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  1. OK, the good - did my strength training for this week yesterday, woo! Just did one of the Chalean extreme videos, it wasn't so bad. My eating yesterday was good too. The bad - today did not go to plan. There was bingeing. I was cooking a whole bunch of stuff to freeze for next week, but it just ended up with me constantly eating bits of it. I also ate a stupid number of dried apricots (I cannot have dried fruit in the house! This is not the first time) which is dumb because it has given me a stomach ache. So stupid. I think the issue with coking was that I was kind of hungry when I started cooking and then it just spiraled out of control. Next time I will eat a proper meal first and then do all the other cooking, so I should hopefully be less likely to do it. Oh well, tomorrow is a new day, hopefully lesson learnt.
  2. Agrh, was doing awesome today, went for a 35min power walk/run before work, was totally on track with my calories until after dinner when I ate 5 mini kit kats! I'm an idiot because I brought them home from work to take to someone on the weekend, when really I should have just left them at work and I wouldn't have touched them. I was ravenous before dinner, so I'm sure that didn't help. I think I need to be eating more protein in the late afternoon before I leave work to get me through to dinner time without eating everything in the house when I get home. Oh well, not the end of the world, just room for improvement tomorrow!! I am aiming to do a strength workout tomorrow (a Chalean vid), I have to say my legs are stiff just from the cardio one of hers I did yesterday so I can only imagine how sore I'm going to be after a strength workout. It'll be a good pain though I'm sure!
  3. Weirdly, my boyfriend introduced me to them! No idea how he found them. They're good because you can modify them to suit your fitness, there's always one or two people in the video doing a low impact, or low resistance version of the exercises. Px90 looks super hard core!!
  4. Well done on cooking stir fry!!! I'm sure you can make up the workout another day or just chalk it up to 'life happens' and make sure you get them all in next week. Ooh enjoy yoga! I'm a recent convert, I just do it at home though because I'm too embarrassed to be so inflexible and wobbly in front of yoga people!!
  5. WOOO, I exercised!!!!!!! That was the first time I've done a workout in months. I just did a 30min Chalean cardio video but it must have been enough because I'm exhausted
  6. Ahh not far then It was good actually, although I did eat cake, I didn't go crazy and didn't feel really sick from overeating after so that was good. It was a good baby shower too, we decorated the nursery, so that kept us busy!
  7. Yay!!! Thank you, sounds great Where abouts in Aus are you? I'm in Melbourne
  8. Ok, starting stats as at Thurs 16th April: Weight: 85.6 kg (188.71 pounds) ( Waist measurement at belly button: 101 cm (39.7 inches) Measurement 5cm below belly button: 106 cm (41.7 inches) So, not a good place to start, but it does mean I have plenty of room for improvement! This week has been a short week for me because I was overseas until Wednesday afternoon, since I've been back my eating has been on track but my exercising hasn't. I blame jetlag but next week there will be no excuses, it will be done! My current challenge is getting through the weekend without letting everything fall apart, I'm about to go to a baby shower (Afternoon tea) so I will have to restrain myself from eating all cake. I'm taking healthy snacks though so I will stick to those as much as possible.
  9. I've been on the forums and on the facebook group for ages but I've never actually complete a 6 week challenge so I decided to post it in recruits. So my overall goal, which won't happen in 6 weeks is to get down to 70kg or 154 pounds. I have a couple of mini milestones that I want to break it into, the first is to get below 80kg (176lbs), the second is to get to 75kg (165lbs) and then the final 70kg. To help me get there, for the 6 weeks my goals are: 1. Follow my eating plan with deviations only for special occasions, ie. birthdays, special dinners with family etc. The eating plan is basically ~1600 cal, 100g carbs a day, focus on whole foods not processed crap. The eating plan I'm going to use has 'indulgence foods' built into it, so I'm hoping it will be easy to stick with. 2. For the first 3 weeks exercise 30mins (walking, yoga, exercise vid etc) 5x a week with a minimum of one strength/weights session a week. 3. For the last 3 weeks exercise 30mins 7x a week with a minimum of 2x strength/weights sessions a week. My motivation for doing this is to feel good about myself, like what I see when I look in the mirror and be able to wear all the awesome clothes I have that I can't fit into anymore. My non fitness/weight loss goals are to: 1. Save $800 a fortnight 2. Do a bit of study everyday for uni and finish my assignments early for once so I have time to review them properly! I have started and failed so many weight loss things that I need keep myself on track and accountable so I will post on here at least once a week with an honest update of progress. If anyone wants an accountability buddy I'm up for that! I'm currently in Japan but will be home tomorrow so I will post starting stats etc. on Thursday. Let's do this!
  10. Hey, Well done on your progress so far! I'm not from Germany but we also have Aldi here in Australia and they seem to have quite a few paleo things. Ours always have sweet potato (may also be called yams or kumara, not sure what they call it there?), eggs, tinned fish that have no extra ingredients (eg. sardines in olive oil, mackarel in olive oil, salmon in olive oil or water) which are good for snacks, they also have lots of meat and some fruit and vegetables (fresh, but can also be frozen), I also buy the jars of olives and they have good greek yogurt (if you do dairy). I haven't seen jerky there yet but most of the jerky in Australia has all sorts of extra ingredients anyway that you don't want to to eat, so I just tend to never buy it. The range at Aldi is limited, but there are always options! Some basic cooking ideas are eggs for breakfast (with bacon, mushrooms, spinach, avocado etc. whatever you want!), and then for dinner/lunch I would do something like a stir-fry (very easy and quick and adaptable to your budget!) - http://www.marksdailyapple.com/choose-your-own-stir-fry-adventure/#axzz23eutQvY0 or baked chicken and veggies - http://everydaypaleo.com/2012/03/12/budget-friendly-balsamic-mustard-chicken-and-oven-roasted-bacon-veggies-by-erika/ There's tons more recipes out there that should be pretty easy and quick and don't involve too many steps or ingredients, just google "easy paleo recipes" Hope that helps!
  11. Yum! Thanks for the recipes, ladies
  12. What he said! I am going to have to remember HALTT and apply it next time I'm rummaging through the cupboards!
  13. Great thread! You're super organised, I can learn from this!! How did you make the Thai chicken soup? Thanks
  14. Oooh my gosh, everything on that website looks divine!! Thanks for the link Concrete Cavewoman
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