through old posts now to see how you trained for this, because this is BAD ASS. Do you feel like Batman now? You're the goddamn Batman.
  6. Good to have you on board! I'm just coming out of a post-unemployment funk myself, so I totally hear you there...it can really lay you low. Climbing out of that dark place can feel like a long, slow chore, but you're already on the right path! One small step at a time.
  7. That's freaking awesome! You polished off the Beast and had the Spartan Sprint for dessert? O.O Strong work!!
  8. Started some of the goals already, and have an initial implementation plan for a few others. In place now... Quit smoking: I switched to an e-cig on May 1. This doesn't count as "quitting," since it's just a different flavor of inexplicable shit that I'm putting into my body, but I count it as a step in the right direction. It's boatloads cheaper, it doesn't coat my lungs with tar, and it's scalable so I can step down the nicotine over time. Quit drinking: Quit on May 1. Pleasantly surprised I could do it...I was drinking pretty hard for a good long while. Create a weekly schedule: Built t
  9. Your challenge is awesome! Love the stories and the goals. How's the camping coming along? That's something always floating around in the back of my mind, but I usually get defeated by logistics.
  10. Holy crap, this challenge is awesome! I can't wait to hear how hard you rocked Montana!
  11. My standard method for making stuff happen in my life has been just to write a list. I’m addicted to lists. I make lists to keep track of all my lists. But lists aren’t that great for motivation. Sometimes I have to write crap like “take a shower†or “make a list†just so I can cross it off and feel like I’ve accomplished something. Otherwise I look at the huge collection of THINGS waiting for me and feel defeated before I even start. So that’s dumb. Because in my work, I’ve done a metric crapload of strategic planning, implementation, and assessment. I know how to do this so
  12. *gasp* He was MY husband! Rrrrrrrumble!
  13. Hey everyone! I might be re-spawning, or I might be doing a whole character nuke and starting over. Not sure what to call it. I was a NF regular a few years ago and loved the community here. Then life went pear-shaped for a while and I ended up blowing most of the progress I’d made. I’ve recently made a recommitment to my life goals, and realized that a huge part of the progress I made a few years back was the support and accountability from the NF community, so I’m jumping back in! I’ve got some solid life goals and an implementation/roll-out plan in place, and I figure I’ll start
  14. First off, I love you guys. This thread has clearly been left in some very capable hands. My apologies for dropping off the face of the earth. Further apologies because it will probably continue for the rest of this challenge. The family medical issues are ongoing still, and I've been popping back home for a couple days here and there to help out the folks. (Calves were finally sold last week! Huzzah!) No one's dying, so there's the silver lining. It's just icky and unfun in the way these things are when there's no getting better. Imma try to jump back in with the next upcoming challenge, but
  15. I see absolutely no problem with that. In fact, I'd start a 5K fundraiser for that cause. Raising awareness of simian prostitution is important! I mean, my new awareness has improved my day vastly. Edit: In an attempt to find said research study, I ran across this interesting wiki overview of prostitution among animals, which links to the capuchin study Samunwal was referring to. Tarts and hoors!
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