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  1. Day 21 - May 30


    Great workout day today.  Today was a grab bag of training.  I really wanted to lift some weights today and that along with some bodyweight moves, kettlebell carries and swings, four really good katas and a Grokker workout to finished it up all in and hour and fifteen minutes. I need a few more workouts like this one.


    Kata 82/100

    Home workout: 18/25

    Read: 16/25

    Blog post: 0/1

  2. Day 20 - May 29


    Good workout today. It started with a Grokker core workout.  I think I did this once before and it's pretty tough but it was easier this time around.  After that came four kata and they all felt good.  I finished up with some kettlebell swings with the 42 lbs and then some hammer curls and alternating dumbbell curls and some ab wheel rollouts to finish it up.


    Kata 78/100

    Home workout: 17/25

    Read: 16/25

    Blog post: 0/1

  3. Day 19 - May 28


    Today was Zoom Karate class.  This class was not as hard as the previous classes but still intense overall.  We spent more time working parts of advanced katas with a lot of single leg work.  Four full katas with a about 50 parts of katas is a pretty good workout and enough for today.


    Kata 74/100

    Home workout: 16/25

    Read: 16/25

    Blog post: 0/1

  4. Day 18 - May 27


    Another good workout day.  I started with the Grokker warm up and then felt like playing with a kettlebell.  The 35 pound bell for two sets of 15 felt really light.  I guess I need to move up to the 42 pounder next time.  After that came one kata, which also felt solid and a bit more powerful than usual.  I did the home workout and I realized the next time I need to up the weights for curls and presses.  Time for a quick read and then some sleep.


    Kata 70/100

    Home workout: 16/25

    Read: 16/25

    Blog post: 0/1

  5. 11 hours ago, Kishi said:

    Quality is a good substitute for quantity when it comes to training. Also, glad to hear that you're getting something out of the Zoom training right now. It seems that being able to autoregulate is a hidden benefit of this particular kind of training.

    It is kinda strange.  Even though I am mentally exhausted, I am still able to train late at night and get in some really good workouts.  I am carrying an extra 10 pounds of bodyweight now but I am eating the same as before and working out more consistently than before. I actually feel smaller than before but my bodyfat seems to be lower even though I am heavier.  I had a lot of people tell me that the weight gain is from stress but I can't really put my finger on it.  I don't feel like I gained 10 pounds of muscle but my legs and hips are bigger than before with all the lower body work I have been doing. Oddly, the movements that I am using weights for feel really light too.  Maybe I am on autopilot now.

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  6. Day 16 - May 25


    Today's workout was Grokker along with a bodyweight and dumbbell workout.  The workout went well overall and two katas finished it up.  The katas felt better today than yesterday but still not up where they were.  I haven't been using the music so I might have to put the headphone back on tomorrow.  A little reading will finished it up.


    Kata 68/100

    Home workout: 14/25

    Read: 14/25

    Blog post: 0/1

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  7. Day 15 - May 24


    Today was two Grokker workouts and some kata.  I was a little stiff from the adjustment and the workouts loosened me up well.  Only three katas today because I wasn't really feeling them like I did.  They were decent but kind of anemic. 


    Kata 66/100

    Home workout: 13/25

    Read: 13/25

    Blog post: 0/1

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  8. Day 14 - May 23


    Today was all kata day.  15 katas total was enough but these weren't full out katas.  I had a good adjustment at my Chiropractor today and I didn't want to break what he fixed so I walked through the katas with slow speed and reduced power but working on my form on all of them.  It was a good workout overall and enough to get the blood flowing.  Reading will end the day although, I read much more than 10 minutes already.


    Kata 63/100

    Home workout: 12/25

    Read: 13/25

    Blog post: 0/1

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  9. Day 13 - May 22


    Today was the workout I was waiting for all week.  I started the workout with two of the Grooker mobility classes to get loosened up.  We had our zoom Karate tonight and it didn't disappoint.  It was the toughest class yet and all of them seem tougher than the classes in the dojo.  I believe that the classes are harder because they go at the black belt level without having to average the training to the bell curve.  I notice, when I teach classes, I have to lower the level of drills or training based on who is in the class and how much or little they can do.  When in class, I often get distracted with what the people around me are doing instead of focusing only on my training and techniques.  The advantage to the zoom classes are,  you either keep up or you don't.  Even though my Sensei can see everyone on the screen, he goes through the lesson plan at a higher level.  We did a lot of hip work and segments of advanced katas that we normally do not work on in the in person classes.  It was great training and I had soreness in my hips and legs that I haven't had in a long time.  Only two full katas for the day at the end of class but the rest of the training made it a great workout day.


    Reading is still going well too.


    Kata 48/100

    Home workout: 12/25

    Read: 12/25

    Blog post: 0/1

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  10. Day 12 - May 21


    Today was what I'll call a lazy workout.  I was really active at work today and stayed later than I planned after getting woken up an hour early with a call from work.  After that it was grocery shopping for my mom and then a late dinner.  I didn't have a lot of energy for my workout but it was still pretty good.  I started with my home workout for the lower body along with a couple extra mobility moves and then four katas finished it up.  Some readying will end the day and then it's off to dreamland.


    Kata 46/100

    Home workout: 11/25

    Read: 11/25

    Blog post: 0/1

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  11. Day 11 - May 20


    Work has been taking a lot out of me.  I was up late last night and started an hour early today.  The last two weeks have been on issue after another and the stress levels have been higher than usual.  I had to take care of something after work today, related to work but not directly and then I finally got home.  After I ate, I was so tired that I fell asleep in my chair for about 20 minutes to a half hour.  I thought it would be a good day to take off but something in the back of my mind told me to go workout and even though it wasn't a spectacular workout, it was a good workout and one that took my mind off what was not a great day.


    The Grokker workout started it off.  I am really starting to see some benefits from these simple mobility workouts. I am noticing less issues with my body in regards to aches and pains from training and my recovery time from the online classes is almost as if I didn't train.  Maybe it's mental or these are what my body needs at this point but I'll take it as a win.  After that came four katas.  They weren't world class but they were good. 


    Time to start another book and this one is How to Master Self Hypnosis in a Weekend.  The book I just finished had some interesting things that I already put into action and I am looking to expand what I learned with then new book.


    Kata 41/100

    Home workout: 10/25

    Read: 11/25

    Blog post: 0/1

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  12. Day 10 - May 19


    Another day, another workout.  Today started with two Grokker mobility workouts.  One didn't feel like enough and I needed a little extra to loosen me up.  Next came six katas, some good, some okay.  I am still working on a new kata and I am not proficient enough with it to get the feeling I am looking for.  Overall, I am a little drained but the workouts are still going well.  Some extra reading tonight will finish up the day and the book. 


    Kata 39/100

    Home workout: 9/25

    Read: 10/25

    Blog post: 0/1

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  13. Day 9 - May 18


    Very tired today.  This Monday at work was harder than most and it zapped my energy more than most Monday's but I was able to get in a good enough workout even though not at the same level as the past workouts.  I started with the short Grokker workout and then did my simple home workout.  After that came two katas and now some reading to finish up the day.


    Kata 33/100

    Home workout: 8/25

    Read: 9/25

    Blog post: 0/1

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  14. Day 8 - May 17


    Today was another Grokker workout but the Typhon ended up doing it with me.  I went back to the first of series since this was her first time doing these and I didn't want to push her into doing one that could have been harder than yesterday.  After that came three katas.  All of them felt pretty good and I am noticing an improvement in my stances and leg power.  Some mroe reading will end the day.


    Kata 31/100

    Home workout: 7/25

    Read: 8/25

    Blog post: 0/1

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  15. Day 7 - May 16


    Good workout again even though I was low on sleep from the night before.  I started with a different Grooker workout from the same trainer that I have been following.  It was significantly tougher than the previous two and I could really feel it in my hips.  After that, four katas finished up the day along with a good amount of reading.  I am really into the new book and I must have read for close to 30 minutes or more.


    Kata 28/100

    Home workout: 6/25

    Read: 7/25

    Blog post: 0/1

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  16. Day 6 - May 15


    Today was going to be a rest day but I was feeling a little stiff from yesterdays training so I ended up doing two of the Grokker classes, which I haven't done before, and four katas.  Two of the katas were what I wanted and the other too weren't up to the same level.  Work today took a lot of out of me and this little bit of training helped bring me back.


    Lots of reading so far and I already finished the first book that was reading.  I am on to a new one now called The Seven Most Effective Methods of Self-hypnosis.  I already have 30 minutes of reading in to today and I might have a few more before lights out.


    Kata 24/100

    Home workout: 5/25

    Read: 6/25

    Blog post: 0/1

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  17. Day 5 - May 14


    This was not a regular workout day, instead it was a Zoom Karate class with my Karate instructor and a bunch of other people online. These classes are the real deal.  They are tough and even a little tougher then when we train in person because of less time to rest and less time between groups of techniques.  Only one kata but the rest of the class made up for everything I missed from my solo training.


    Kata 20/100

    Home workout: 4/25

    Read: 5/25

    Blog post: 0/1

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  18. Day four - May 13


    I don't know if I am starting a trend but today was going to be rest day.  I had a nice dinner and and call it a night but then I thought, I should at least do the mobility workout.  I did that and and it made me pretty loose so I ended up doing the lower body part of my home core workout which also felt good.  Not wanting to waste all the good energy, I ended the workout with eight katas which all felt pretty solid and had the impact that I am working toward. 


    Some reading will finish off the day.


    Kata 19/100

    Home workout: 4/25

    Read: 4/25

    Blog post: 0/1

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  19. Day three - May 12


    Today didn't go as planned again.  I ended up having to go back to work at 9 pm tonight and didn't get home until 10:30.  I could have just used the excuse but I ended up getting in a good workout.


    I started with one of the short Grokker mobility sessions and ended up doing an other.  The movements really get me energized and even though they are slow, they hit just the right joints and muscles to loosen me up. 


    After that came only two katas.  I started with the basic kata, which had everything I was looking for in it and then I did the kata that I normally compete with.  Unlike yesterday, the advanced kata had the same feeling as the basic one.  My theory about doing a kata hundreds or thousands of times is the key to getting the feeling that I am looking for.  The moves just need to happen because of all the repetitions and then I can focus on other aspects.  This is an uncharted road for me and I didn't realized how automatic my katas have become after all these years.


    Kata 11/100

    Home workout: 3/25

    Read: 3/25

    Blog post: 0/1

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  20. Day two - 5/11


    Today was a mentally challenging day at work and I was looking forward to get home and then workout to end the day.  Today's workout felt really good.  I was expecting to be sore from the deadlifts yesterday but the only place I am feeling it is in my upper back on the right side.  I have a feeling that I might have twisted a little on one of the lifts but after my workout tonight, it's feeling almost back to normal. 


    Today's workout started with the Grokker and part two of a routine by Angelo Dela Cruz.  All of the workouts of his that I have done so far have made me feel much looser and more mobile. It is super low impact but still challenging and it movea the body though all natural positions.  It lasted 30 minutes but it felt like it went much faster and by the end, I was ready for some kata.


    I did four katas today working on getting that extra focus. I am finding that the basic katas, that I have done many thousands of times, are easier to get the focus I am looking for.  Three out of the four katas were advanced katas and only one of them gave me the feeling that I was working toward along with the single basic kata. The kata that was the least effective was one that I have only started working on about two months ago and I don't have all the correct body connection to the moves yet. 


    10 minutes of reading will finish off the day.  The current book I am reading is How to Visualize like a World Champion. I am not far into it yet but it is holding my attention so far.


    Kata 9/100

    Home workout: 2/25

    Read: 2/25

    Blog post: 0/1

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  21. Day one - 5/10


    Nothing like starting out a new challenge with some good workouts.  I did a little more today than planned and it went fairly well overall. 


    My son wanted to do some dead lifts today and we ended up doing rack pulls and trap-bar dead lifts.  I haven't done any heavy dead lifts for at least a year and I was a little surprised at how it went.  I ended up pulling 335 lbs on both the rack pulls and the trap-bar.  My son beat me by 90 lbs and 65 pounds but I feel pretty good for not training them in so long. I think the most I did in the last 10 years of longer was around 335 lbs so I guess all the other training has kept my strength up.  I am already feeling these in my back and moving tomorrow might be a little rough but it was good to test them out.


    Tonight I did two of the workouts on Grokker for stretching and mobility along with five katas.  The katas were pretty intense and focused, which is what I was looking for.  I need to record them to see if my form is taking hit from the intensity. 


    10 minutes of reading will finish off the weekend.


    Kata 5/100

    Home workout: 1/25

    Read: 1/25

    Blog post: 0/1

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  22. Since I am watching Enter the Dragon while typing this, I thought it might be a good time for a Bruce Lee themed challenge.  There are many things that can be learned from watching movies and videos that can help with training if you know what to look for.  There is a part, near the beginning of the movie where Bruce Lee tells his student to kick him. The student throws a nice looking kick but there was not commitment to his kick and there was much hesitation on face as he kicked. After a moment, Bruce Lee tells him that he needs emotional content in his techniques and this is something that at least two of my instructors have mentioned in the past but in different words.  This is something that I am still trying to find my katas.  Even though people better than me say that I look like I am fully committed to my techniques, I can fell when they are effective and when they are not. 


    This time around, I am still going to focus on overall fitness and improvement but I am also going to work on more commitment to each technique in my katas. 


    1. Twenty katas per week

    Twenty is a low number but the plan is aim for more commitment and have each technique be all in or nothing.


    2. Five workouts per week

    This is going to be a grab bag of workouts.  I signed up for a special on Grokker which has a few hundred different workouts and a particular series on stretching and mobility which I have been doing for last week or so.  I have been doing these simple 10 minute workouts before my katas and they really help loosen my up.  I also want to keep working on the lower body and core workouts along with some kettle bells and maybe some dead-lift work for fun.


    3.  Read five times per week

    I was getting in to a good habit with the reading last time but I finished the one book and the other one that I started didn't keep me coming back for more.  The 10 minutes of reading was almost meditative and it did help quit my mind even though I was focused on the reading.


    Extra credit: Publish one blog post

    I know I have been using this as extra credit for a long time but I am not giving up.


    Kata 0/100

    Home workout: 0/25

    Read: 0/25

    Blog post: 0/1

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  23. On 5/5/2020 at 1:12 PM, Kishi said:

    Feel that. And now it's all over.


    How'd it wind up for you?

    That was the longest few weeks that flew by that I can remember.  The workouts didn't follow the structure that I planned for this challenge but I was able to get in some good training.  The best part is my Karate club is doing Zoom classes and the two that I did went really well.  It's not the same as in person but not having to leave my home dojo was nice and the classes were just as hard or harder than in person.


    Karate class at home: 5/5 - this was on target thanks to the Zoom classes

    Home workout: 27/25 - I did a lot of training and ended up above target

    Read: 9/25 - this fell off just because I forgot about it

    Blog post: 0/5 - um, cough,  almost

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