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  1. Hey y'all! I'm Jen. I'm a game designer and game writer by day. I've done work on board games, LARPs, adventure games, and more. I've realized lately that I've stopped exercising and being careful about my food habits, and recently got diagnosed with Lyme disease. I'm going to beat it, but I'll beat it faster if I can get active and start cutting sugar, so I joined this lovely community! I'm in the east bay near San Francisco, California for the next two months, before I move up to my partner in suburban seattle. I can't exercise by myself; I find it too boring and I struggle to motivate myself. I'm looking for folk here with connections to the local LARP community who might also be interested in some fun in-character training montages. The way I see it, if I disguise exercise as pretendy-fun times, I can trick myself into liking it again. I'm here to learn from this great community, and I'm excited to see where I go! Feel free to reply or message if you have any info or advice! Jen