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  1. Oh its been ages since Ive been in a corn maze. Hope you enjoyed it!
  2. The toe beans! Aw <3<3<3 You're kinda giving me puppy fever now even though I know my boy is happiest to be an only child lol
  3. Sounds like despite the changes, you have a great and productive mindset on how to move forward. You have found a few methods that have not worked and are focusing your energy on the right things (movements, focus groups, etc). Absolutely no need to feel guilty for not checking in here! ((We all need a break occasionally and less screentime isn't a bad thing)) Wish you the best as you navigate a slightly different path for now and see you again sometime further down the road. ❤️
  4. Hi all - probably a bit too long of a break before posting. But! I have been checking in with my coach every day. I'm killing it on my nutrition goal, still working on that workout consistency. But it's not like I haven't been moving outside of "structured workouts" -- We've doing family hikes the past two Saturdays and generally adding more time for playtime/movement during the week. I've also been doing well with consistently tracking water. So honestly the only goal I'm slipping on is checking in here. Hope you all are okay and anyone who lives or has family members who live down in Florida, Puerto Rico, etc are safe. ❤️
  5. Echoing the others, no need to apologize. You’re working on progress towards goals that require a lot of your energy. Sometimes you need to prioritize yourself and your goals first - nothing wrong with that! We’re here to cheer you on regardless!
  6. Thank you! Yeah, definitely feel a little too reliant on my watch sometimes. Like planning my running schedule around watch battery level… We like to joke that the exercise doesn’t count if I forgot to press the “track” button. Or worse, leave the watch charging at home…. if the dog could talk he’d probably say humans are ridiculous and to just enjoy the walk lol
  7. Dog pictures are the best kind of update! Glad to hear she’s settling in well. Oh man I remember the first night we created our pup when we brought him home and he cried most of the night. Will keep the soft music in mind for future dogs lol.
  8. What Salinger said, you are amazing! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!
  9. Here's the playlist link on youtube! Though I guess that takes you right to the first video? To be honest, it does take a couple episodes to get into the characters but I love it -- I am playing in a Curse of Strahd / Ravenloft D&D campaign though and love the setting. I'm generally a big wimp when it comes to horror stuff but mostly this has been gothic horror that I personally don't mind so much. (Also also, Mark Meer who voices Male Shepard in Mass Effect is one of the players, so that's a lot of fun.) If Ravenloft stuff isn't really your thing, B Dave Walters does a TON of other misc stuff on the D&D youtube channel. Can't speak to how it is though, because I barely keep up with this and Critical Role as it is lol. I'm sorry to hear about your friend & dad. Thinking of you.
  10. Yay weekend! So been a bit of a crazy week at work. Not "bad" crazy but just busy. Hope everyone's doing well. I consistently checked in with my coach and did most of the workouts / meal planning stuff. Also tracked water every day through my garmin app. ((In other news I've converted my partner to garmin since he was looking to get his first smart watch for general health tracking. This has resulted in resuming evening walks that we've been slacking on through the summer (yay!) and we even went out and did a short hike today with the dog (double yay!)))
  11. Picking up new puppy is great motivation to get those bugs fixed and earn that time off. Good luck!! So excited for you and the new pups.
  12. Great job smashing week zero! And as always I love seeing your art
  13. Thank you! I'm finding it quite effective so far to put my money where my motivation should be lol. It's definitely tough to describe how effective even simple goals can be. I feel like the simpler goals help me get farther than any complicated plans to improve, by a long shot.
  14. Challenge has started! Happy Monday all. I definitely had one of those weekends where I didn't want to do anything. It was rainy and quiet, so just kind of played games. Work this week is already chaos so honestly I'm glad I had a chill weekend. ✅ Checked in with forums (this post!) ✅ Checked in with coach (and did the things) ✅ Water tracking in progress (sitting at about 1.5 liters, looking to get another 0.5-1.0 Liter before the end of the night)
  15. I absolutely did not know this, that is amazing and sharks are awesome too lol. My cycle matches up with full moons pretty regularly lol (there’s one tomorrow) so Werewolf seemed to fit way too well. Also werewolves are awesome.
  16. Sorry to hear about the job rejection. Hopefully the yoga helped center you a bit ❤️
  17. Hi friends! It’s still week zero so I’m still getting back in the habit of tracking stuff. Will track and post for real once the full challenge begins again. Mostly because it’s also werewolf week so even if I’m doing good things, I’m a bit grumpy about it lol. Hope you all are doing well. Will do my best to poke into other threads and be social through the weekend.
  18. Haven’t quite gotten into Vampire, but B. Dave Walters DMs a D&D Ravenloft based campaign I watch (Black Dice Society) and has Jason Carl as occasional guest Strahd so I tried a couple episodes of LAbN (before getting distracted by something else probably) . Definitely need to get more into it, Alex Ward is awesome from the couple eps I saw. but most importantly all of your art is amazing so any story stuff that inspires you to do good art things is fantastic in my opinion sleep well and I hope the allergies pass soon!
  19. Super congrats on 100 days dry! What an accomplishment! Super proud of you ❤️
  20. Following! You’ve got some great goals. Alcohol is definitely a boss battle for me also. Here to cheer you on for all the great progress so far! Also sounds like you’re doing great things with the doggy training. 3 years is around the age where my GSD was actually a pleasure to walk slightly more often than not (omg he was such a bratty teenager). Enjoy your walkies and training experiences!!
  21. Thanks both! I really only started ~3 weeks ago but it’s been helpful so far to have accountability.
  22. Super super late post. We're all good now, thanks for checking friends Took quite a bit to recover and feel back to normal (even after being vax'd). Definitely felt like a "one step forward, two steps back" type of thing with random bouts of tiredness even a couple weeks after. More than the physical symptoms I think it just threw me off the game mentally. But I am back for this upcoming challenge (+ will work to keep it that way) Definitely appreciate you both checking in <3
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