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  1. Day 6 - June 26 More long hours at work kept me from training again but a lot of activity at work kept me moving. Day 7 - June 27 Zoom Karate class and it was good. Lots of kata training and more kata training. I almost missed it because of work again but I got home just before it started. Day 8 - June 28 Mental and pretty much everything rest day but a couple katas get in there. Day 9 - June 29 More work and no workout is making me not happy. Day 10 - June 30 Another long day of mental draining but some good mobility training and a couple of katas felt pretty good although I my eyes feel like someone is pulling them closed as I type this. Kata 24/125 Home workout: 5/30 Read: 8/25 Blog post: 0/1
  2. The last challenge went better than expected with only three days off during the challenge. 1. 125 katas Doing 20 katas a week over the last challenge was not hard enough so it's time to up it to 25. Again, like last time, these have to be good katas. 2. Workout 30 times Same mixed bag of workouts as the last challenge but instead of five per week, I am going to up it to six. Grokker workouts, kettlebells, dumbbell and barbell complexes and whatever other fun stuff I can do besides kata. 3. Read for 25 days I didn't get my goal of 25 days last time but this time, I got this. Extra credit: Publish one blog post I know I have been using this as extra credit for a long time but I am not giving up. I am just going to keep adding this one until I do it. Kata 0/125 Home workout: 0/30 Read: 0/25 Blog post: 0/1