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  1. Welcome back! 15 year plan sounds like an intense but also valuable exercise. Your life goals all sound great, wishing you the best with this challenge.
  2. Thanks! You as well!! Lol will do. I will take that suggestion to remember to post pictures of the pup! He is very insistent on making sure that I get sufficient post run cool down walks. Will do and We got this! I might pick your brain also on food tracking advice if I start getting too stuck in the details.
  3. Following, love your challenge! As someone who loves music but lacks the dedication to practice music I’m very impressed by the multiple instruments you are learning. Hope the lessons go well! Also thinking of tracking food (as in actually measuring stuff out rather than just writing down names of things I eat) so may try to absorb some of your knowledge on that front 😅
  4. Thank you! I used his plans during my previous (and first) half marathon a couple of years ago and it was a good fit for me. I signed up a bit ago for another half marathon in November so have quite a bit of time to ease back into running and rebuild my baseline. Since the last time I used Hal Higdon's plans he added a few "base training" programs. So I'm doing week 1 of his Novice Base Training on repeat while I build the habit. End of May I'll start working through the program until transitioning to start actually training in mid-August. At least that's the plan right now. I already know I'll need to move around the days to better fit my work schedule. It's normally 9am-5pm ish, but every two weeks I have a late day (7pm) and an early day (5am) which adds some extra chaos to work around. Yes... food waste. Sometimes we're really good at using everything up. And other times it's just very disheartening to see what managed to hide at the back of our refrigerator. Good luck in your own environmental/budget friendly journey against food waste! Funny that you mention it, I was just looking up different apps and methods to track food and meal plans. I'll definitely check out your suggestion! I'm happy to eat the same meal multiple days in a row, but my BF prefers more variety in his diet. Planning multiple meals with similar ingredients sounds like a great compromise to try out Hey I'm impressed by your walks and hikes! Just getting outside and moving is a good thing, regardless of the speed. 🐾 Thanks for stopping by!
  5. You're doing amazing! So many great goals - I love the "5 minutes at home workout" plan with the target being to find activities that you enjoy adding to your routine. Enjoy your day!
  6. ... to follow their training schedule. In other news, I've been on a Star Wars kick for the past... month or two? And probably spending a bit too much time in front of my computer playing Star Wars: The Old Republic (Star Wars MMO). Work is crazy busy, so just going to keep it simple this round. Just the two goals, but they're big ones. 1) Build Running / Exercise Routine Training plan selected: Hal Higdon Novice 1 (12 week program) The race is ~30 weeks away so I have time to build a baseline habit & fitness. Step 1 - build the habit by working up to the below weekly run schedule over next two months: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Rest 1.5 mi run 30 min run 1.5 mi run Rest 30 min walk 30 min run Backup Plan of options to swap in for busy days: 30 mins yoga 30 mins bike ride NF Bodyweight Workout Walking , Hiking 1.1) Warm up + 30 min dog walk every morning On super early work days, this can be swapped with afternoon walk and/or yoga. 2) Track Food / Meal Plan Need to further define this. But want to work on minimizing food waste, eating more produce, and generally paying more attention to whether I am eating well or not.
  7. Sounds like your goals are in good shape and you have a great mindset towards the details out of your control. Your garden is lovely! Looks like a great spot to sit and enjoy the sun with a book or a friend
  8. Feel better! Definitely okay to dial the difficulty down and tread water when not feeling well / life is crazy busy. Fingers crossed you get the keys soon!!
  9. End of Week Update plus workout plan for next week: The runs on Friday and today felt a lot better than Wednesday's run. I'm glad I kept today's run at the same 10 sets of 1:30 min run/ 1:30 min walk despite Wednesday feeling rough. It was warmer, though still windy, and I had a newer sports bra on (the old sports bra might be a bit too tight. Especially when paired with the HR monitor) Or it could've just been an off day because those happen. Feeling better about the end of week runs and enjoying seeing the trees and flowers blooming. Next week is going to be a lot busier. For one, I am working all five days and it's also time again to see the 2nd and 3rd shift teams at work. Back up plan in case of busy schedule is to move around the shorter runs. Or swap in a walk (or multiple walks) of the same distance. Since I am also fully back to work and not taking vacation days, it's back to no Alcohol M-Th. Weekday Date Plan Actual Time Actual Distance (mi) Comments Monday 4/18 Rest 0 0 Rest Tuesday 4/19 1.5 mi run 0:46:06 1.66 dog walk Wednesday 4/20 3 mi run 0:34:05 2.26 1:30/1:30 run/walk Thursday 4/21 1.5 mi run 0 0 25 mins yoga Friday 4/22 Rest 0:24:26 1.68 run/walk hr z3 Saturday 4/23 30 min walk 0:36:11 1.17 Family dog walk Sunday 4/24 3 mi run 0:39:10 2.65 1:30/1:30 run/walk Monday 4/25 Rest ((Yoga??)) Tuesday 4/26 1.5 mi run ((Late work day - may change this to a long dog walk or lunchtime walk)) Wednesday 4/27 3 mi run Thursday 4/28 1.5 mi run ((EARLY work day. Move to Friday if super wiped when I get home)) Friday 4/29 Rest Saturday 4/30 30 min walk Sunday 5/1 3 mi run
  10. Changed up the tracker a bit because the way the tables pasted was bothering me. Alcohol not really following this week - I put in some time off and generally just spending time spring cleaning and visiting family. Maybe something to rethink about how I want to structure this for future challenges. Now that the weather is getting nicer it is really nice to sit in the backyard and have a beer with my BF after work. Run yesterday felt tough. It was chilly and windy out and I ended up getting a stitch in my side. But what matters is I went out and put effort in, even if the walk breaks for a few sections in the middle were extended. It'll get better as I keep to the plan. Also got to say hi to a really cute puppy during my cool down so that was worth it. Though my dog wasn't very happy with me when I came home smelling like a stranger.
  11. Update. Work has been a bit stressful with timeline of one of the projects I’m responsible for. Of the goals, workout schedule has probably been my main priority. Though I swapped my run in for a dog walk just to multitask and apologize to the doggy overlord for working later than I originally planned. He seems to have appreciated the extra attention and chance to bark at squirrels.
  12. Can definitely relate to not wanting to connect NF stuff on work computer. I usually even disconnect my phone from the work wifi before checking in there. Mini hiatus isn’t all that bad (though maybe I’m biased from coming off a short break myself). It’s not a bad thing to reset and say “X isn’t working”. Reevaluating your goals and approach to get there can be a good thing. Stars, even treading water for a bit when life is crazy can be good if that is what is needed in the moment. maybe not very motivational in the here and now but here to cheer you on in your path forward, whatever that may look like right now.
  13. Way to go following meal plan and avoiding snacks! Hope you can work in some balance between work and your runs despite the craziness of your schedule this week
  14. Nice weather really does help a lot. Especially when it’s a new / respawn habit. Thank you, it was very good. My department connected with another who we’ve been having some friction with to brainstorm better communication and collaboration. Was productive and helpful, though I caved on my alcohol goal a bit because of work bonding happy hour. Planning to stick to water for the rest of the night now that I home. Thank you! Glad to have you here. Hope your running goals are going well also!!
  15. Thank you! I seem to have forgotten that NF challenges are on a Sunday-Saturday calendar when making my workout plan. So the spreadsheet is Monday start, everything else is Sunday start. Late night scheduled for work today (Tuesday) so I got my run done yesterday instead. Weather was nice but running conditioning needs work. Still not terrible for first run of the year. I’m also adjusting my “Wednesday 3 miles” plan to a 30 min run/walk for now as I get the habit going.
  16. Hahaha thank you. It also helps that my boss was nudging me to actually start running instead of just talking about it. That and I really love spreadsheets. I'm using the same plan from last time I trained for a half marathon (same race but in 2019). It really helps to see how far out the race is and that I have a good buffer to 1) build habit 2) build baseline and then 3) actually get serious about training.
  17. Half Marathon Training Plan: To determine: Warm up & cool down Back up plan for chaotic days Extra strength/mobility????? Tracker goes here: Week of 4/10: Alcohol: 🍺🟩🟥🟥🟥🍺🍺 Self Care: 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩🟥 Week of 4/17: Alcohol: 🍺🟥🟥🟥🟥🍺🍺 Self Care: 🟥🟩🟥🟩🟩🟥🟩 Week of 4/24: Alcohol: 🍺🟩⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ Self Care: 🟥🟩⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜ Weekday Date Plan Actual Time Actual Distance (mi) Comments Mon 4/11 Rest 0:28:26 1.84 run/walk hr z3 Tues 4/12 1.5 mi run 0 0 Rest Wed 4/13 3 mi run 0:39:22 2.5 1:2 min run/walk Thurs 4/14 1.5 mi run 0 0 Rest Fri 4/15 Rest 0:26:43 1.86 run/walk hr z3 Sat 4/16 30 min walk Dog walk not tracked Sun 4/17 3 mi run 0:33:51 2.48 1:30/1:30 run/walk Mon 4/18 Rest 0 0 Rest Tues 4/19 1.5 mi run 0:46:06 1.66 dog walk Wed 4/20 3 mi run 0:34:05 2.26 1:30/1:30 run/walk Thurs 4/21 1.5 mi run Yoga 25 mins Fri 4/22 Rest 0:24:26 1.68 run/walk hr z3 Sat 4/23 30 min walk Sun 4/24 3 mi run Mon 4/25 Rest Tues 4/26 1.5 mi run Wed 4/27 3 mi run Thurs 4/28 1.5 mi run Fri 4/29 Rest Sat 4/30 30 min walk Sun 5/1 3 mi run
  18. Belated following! Sorry to hear life is rough and wish you the best. Not that I have advice and things, but I’m also here if you want/need to vent over pm or discord. Or talk about how awesome Star Wars is… whatever helps.
  19. I’m super delayed on new challenge stuff too. Congratulations on house stuff! And also on knowing your limits and setting realistic goals based on the chaotic life stuff, even if it feels like scaling it back a lot.
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