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  1. The last challenge was a mind opening learning experience for me and I hope to continue that in this challenge. Even though Shotokan is the style that I have trained for over 16 years now, the time away from the Dojo has given me the opportunity to find and learn some different ways to move my body and still get the results I am trying to achieve. This also gives me a good amount of content for a blog post too. 1. Close all three rings on my Apple watch for the entire challenge. Technology can be an interesting motivator. Using the Apple for the last few years has driven me to workout more than I used to before I had it. It has three daily goals which include Move which shows the number of calories burned while moving. It has Exercise, which shows the number of minutes that some type of exercise is being done and Stand which is standing for at least a minute an hour moving around. I currently have it set for the following: Move: 600 calories, Exercise 30 minutes and Stand for 12 hours. These are the same settings that I used for the last challenge and it was a good balance of being able to reach the number and still force me to workout even if I don't feel like doing it. 2. Kick the WaveMaster three times a week. One of the new things I learned during the last challenge was doing a Taikwondo side kick is better for my body than a Shotokan side kick. Changing the position of my stationary foot puts my body in a better position for power and height than the Shotokan side kick that I have been trying to improve for the last, well since I started training. Five to 10 kicks with each leg for front, side and back should be enough for me to continue to improve without making my legs too sore to train. I learned that if I do full out side kicks too many times in one session, it takes a toll on my legs but it is fun. 3. Get back to meditating every day. After reaching a long time streak of 1250 days of straight meditation, I missed one day and then it went down hill from there. I used to do it every night before bed and I missed one day and the streak was broken. It does help me sleep better and I feel more rested when I wake up so I need to get back in the groove. I was doing Headspace but I recently found a discount on Calm and want to try to see if it works as well. Extra Credit: Publish a blog post!!! Enough said.