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  1. Thanks for checking on me. I had some crazy hours at work and all the time I had away from the office was spent training. It figures that one of my best workout months wasn't in the challenges.
  2. Day fourteen: Ah, this was a serious workout day. Kata in the morning and two hard Zoom classes in the late afternoon. Walking was rough after the classes but that comes with the territory. Move 1220/610 Exercise 144/35 Stand 12/12 Day fifteen: No kata today, just some weights and a core workout. Move 647/610 Exercise 50/35 Stand 13/12
  3. Many good workouts over the last 10 days or so. Day five: Move 684/610 Exercise 38/35 Stand 16/12 Day six: Move 635/610 Exercise 35/35 Stand 14/12 Day seven: Move 653/610 Exercise 36/35 Stand 13/12 Day eight: Move 817/610 Exercise 71/35 Stand 12/12 Day nine: Move 632/610 Exercise 36/35 Stand 16/12 Day ten: Move 747/610 Exercise 37/35 Stand 16/12 Day eleven: Move 617/610
  4. Moving cold would be rough for me. I train after I shower so it seems to get my body temp up enough to move pretty well.
  5. Day one: The first day of the challenge was my day of rest. I ended up getting in two Grokker workouts for core and mobility and some kata to finish it off. Move 471/610 Exercise 38/35 Stand 14/12 Day two: Today started with kata in the morning and a short mobility routine to get me ready for the day. The night time workout was a very tough Grokker workout Move 662/610 Exercise 53/35 Stand 15/12 Day three: Morning workout was kata and mobility. The night workout was a couple more katas an
  6. Trying to continue the forward moving progress from the last challenge, this time around is much of the same but different. 1. Close all three rings on my Apple watch six times a week for the entire challenge. The Apple watch has been a big help on making me workout. For this challenge, I want to close my rings at least six days each week. I only missed two of day over the last challenge but when I have double Zoom classes a rest day after might be in order. 2. Four workouts per week in addition to my Karate training. Four days of structured workouts such
  7. Yes it did. I didn't really follow my goals but I had some good training sessions and made some great progress..
  8. Day thirty one: I missed day 23 some how so I have two day 31's. Kata and core work was all but still a good workout. 616 active calories 48 minutes of training 14 stand hours Day thirty two: All kata day with some kicks for good measure. 617 active calories 33 minutes of training 13 stand hours Day thirty three: This was a mix of workouts all in one. There was kata, five dumbbell circuits, and core training along with three Grokker workouts. 623 active calories
  9. Day thirty one: Today was the first day of my vacation. This is my first full week off from work in over five years. I spent a lot of time doing things that weren't too challenging today but I was able to get in a good workout tonight with some unplanned cardio, dumbbell training, band work and kata. 610 active calories 83 minutes of training 13 stand hours
  10. It was just one of those days where it all came together. I knew I had two Zoom classes and even though I have had two before, this time both classes were tough and almost back to back.
  11. Day twenty seven: Getting back in the groove. A good workout in the morning with some kata and another workout at night with some more kata. 716 active calories 32 minutes of training 16 stand hours Day Twenty eight: Another good session in the morning followed with some more kata at night and some bodyweight training. 662 active calories 39 minutes of training 15 stand hours Day twenty nine: Saturday was a test of my training up until this point. I had two Zoom classes and a fast paced out
  12. Day twenty four: Well, I guess it was time for me to take a break from training. One Monday, I had my yearly stomach problem that always come right after the weather change here in the Midwest. Stomach pain, cramps and overall body ache started and I ended up leaving work early to spend the next 14 to 16 hours on my back. I did get in kata that morning but that was the only workout of the day. 443 active calories 22 minutes of training 9 stand hours Day twenty five: Not much better of a day but I did stay home from work and was able
  13. Day twenty one: Kata before work on a Saturday was definitely needed. After work came Zoom class and it was tough but not extreme. 953 active calories 86 minutes of training 13 stand hours Day twenty two: Another Zoom class. This class was excellent with more concepts to work on. Many of the concepts are things that I was told years ago but I am guessing I was not ready to understand them until now. I have some things to work on that I will take me years to become competent at but that's why I train. 651 active calories
  14. I think there is often a disconnect between the brain and body. I noticed that the times I really don't feel like training or I am stiff, my body takes over and my brain just lets go. There are other times when my body doesn't want to work but my brain talks it into working. I lost count of how many days I worked out in a row now, it's somewhere close to 90 I think. It's becoming more a of a part of life instead of a burden.
  15. Day nineteen: Morning kata is starting to get a little longer each day. Even though I have to leave for work, the morning training is getting better and I don't want to stop. The night workout was more kata and my core routine using a band. 611 active calories 36 minutes of training 15 stand hours Day twenty: More morning kata. Today was a little stronger than usual. Night time was some band work for balance, more kata and some Jo training. 610 active calories 37 minutes of training 14 stand hours
  16. Day eighteen: Morning kata went well. The only problem with the morning kata is, I want to stay home and do more but work gets in the way again. The night workout was two Grokker workouts and my mini core workout with the bands. I didn't feel like working out but once I got moving, I am glad I did it. 615 active calories 38 minutes of training 14 stand hours
  17. Day seventeen: Kata in the morning for a little longer today. All kata for tonight's workout. I spent most of the workout doing breathing kata, which is a full breath between each technique. It helps center my mind and get me to focus more on the movement instead of everything else. 751 active calories 42 minutes of training 14 stand hours
  18. Day sixteen: A simple but good workout day again. Kata in the morning is pretty standard now and the night workout today was two Grokker classes along with some suitcase carries and halos. 605 active calories 44 minutes of training 14 stand hours
  19. The neck is so much better. I had a hard adjustment with my Chiropractor on Saturday and he cracked something that made everything loosen up. Thanks for asking.
  20. Day fourteen: Great workout day. Two Zoom classes and a lot of good training. This was one of those days where my body was doing what is was supposed to do. 1112 active calories 135 minutes of training 13 stand hours Day fifteen: Another good workout day. Three Grooker classes, my core workout and some suitcase carries along with a little kata. 626 active calories 57 minutes of training 14 stand hours
  21. Day eleven: Kata in the morning and some more kata with my core workout from before. 648 active calories 33 minutes of training 17 stand hours Day twelve: Kata in the morning with two Grokker workouts at night. I need to get back into doing the mobility workouts again. 787 active calories 32 minutes of training 16 stand hours Day thirteen: Kata and kicks in the morning and two more Grokker workouts tonight. 735 active calories 46 minutes of training 16 stand hours
  22. Day ten: Today started with kata. I would like to have the same feeling when I workout at night as I do in the morning. My energy and my body seem to be aligned in the morning more than at night lately but work has to be done. My other workout was more functional in nature. I spent about an hour moving containers that were stored in my crawl space under the house. Some kata and a little dumbbell work finished off the night. 648 active calories 33 minutes of training 16 stand hours
  23. Day nine: Another good start with kata this morning. I am having some problems with my neck and after I get out of bed, it hurts for while. By the time I am out of the show, it starts to loosen a little but during the morning kata, it starts to feel better. It's been bothering me off and on for about two months now but it comes and goes. Either way, the kata helps get my posture right and it carries throughout the day. I am a little behind on my kicks and mediation but I think I can make up for the kicks this week. Overall, I think my Karate techniques are getting better now
  24. Day seven: For some reason, my workouts usually fall short on the weekends. This weekend wasn't the usual. Saturday was a great Zoom class working on my favorite kata. Lots of good training and a lot of output. 882 active calories 83 minutes of training 13 stand hours Day eight: Another great Zoom class working on kumite, moving from the center and lower body instead of the upper body. A short walk too added to the movement for today. 635 active calories 61 minutes of training 13 stand hours
  25. Day six: Morning kata training again. This is turning into one of the better habits that I have formed. I really get my head cleared before leaving for work and I think it is helping my body be more relaxed throughout the day. Night time workout was some bodyweight work, bands, dumbbell work and farmers walks. Some meditation with Calm will finished off the day. 643 active calories 51 minutes of training 13 stand hours
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