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  1. Day Thirty-two - April 28th: Morning workout started the day again and then a great workout with some db circuits and lots of Karate at night. Apple Watch Goals: Move - 855 / 620 Exercise - 70 / 35 Stand - 16 / 12 Day Thirty-three - April 29th: Morning workout was a little tight for some reason but the night workout got things moving again. Apple Watch Goals: Move - 769 / 620 Exercise - 51 / 35 Stand - 16 / 12 Day Thirty-four - April 30th: Morning workout was good and the night wo
  2. Day Twenty seven - April 23nd: Morning workouts have been consistent but there is a always some variables. The night workout was some light kata but I was still feeling the aftermath of yesterdays chiropractor adjustment. Apple Watch Goals: Move - 738 / 620 Exercise - 41 / 35 Stand - 15 / 12 Day Twenty eight - April 24th: No morning workout on the weekend but a great Zoom Karate class made up for it. Working on some old techniques a little different way has made me realize how far I have come in the last six months. The only down
  3. All good thanks. I think it was lack of sleep and three really hard workouts in two days. The work stress was getting to me and the combination of pushing myself too hard made my body self correct. That's the amazing thing about the body, it forces a shutdown and a reboot. My energy levels have been a little down overall but I started waking up earlier to get to work sooner and then leave earlier. I only changed it by 30 minutes but it's taking a little time to force myself to go to sleep earlier.
  4. Day twenty four - April 20th: Morning workout was better but still not back to normal. Legs were a little shaky and power was down but it was better than yesterday. The night workout was a repeat of the day workout and little better overall. Apple Watch Goals: Move - 515 / 620 Exercise - 23 / 35 Stand - 15 / 12 Day Twenty five - April 21st: Better morning workout and pretty much back to normal. The night workout made up for the last two days and it went much better with a good amount of kata work.
  5. Day twenty three - April 19th: Morning workout was okay but I was a little stiff and I thought it was from the training over the last two days. Around 4 pm, I ended up with the chills and major body aches so no training at night unless sitting in a chair with a blanket is considered training. Apple Watch Goals: Move - 494 / 620 Exercise - 22 / 35 Stand - 15 / 12
  6. Day twenty - April 16th: Morning workout as usual. Night workout was some light kata training and some stance work. Apple Watch Goals: Move - 732 / 620 Exercise - 43 / 35 Stand - 15 / 12 Day Twenty one - April 17th: Morning workout before work on Saturday. The night workout was a great home Karate class. My body was moving better than I remember. Apple Watch Goals: Move - 896 / 620 Exercise - 88 / 35 Stand - 12 / 12 Day twenty two - April 18th: Another good training day except f
  7. Day nineteen - April 15th: The morning workout was back to normal. The night workout went better than expected. I did some training to music, I haven't done in a while and my katas felt great. It's not that my other workouts haven't been good but the kata training today was at a higher level than before. Apple Watch Goals: Move - 698 / 620 Exercise - 41 / 35 Stand - 16 / 12
  8. Day eighteen - April 14th: The morning workout a little off for some reason. The night workout was some light kata and a few techniques. Hips were tight for some reason, maybe the weather change here but either way, there was some training going on. Apple Watch Goals: Move - 686 / 620 Exercise - 40 / 35 Stand - 16 / 12
  9. Day seventeen - April 13th: Good morning workout today. The night workout was a dumbbell circuit and core training. I have noticed over the last few months or longer that my week day workouts are fairly short overall but they must be helping because my weekend training is going well. Apple Watch Goals: Move - 737 / 620 Exercise - 50 / 35 Stand - 16 / 12
  10. Day sixteen - April 12th: Morning training went well and I added a third kata the mix. The night workout was hips, glutes and core. Apple Watch Goals: Move - 699 / 620 Exercise - 50 / 35 Stand - 15 / 12
  11. Day fifteen - April 11th: Training alone again today with my own Karate class. It only lasted about 40 minutes but I got in some great kata training. It felt good to go all out for the first time in a while. I noticed that my power is up, my posture is better and my hip action has really improved. I ended up recording most of my workout and it didn't look bad but I still need some more stance training. I followed that with a dumbbell complex, the core workout and some stretching for finish up the day. Apple Watch Goals: Move - 803 / 620 E
  12. Day fourteen - April 10th: No morning workout but two Karate classes made up for nothing in the morning. Lots of good training and a lot of focus on the stances and hip movements for different stances. Apple Watch Goals: Move - 1007 / 620 Exercise - 137 / 35 Stand - 13 / 12
  13. Day thirteen - April 9th: Same morning workout again but it felt better than usual. The night workout was some lower power kata with a few other techniques thrown in but my energy was low. Apple Watch Goals: Move - 786 / 620 Exercise - 38 / 35 Stand - 15 / 12
  14. Day twelve - April 8th: Same morning workout. The night workout started with some glute and hip work then back to core. The rest was smooth Karate techniques letting the body throw the arms for the techniques. This relaxed execution feels so effortless but it's also one of the bigger challenges I have worked on in my Karate training. Apple Watch Goals: Move - 666 / 620 Exercise - 53 / 35 Stand - 16 / 12
  15. Day eleven - April 7th: Same morning workout. There seems to be a pattern here. The night workout was the core workout again. I was able to push it harder than the first day and was more challenging but better than the first day. I am surprised in the areas that I need to improve. All these years, I thought that I my core was on area that didn't need much so the new challenge is welcomed. Apple Watch Goals: Move - 702 / 620 Exercise - 38 / 35 Stand - 16 / 12
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