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  1. I have been behind on my updates but I many good workouts and some great over the 10 days. I had some incredible Zoom Karate classes and some of my own workouts have been going better. I am still following chaos and am getting closer to getting all the movements collected to organize the chaos from the next challenge. For the month of August, I had 73 workouts with 29:10 total workout time. I am ahead of July with only 63 workouts and 25 hours of training. I am noticing that the Zoom classes are taking a good amount out my energy tank the next day but I am still able to get in s
  2. Aug 22: Today's Zoom Karate class was excellent. It was what I needed to get my head back on and it was one of the more intense classes that I have had. There were some movement drills that actually made my calves sore. The second workout today was good overall. I was using one of the older binaural beats songs that I had and it always works pretty well. 64 minutes 100 up minor 10 squats 10 calf raises 10 bodyweight good mornings 10 tibia raises Zoom Karate class 23 minutes Normal warmup 2 katas 100 steps kettlebell goblet carry 42
  3. I missed more than a few updates here over the last 10 days. I have been getting in a least two workouts a day. Over the last week, I was struggling with my Karate training. My Zoom Sensei was out at a training seminar and I had almost two week without formal training. I noticed over the years that my Karate classes were more mental then physical and I believe that they help keep me grounded. I had some projects that I was working on last week that I was struggling to work on and I am blaming it on the lack of Zoom classes. I was a bit on edge and just not very motivated but I did
  4. The recovery seems to be better than before when I would train a longer, one session per day workout. The only issue that might or might not be related is that I am not sleeping as well for about a week now. It takes me a long time to fall asleep but I am not really tired when I get up but I am still working out too late, which could also be the problem.
  5. Aug 13: Today was a more of a recovery day. I want to keep doing the mobility work since it seems to be working as active recovery. I still had enough energy to get in a late workout for some band work that I wanted to play with. Less than 5 minutes Suitcase carry 35 lb kettlebell 125 steps each leg 27 minutes 10 minute mobility drill Various hip mobility 21 minutes Normal warm up 3 katas 20 band punches each arm 20 band pulls each arm 15 top down band log chop Apple watch stats: Move 692/350 Exercise 53/20
  6. Aug 12: More mobility work today and the chaos complex. I am getting close to adding some weight to the complex but a full five pounds on each dumbbell is still a little ways off. 13 minutes Normal warmup 20 squats 20 calf raises 20 good mornings 20 tibia raises 3 katas Front stance training 32 minutes 15x20 Dumbbell chaos complex 20 lb dumbbells V-sit 60 seconds 15 crunch with legs strait and up Paloff band hold 30 seconds each side 10 rack lunges each side Hip mobility drill 3 each side 15 minutes 2x15 dumbbell wris
  7. Aug 11: I am finding that my mobility is improving faster now that I have some new muscle. Maybe the muscles aren't new but they are getting worked again like they used to be. The mobility work is not easy but the progress seems to be coming faster now than before. 10 minutes Normal warmup 20 squats 20 calf raises 20 bodyweight good mornings 20 tibia raises 2 katas 66 minutes Hip related Tommy Morrison videos and other mobility drills 10 minutes Hip opener, really needs work 2 katas Front stance movement Wave movement fron
  8. Aug 10: Three workouts today but late again. I'm a little stiff from the class yesterday but the workouts went well overall. 20 minutes Normal warm up 20 squats 20 calf raises 20 bodyweight good mornings 20 tibia raises 12 half dead bug with band Overhead sandbag carry 100 steps 12 minutes 15 reps chaos complex 22 minutes 15 lying side leg raises each leg 15 glute bridges 15 fire hydrants each leg V-sit 60 seconds 15 standing cable twist each side 15x42 kettlebell Romanian deadlift Kettlebell suitcase carry 42 lbs 10
  9. Aug 7: This was going to be my recovery day. I saw my chiropractor and I thought that I wouldn't have much energy but I felt pretty good and spent a good amount of time training since the adjustment made my muscles very relaxed. 11 minutes Normal warm up 30 squats 30 calf raises 10 bodyweight good mornings 20 tibia raises 3 katas 43 minutes I spent most of the time working on flexibility and mobility. I have been spending a good amount of time doing the drills for Tommy Morrison's Youtube channel. He does some crazy stuff b
  10. My Sensei's explained it in similar ways. I try to approach each class as a new beginning. If i can learn only one thing in each class, it is a good day. Even though I am still training in the same style, it's the little details that I missed moving through the tanks years ago that I am I learning now. I am also finding that some of the things I have been doing over the years were a little ahead of where I thought I was. It's an awesome journey and I guess it's just getting started again for me.
  11. Aug 6: Even though I am getting three workouts a day, I am still not doing them until too late. I need to start them earlier in the day and then get the last workout in before 11 pm. Everything is coming along but the seiza training is causing some knee pain. I wish I didn't stop doing them years ago but I am sure I can get it back with some hard work. 9 minutes Normal warmup 30 squats with band on knee 15 each side 30 calf raises 15 band adductor 23 minutes 15 circuits Chaos complex V-sit 60 seconds 4 x 10 double leg pike pulses
  12. Aug 5: Today was a little light on training until the home Karate class. That felt pretty good and I did some of the drills from the new Zoom classes that started on Monday. 7 minutes 100 up 12 side leg raises 12 back leg raises 23 minutes Home Karate class Kihon Kata Seize training 28 minutes Mobility drills with Tom Morrison Suit case carries 100 steps each hand with 42lb Goblet carries 100 steps with 42 lb
  13. Aug 4: Today's workouts were a little more intense than usual. The Chaos complexes are something that I came up with during week zero and I plan on doing these more often than not. The best part is, it hits the whole body and I can add or remove circuits depending on my energy and time. 9 minutes Normal warm up 3 katas 19 minutes Chaos complex 15 reps with 2 x 20 lb dumbbells The Chaos complex is a group of movements done in succession for one rep each until all movements are done and then repeat for the given number of circuits. My complex is do
  14. The way it started for me was, my Karate club stopped all classes during the pandemic in March of 2020 and didn't offer any Zoom classes for months after. I had been watching someone named Rick Hotton on Youtube who was putting out videos of his classes and seminars for a few years and he was someone that I wanted to train with but he is based in Sarasota Florida, which is a third of the country away from me in the Midwest. In July of last year, he started offering Zoom classes, since his Dojo was on lock down. He was offering virtual, live seminars, where he would teach his concepts and off
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