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  1. Day 23 - June 1 Today was two Grokker workouts, because my entire body was feeling tight and only one kata. Kata 91/100 Home workout: 19/25 Read: 16/25 Blog post: 0/1
  2. Day 22 - May 31 Today turned into kata fest. I ended up doing eight katas and some extra hip work. It wasn't along workout but it was pretty good overall. Kata 90/100 Home workout: 18/25 Read: 16/25 Blog post: 0/1
  3. Day 21 - May 30 Great workout day today. Today was a grab bag of training. I really wanted to lift some weights today and that along with some bodyweight moves, kettlebell carries and swings, four really good katas and a Grokker workout to finished it up all in and hour and fifteen minutes. I need a few more workouts like this one. Kata 82/100 Home workout: 18/25 Read: 16/25 Blog post: 0/1
  4. Day 20 - May 29 Good workout today. It started with a Grokker core workout. I think I did this once before and it's pretty tough but it was easier this time around. After that came four kata and they all felt good. I finished up with some kettlebell swings with the 42 lbs and then some hammer curls and alternating dumbbell curls and some ab wheel rollouts to finish it up. Kata 78/100 Home workout: 17/25 Read: 16/25 Blog post: 0/1
  5. Day 19 - May 28 Today was Zoom Karate class. This class was not as hard as the previous classes but still intense overall. We spent more time working parts of advanced katas with a lot of single leg work. Four full katas with a about 50 parts of katas is a pretty good workout and enough for today. Kata 74/100 Home workout: 16/25 Read: 16/25 Blog post: 0/1
  6. Day 18 - May 27 Another good workout day. I started with the Grokker warm up and then felt like playing with a kettlebell. The 35 pound bell for two sets of 15 felt really light. I guess I need to move up to the 42 pounder next time. After that came one kata, which also felt solid and a bit more powerful than usual. I did the home workout and I realized the next time I need to up the weights for curls and presses. Time for a quick read and then some sleep. Kata 70/100 Home workout: 16/25 Read: 16/25 Blog post: 0/1
  7. It is kinda strange. Even though I am mentally exhausted, I am still able to train late at night and get in some really good workouts. I am carrying an extra 10 pounds of bodyweight now but I am eating the same as before and working out more consistently than before. I actually feel smaller than before but my bodyfat seems to be lower even though I am heavier. I had a lot of people tell me that the weight gain is from stress but I can't really put my finger on it. I don't feel like I gained 10 pounds of muscle but my legs and hips are bigger than before with all the lower body work I have been doing. Oddly, the movements that I am using weights for feel really light too. Maybe I am on autopilot now.
  8. Day 17 - May 26 Good workout today. I did a modified version of my home workout along with some band work and kicks. I only did one kata but it felt good so I stopped because I wanted to end on a good note. Some reading and then time to snooze. Kata 69/100 Home workout: 15/25 Read: 15/25 Blog post: 0/1
  9. Since I am watching Enter the Dragon while typing this, I thought it might be a good time for a Bruce Lee themed challenge. There are many things that can be learned from watching movies and videos that can help with training if you know what to look for. There is a part, near the beginning of the movie where Bruce Lee tells his student to kick him. The student throws a nice looking kick but there was not commitment to his kick and there was much hesitation on face as he kicked. After a moment, Bruce Lee tells him that he needs emotional content in his techniques and this is something that at least two of my instructors have mentioned in the past but in different words. This is something that I am still trying to find my katas. Even though people better than me say that I look like I am fully committed to my techniques, I can fell when they are effective and when they are not. This time around, I am still going to focus on overall fitness and improvement but I am also going to work on more commitment to each technique in my katas. 1. Twenty katas per week Twenty is a low number but the plan is aim for more commitment and have each technique be all in or nothing. 2. Five workouts per week This is going to be a grab bag of workouts. I signed up for a special on Grokker which has a few hundred different workouts and a particular series on stretching and mobility which I have been doing for last week or so. I have been doing these simple 10 minute workouts before my katas and they really help loosen my up. I also want to keep working on the lower body and core workouts along with some kettle bells and maybe some dead-lift work for fun. 3. Read five times per week I was getting in to a good habit with the reading last time but I finished the one book and the other one that I started didn't keep me coming back for more. The 10 minutes of reading was almost meditative and it did help quit my mind even though I was focused on the reading. Extra credit: Publish one blog post I know I have been using this as extra credit for a long time but I am not giving up. Kata 0/100 Home workout: 0/25 Read: 0/25 Blog post: 0/1