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  1. Lauragee Logs a 90-Day Quest

    Well, I survived my birthday week and only fell about halfway off the wagon. I only did yoga four out of seven days (not great). I did get in one experimental TRX workout, too, which was interesting and left me sore for a couple of days. I did do my three "fasting" days, yay. My food choices were really mixed, though. I ate an amazing sushi dinner, made a great dinner for a friend, and figured out a fruit custard tart that was, well, it did contain an entire can of coconut cream, but it was also vegan, gluten free, low in sugar and totally delicious. Plus, I avoided a few major pitfalls. But then, on the last couple of days I got lazy and ate a bunch of chips and regrettable sandwiches. Also, I lost a low-calorie day due to restructuring my diet plan, and am currently at the same weight where I started this challenge. My new adjusted plan is to have more evenly structured days. The three 600 calorie days really helped me get started with significant weight loss, but they were hard. I couldn't really eat even one normal meal. I like the variety and ability to have some less restrictive days, though, so my new plan is to do three days at 1000 and four days around 2000 per week. I'm also trying a new tracker, Eat This Not That. I have a free trial of the paid plan, and so far I really like it. I entered a bunch of my favorite meals and I can either arrange them myself or have the app fit them into menu plans (and make grocery lists) based on my goals. I felt like the goal-setter reeeaaally overestimated how much I should be eating, so I brought in my own numbers from elsewhere, but other than that everything has seemed pretty legit and well done (as long as I don't make any mistakes). So, I feel pretty hopeful about this week going forward. Hope you all are having good weeks of your own!
  2. Lauragee Logs a 90-Day Quest

    Hi! I've popped into these forums a few times, but never at the right time to start a challenge. This time I'm doing it and - though it's been very hard to pick - I think I'm an assassin. I do a lot of fairly athletic yoga, but also other stuff. (And my partner points out that 90% of my clothes are black, so I guess that might be a clue, too). Anyway, I recently started Fightmaster Yoga's 90-day-yoga-fix, which gave me the idea to do a 90-day commitment to yoga, food goals, and hopefully losing 15 pounds over the approximately 13 weeks that will take. I started a week ago and I'm down three pounds of probably mostly water, but I'll take it. So, for the current challenge my main goal is to go on losing one pound a week. Related mini-goals: Continue to do the 90-day-yoga-fix videos every day (skipping the easy stretching day each week is ok if necessary due to scheduling). Continue with the "fasting" diet, doing three days a week eating under 600 calories. Two in a week won't be considered a total failure, but I'm shooting for three. On other days, try to plan healthy meals and make good choices, but without a particular rule. I have a set of suspension straps (TRX knock-off) coming in the mail, and when they get here I want to experiment and choose a plan to integrate them...probably some sort of HIIT a few times a week. Life quest: I want to get into a meditation habit. I'm wary of making a strong commitment because if I can't stick to it all, I want to stick to diet and exercise - but my reach goal is to also do fifteen minutes or more of meditation on a near-daily basis. Also, my birthday is next week, and we take birthday weeks pretty seriously around I plan to stay on track, but that could be a challenge. Let me know if you have great ideas for birthday treats that aren't too unhealthy! Oh, and since I already started this stuff last week, I'm going for all five weeks...officially starting now.