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  1. Shotokan

    Shotokan keeps doing what needs to be done

    The challenge went well and I pretty much beat my kata and training goals by more than I expected. The relax part is a work in progress but I am starting to notice my upper body loosening up. I didn't log all my workouts this time so I need to work on that next time. I want to finish strong and today's was one of the hardest for the entire challenge. The elliptical started it, followed with the warm up, then kettlebells, dumbbells, band and ab work before some really strong kata. Now it's time to move on the next challenge.
  2. Shotokan

    Shotokan keeps doing what needs to be done

    Eight days since I checked in here? Even though I am behind on my check ins here, my workouts have been going well. Lots of katas, good warm ups and a couple kettlebell workouts too. Work has been smacking me with 10 to 12 hour days and weekend time too but I am fighting to keep my workouts going and so far, so good. I have just a little over two weeks until the tournament and as long as I am not working, I am going. My katas are feeling better than before the last tournament and after my dismal showing last time, I am sure they are better now.
  3. I thought that my last challenge was going to disappoint me but after looking at the numbers, it was better then I expected and I was able to make some good progress. The only real downside was, I didn't update my workouts on here and I forgot some of the good stuff that I did. Either way, I am going to keep riding the positive and keep doing what I was doing while keeping track of my workouts on here each day. 1 - Kata training - 125 katas I am considering competing at my local club tournament in November so kata training is still at the front of my training goals. 125 is a fairly low number but not too high that will cause me to burn out like I did a few months ago. 2 - Strength and mobility - 20 times I have gotten into a pretty good groove with my strength workouts and I want to continue doing that same. I created a new kettlebell workout that I can break down into chunks depending upon my energy level for each day. It can be as few as three movements or more than nine but either way, it's keeping me working out. 3 - Relax the muscles that need to be relaxed This is an open ended goal. For many years, one of the things holding me back is my muscles are too tense at times. I know that the best athelets have learned how to shut off the muscles that need to be shut and turn on the muscles that need to be turned on in and instant and this is one area that I want to research further. Even though I meditate every day, I haven't found a was to relax my muscles with my mind. I can tense them just by thinking about them but the relax part still needs much work. Extra credit - Log all my workouts here This is something that I should have been doing all along but I fell into the, "I forgot or it's too late pattern" and it snowballed. Bad Shotokan, no biscuit.