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  1. Today the push ups went great and I started something new... American Football (in Europa this is a very small scale sport) And I loved it, going back there tomorrow to join a 'proper' training ^^
  2. I did mine yesterday night, did a little over 5 k in 26:07. Since I was aiming for a sub 30 min 5k I am pretty happy with this. I still want to go a lot faster though, got to keep training in my v5f's.
  3. Today I finally bought my v5f's and took a little run. I'm starting with a beginners running circuit so that I can ease in to it and build my calves gradually. I use this programm http://www.beginrunning.com/plans/easy-running-plan-to-start-on/#axzz1RzKfrJRx. It is a basic guide but helps me not do to much at once. I have to say that my calves are already a bit sore and I have scored some blisters. But the feeling! I love it, just simply love it. These feelings of freedom you won't get pretty quickly elsewhere! And since I ran 5.4 km today I also succeeded one of my challenges for this period! (guess I should make them a bit more diffucult next time )
  4. I'll give it a go tonight and see where I end on my new v5f's
  5. Im in! Just starting to run on my 5fingers though so my calves will not let me make to much distance for now, but I'll finish it when I finish it!
  6. Hey Guys, Just wanted to let you know that I am joining you. As you can see in mij challenge I love to run and do bodyweight exercises. Furthermore I am going to try a bit of parkour when I am in a good enough shape (so that will take some time ) Do you guys also have weekly challenges of some kind? I saw that at the rangers guild and I kindda liked it, made me want to push just that bit farther to get there.
  7. Are there any other Dutch rebels active here? And if so what are your goals etc? Maybe we could all work out sometime or maybe have lunch. For the Dutch: In dutch: Zijn er nog meer nederlanders hier of valt dat tegen? En wat zijn jullie doelen? Ik probeer nóg fitter te worden en dmv bodyweight oefeningen en rennen mijn hele lichaam in ieder geval fysiek te verbeteren. Wat zijn jouw doelen? En wat wil je bereiken? Als het overeenkomt is het misschien leuk om een keer samen te trainen of iets dergelijks.
  8. Today my calves still hurt like crazy so I won't run today. I am going to do some bodyweight exercises though since I also want to keep building strength.. @Roocifer I really love it because you can do both anytime anywhere, and that's the best of it in my opinion @deborahjade I won't have mine untill next week but I am running on my forefoot anyhow. First time did not go so great. The running was the day before yesterday and it is still pretty sore. But I will run again tomorrow probably
  9. Today I went to the store to buy KSO 5fingers. Unfortunately they were not there in my size but they should be there on Monday
  10. Hey Guys, Im new to this. And then I don't just mean the site, i mean it ALL. But that's very OK. I decided to quit smoking about 7 months ago and now I'm living healthier and happier every day. With that comes more energy and I use this by working out. There are not man more ways to use energy better in my opinion. Even though, I am still a beginner and therefore every muscle in my body is killing me every other day. But at least I know that they are there For some more background you can read my current challenge (link in the signature) or ask me anything! I hope to find some nice challenges here and help others get as motivated as I am
  11. I have tried to run on my middle foot today and my calves went bonkers..
  12. Hey guys, Im Gideon, a student from the Netherlands. I live in the beautiful city of Enschede which is near the German border. Within 1 kilometer from my home there is a nice forest where I love to go. You can find me here for a good walk, run or maybe you'll even find me geocaching (want to know what it is, take a look at www.geocaching.com). I love to be outside and recently I have started to work out. Even though I am only 21 years old it feels like a new world is opening up for me. I only quit smoking 7 months ago and when that worked I really felt like I needed to do more. I somehow had more energy. Therefore I started to work out, after all its healthy, you start looking better and more important, when you're in shape you also FEEL better. So my lvl 1 is starting as a student with a low stamina en low strength and I want to start building this. I already found out that I love bodyweight exercises (especially because you can do them outside or at home) and I started loving running. I love enjoying the scenery (and getting beat up while doing so). I also love to hike and walk and running seemed the logical extension for me. As you know by where I started this thread, I am a Ranger. I love new things, new challenges and new concepts. I also love new RPS's but only till lvl 20 or so because then I start getting bored. It's the same with a lot of things in real life except for table tennis. I only started playing 2 years ago so I am not really good at it yet, however some of my mates there convinced me to take up 'normal' tennis too since that's a lot better for your stamina. Being as realistic as possible my starting attributes are: STR - 2 DEX - 3 STA - 2 CON - 2 WIS - 4 CHA - 2 I had no trouble coming up with the first challenges since I really want to start running 'barefoot' and I am currently looking for a 5finger dealer near my home town. Therefore my first challenge will be: Run 3k 'barefoot' and I will be able to score 5 STA with this. Now you will probably wonder, why 3k? This is very easy, I am not in that a great shape yet but more important, I will have to adjust to a new way of running and start building my calves, and I don't want to destroy 'em in the process. For my second challenge I will have to do 20 push ups in a row. Somehow I have always had trouble doing these and right now it's even difficult for me to do 10 in a row, so doubling that would be awesome. I can gain 5 points towards STR with this 'quest'. So having had 2 fitness quests I need a diet quest. The first thing for me will be cutting of ALL soda. This will gain me 3 towards CON since it's really healthy and will help me repel diseases. Finally my life goal for these six weeks will be to finish the financial report of the table tennis club. Since it's a student table tennis club I was in the board for 1,5 year and discovered a huge mess over there. I quitted being the treasurer about a month ago and this is the last, but very important, task I still need to finish. By doing this I will gain 2 WIS. I do not own a scale yet (after all I am a student) so therefore I can only guess my weight which I won't do. I'll buy one and put it in the thread. And there will be a picture with it too, just for comparison on June 11. I am not sure what to do next, after this challenge, but any great ideas are welcome. p.s. since I am a hybrid I didn't know where to put it so this time the scouts will get the favor since the challenges reflect that the most in my opinion.
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