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  1. Rebel Pilot Gar

    [Rebel Pilot Gar] Welcome to Ostagar

    Ugh work. The good news is I had a nice relaxing weekend to recharge. We went on a family hike before the temperature dropped like crazy, I got ahead of food shopping, batch cooking, cleaning out the kitchen sink. Completely treading water for everything right now. At least my head is still somewhat above the surface Thank you for the encouragement, friend. Really appreciate the boost.
  2. Rebel Pilot Gar

    [Rebel Pilot Gar] Welcome to Ostagar

    What day is it? lol I've been pulling 12+ hour days this week. I have a temp who has been helping me get crazy work stuff under control - they hit 40 hours this morning DX I did get a quick workout in the other morning - 15 mins on the exercise bike. Talking with my coach on what I can do to simplify workouts until work calms down a bit. The only day I got up on time was the workout day though. And cleaning isn't going quite so well. We're playing a game of kitchen sink jenga right now so that's on the list of things to tackle. Wakeup No Snooze: 1/4 days Workout: 1/3 days Cleaning: Poor
  3. Rebel Pilot Gar

    [Rebel Pilot Gar] Welcome to Ostagar

    Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone had a great holiday season. Mine was quite crazy with traveling to see extended family, on top of normal family. Good crazy, but still enough to make it tough to get back into my normal routine.... whatever normal is Trying something new this year... my idea is to have a few challenges with Dragon Age as the theme. We'll see how long that lasts with ranger-brain. This is inspired by the huge hype for DA4 teasers launching me into a replay of Dragon Age: Origins. My goals for the challenge are still in progress but will involve: 1) Food Tracking & Meal Planning Something involving more water and vegetables, less sweets and alcohol. Weekend prep work to guard against busy week laziness. 2) Weekly Workouts At least 3 bodyweight workouts per week (NF Coaching). Bonuses - yoga and cardio, weekend family adventures (braving the winter weather) 3) Cleaning Focus on the the kitchen cleanliness Also tracking! Been losing steam on filling out my bullet journal. I made a spread for December... then completely ignored it. BUT my awesome BF got me a really kick ass habit building planner for Christmas. There is so much stuff in it, the planner is actually a bit intimidating. Seriously look at the pics, there's daily routine stuff, daily pages, weekly review pages, etc. (so much stuff) Figure I'll give it a shot and see how it inspires my bullet journal. Official Challenge Goals Update: