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  1. Challenge Update: Work has gotten a little crazy so I am extra glad I made adjustment to my challenge goals. 1) Eat a fruit / vegetable with every meal Meal planning - Good so far other than takeout night Wednesday, but the selections were not terribly unhealthy (pasta with broccoli, spinach & grilled chicken) so giving myself a pass. Having bananas or oranges on hand have also helped me improve this goal despite skipping breakfast most mornings. (I carry the fruit with me until I start feeling hungry and it helps hold me over until actual meal at lunch) 2)
  2. Yes definitely planning to watch C3 from the start, though I"ll probably grab the youtube re-broadcast because of timezone shenanigans.
  3. Sounds like you are more far along than I am! I just hit "Path of Brass" for Campaign 1 (so episode 70-80 ish?). I'll get there eventually.... For BDS I'm now on Episode 12-ish. If it helps - I'd say other than some zombie hoard gruesomeness and NPCs being terrible people it's still not too bad. But everyone has different horror tolerances so... idk. But also any mention of "Lord Soth" brings back memories of how obsessed younger me was with the Dragonlance book series so my rose colored glasses might be in full power here. 🙃
  4. Great job on inktober so far! Sorry the wedding was more stress inducing than you had hoped for. I hope you had a somewhat ok time in between the stressors.
  5. Hi and welcome! Hope life has been a little calmer for you this past week Yessss BDS is short for “the black dice society”. It’s a Ravenloft campaign on the official D&D YouTube page (also a podcast, but I prefer watching on YouTube ) So far it’s been dark gothic fantasy but not too bad on the horror theme (and this is coming from someone who cannot watch horror movies without terrible nightmares ) continues to ramble: But yeah it’s a good show. I’ve definitely been enjoying it - and it fits the upcoming Halloween season
  6. Yay art!! Glad to hear you were able to get the info needed to feel more comfortable with the wedding safety conditions. Sending good vibes that the weather holds out for you! And that pushup gif!!!!!! So great.
  7. Friends! Critical Role campaign 3 is starting in October!! I will definitely not finish campaigns 1 or 2 in time, but plan to just jump in on watching C3. (And continue to slowly limp along with 1 and eventually 2) Challenge stuffs: This week has been going alright. I feel more in control with reframing the goals with focus on "meal planning". Still not eating breakfast before I leave for work, but now I've taken to carrying a banana with me for when I start feeling hungry. Shark week hit hard this month with some of the worst cramps in a while on Tuesday, so appe
  8. Thank you for the inspiration (aka reminder that bananas exist and are amazing )! Thanks! Honestly I think I got the phrase "pack walk" from my mum? Her current rescue pup needed some extra socialization so they started doing controlled walks with their trainer. I liked the name and it stuck lol. Hope week 3 goes well for you also! Awooooo! And thank you. We don't eat hot dogs very often but it seemed like a good opportunity while the weather is trying to decide between summer and autumn.
  9. ^ Agree with this Would it help to take pressure off if you decided to just have fun and draw something silly rather than try for something really good? Even just as a warmup? Thinking something like re-drawing a favorite screencap of an anime, maybe a gif or meme. Nothing serious or even needing to be shared, just a fun thing to get back into the art groove. Then maybe you'll feel more into doing a "real drawing". Or not, and you can try again another day. Kind of like putting on workout clothes even when you don't feel like working out, and then sometimes it gives yo
  10. Busy weekend, but in a good way! Here's the summary for week 2 / plan for week 3: 1) Eat a fruit / vegetable with every meal Even though this is worded pretty precisely, I'm getting the feeling this is still too vague of a goal for my brain to latch onto. It's looking like "meal planning" is more the way to go for progress. In that regard here's my plan for the beginning of the week. Sunday - already passed. But I skipped breakfast, had a sandwich for lunch (no fruits / veggies unless you count relish (chopped sweet pickles)), made chili for dinner with lots of pepper
  11. Fantastic job on Week 2! I love the bullet journal setup.
  12. Belated check in to say I’m following! Edna Mode has some legitimately great advice. Solid goals, glad you’re feeling better. Hope the weather cools down for you soon!
  13. Still reading through the bulk of the thread but love your goals! Especially love the FMA theme for personifying the sins. Super interested to see your crocheted creations when you finish them! Also very interested to hear how experimenting with the climbing set ups goes for you!
  14. Week 2 progress report 1) Eat a fruit / vegetable with every meal breakfast is still a gap - because I mostly skip this lunch is pretty good dinner is probably about 60% so could use some work 2) Pack lunch for work the night before 3 days/ week 2 days done. Depending on amount of leftovers will get the 3rd in. 3) Make 1 meal / week from frozen leftovers Have not made progress. Should take inventory (and purge the especially freezer burned items) this weekend to better support this goal. In other news I’ve discovered “T
  15. I started a new ME3 playthrough - this time with with Male Shepard. Legendary edition let me select some decisions for ME1 / ME2 in comic form (not sure if this was in the original game?) Very interested to see how this game progresses / what choices were made for me (because while there is so much depth to the story.... I dont trust myself to do another playthrough of ME1 and ME2 and do different things lol. Still romancing Kaidan though. One change at a time. Onto actual fitness / challenge stuffs.... IDK motivation has been really tough this challenge. So of course t
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