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  1. Sorry for the delay! New challenge is posted ~
  2. Hello late challenge start. Hope everyone is doing well. Work schedule has been really busy, lots of crazy hours. But in a good way (part of me enjoys the chaos). Unfortunately that means all the good things I was doing have started to fizzle out in the past week or two. The weather being alternatively warm or freezing and damp have not been helping either. The next month looks like work chaos will continue. So I am going to focus on basic habits and building up a running routine for a Half-Marathon I signed up for in November. 1) No alcohol Monday-Thursday Dry January went really well, February continued well then I started to slip up as March progressed This is more for accountability to continue to do good things. 2) Running Routine Training plan selected: Hal Higdon Novice 1 (12 week program) The race is ~30 weeks away so I have time to build a baseline habit & fitness. Step 1 - build the habit by working up to the below weekly run schedule over next two months: Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Rest 1.5 mi run 3 mi run 1.5 mi run Rest 30 min walk 3 mi run 3) Basic Self Care Things I am already doing, but find that they start to slip as I get stressed. Mostly monitoring as a gage to stress levels Shower & wash face daily Brush teeth 2x daily Floss teeth 1x daily Officially going to start tracking this on 10 April.
  3. Quick update, goals are still plugging along though life continues to be crazy over here in the x-wing hangar. Exercise goal is going well, the other two are taking more of an effort but I am still working on them. Planning to keep the alcohol goal at least around through next challenge and continue working on that. Exercise I’ll probably dial up the difficulty level a bit. Third goal I am planning to change up but haven’t decided the details yet. Hope everyone else is doing well. Not going to make any promises to check in, since I didn’t follow through last time. But at the very least I’m not disappearing even if my check ins are infrequent
  4. Hey all. Apologies for being a bit quiet lately. Work has been really busy and just wiping out my social interaction reserves. Last week - did really well with getting all my exercise goals in. Mostly because I knew the week would be extra extra busy so I got most of the workouts done right at the start. Alcohol however did not go as well. Really going to put the focus on keeping on track for the Alcohol goal this week, and so far that mind set is working out. Dinner times were thrown off by my all-over the place work schedule. So far doing okay this week thanks to the wonders of leftovers. (But I have to cook today and havent started yet so we'll see how today goes). I expect I'll continue to be quiet since this week is shaping up to be pretty busy too. But once I can recharge my introvert batteries I promise to pop back in to everyone's threads and at least say hi if nothing else
  5. Following! Great goals! Unfortunately no practiced advice from my end on the screen time, but good luck finding a balance! Just brainstorming/throwing ideas out there but… Is there another activity like shared games, reading / story time, music/singing dance party, walks etc to swap in? Something that’s also fun and engaging but not the zombie-trance of television. Or if there’s a favorite show, maybe re-enact it with toys and stories? My parental units never really monitored/controlled screen time that I know of. Except that we went camping every summer (no screens/games) and there are definitely embarrassing home videos somewhere of my sibling and I running around the campsite singing the Pokémon/Team Rocket theme song and pretending to catch Pokémon 😂
  6. Catching up to your thread. Great goals with very clear targets. Love how you incorporated D&D. Hunter is a perfect specialization.
  7. Thread catch up attempt ~ Hope you can find the needed balance of variables to help improve your energy levels, how you feel, etc, etc. it sounds like you’re taking a very data driven approach which is always very helpful to pinpoint where to make adjustments. But we also unfortunately (fortunately?) are not robots, so be kind to yourself. And even robots need to recharge their batteries sometimes.
  8. Welcome! Sorry that you joined in on one of my busy weeks where I’m quiet on the forums 😅 It is such a fun game. I like that you can easily set your own pace to explore. Though the “gotta catch ’em all” mentality feels weird to me in this. Enough that when I boot up the game BF and I joke about going to harass the local wildlife for a bit 😉 Thank you! I’ll take a look at the link in a bit, definitely seems useful if we end up continuing the gluten-light existence. I have a stationary bike that we got a couple years ago that i managed to find a way to connect to the app. Luckily my dog isn’t allowed in the basement so I don’t have to worry about him being near the trainer. Longest trainer ride I’ve done ever is probably about 1.5 hours, movies are great to keep from getting too mindlessly bored. Luckily I t worked out pretty well. Though I did a ton of walking / standing today that I’m not used to any more. Need to add some lower back and core strength/mobility to my routine. Plus some extra love and stretches to my calves after spending ~8 hours wandering around in steel toe shoes. At least unlike previous bosses, my current boss is awesome about making sure we go home at a reasonable time. Definitely pulled 12-16 hour days in past positions more often than I liked.
  9. Busy work week, but I expected that going in. Doing pretty well with goals. Dinner on time tonight is going to be really important today. Need to be in work before 6am tomorrow (so 4:30 ish wake up time). So other than dinner I’ll be keeping expectations light for today/tomorrow/Friday
  10. I didn't do it yesterday, but I did yoga today! Thanks for the extra push Thank you, was nice. Mostly relaxing but with some much needed deep cleaning mixed in.
  11. Yes - I did hear that, though I haven't read through Weel of Time either. Definitely don't blame him for not wanting that reputation. To be completely honest, it goes a bit downhill after the third one. No to say I don't love the series -- I absolutely do and it's among my Tamora Pierce / Dragonlance / Harry Potter "will re-read this series multiple times until the books fall apart" pile. So I'm invested. But if the first book didn't quite hit for you the following books probably won't either. Same!! I've read the first Mistborn trilogy, but haven't quite gotten into the second trilogy. Stormlight Archive is so good but also very very long and there's so much going on I want to give it my full attention. Hope everything else in the challenge is going well! I love seeing what emojis you choose for your garden goals.
  12. Sending good thoughts / vibes through the interwebs. Hope you get some rest -- also hope you can get some answers soon for Mr. H.
  13. Agreed I read all of the books. Honestly not worth it unless the author decides to actually finish the series. Show was enjoyable but also disappointing in the end. Almost enough to kill any earlier enthusiasm for the series. Not that the books were bad. I remember pulling an all nighter to finish at least one of the books. But I'd also recommend multiple other series before this one (anything by Brandon Sanderson & Green Rider series by Kristen Britain in particular). I think the author just ended up with too many open stories and no easy way to neatly wrap them up.
  14. The guild emojis are fun
  15. Busy week but did pretty well on all my goals. Dinner was a bit late Wednesday and Thursday but only by 30 mins or so. I think doing a bit better with meal planning will help adjust that in the right direction. We have a 3 day weekend, which is sorely needed. Planning to spend time catching up on cleaning, I’d also like to watch the last 6 episodes of Legend of Vox Machina. Also feeling a bit stiff from sitting at a computer all week, doing some yoga focused on back and shoulders would be a good idea. Hope everyone is doing good!
  16. Congrats on the blog and great job with the yoga! Love when this happens! Avocados are tough to time just right.
  17. Hope the house stuff works out and that you hear back soon. Waiting and not being able to do anything further is quite stressful. Great job on the goals so far!!
  18. Working on your goals and treading water, even if your not actively posting and visiting forum friends is just as valid and sometimes very much needed to combat the wraiths. Hope you can find moments of happiness even if the week overall is extra busy
  19. Mid week update. Aiming for cycling workout tonight after I get home from work. And then just to work out dinner plans for the rest of the week.
  20. Hahaha thanks, I gave myself a break the final week of last challenge so figured I would hit the ground running cycling from the start this round. Thanks for stopping by! Work is busy this week. There’s a project I’m behind on and I’ve been having trouble staying focused which doesn’t help. Just breaking it up into manageable time chunks to focus and catch-up the best I can. I had good timing on the change to goal #3 I think. It’s been tough but achievable to get dinner done before 9 but so far we’ve been okay. I did cave and have a beer (but just the one!) last night. Planning to get my bike workout in tonight after work. And as long as I stick to the “no two in a row” rule tonight I’m not too worried about yesterdays beer. Thank you! I’m loving the expanded emoji collection for goal trackers 🥰 Thank you, it’s definitely feeling harder this challenge to break the habits. Last month the “dry Jan” motivation helped me push through but rerouting my evening habits is a bit tougher. But I will get there.
  21. Yes! So far it looks like I get XP based on calculated distance travelled. That unlocks different outfits. It also looks like you get in game currency for bikes which also have options that unlock as you level up. It’s pretty cool so far. I’m generally not a big fan of monthly subscription costs but if it’s getting me more active in the winter that is worth it lol
  22. Thank you! Haha on a good day I’m maybe getting out of work at 5. But eating by 7:30-8 pm would be a vast improvement on current state. It’s definitely a carryover from when me or my BF (or sometimes both) worked the late shift and didn’t get home until after 10pm. But it’s been 5+ years since either of us have regularly worked that schedule so time to bring our eating up to current times. No monsters in this one. It’s really more of a virtual /social platform. My exercise bike can broadcast the power and cadence (pedaling speed) I put out over Bluetooth. So I connect that to my tablet and make the little in game avatar go forward. I’ve never formally trained for cycling so the beginner workout programme is pretty cool too for learning the technical training stuff, Though today’s workout was sprints. I was not looking forward to it, and would happily count those sprint sessions as monsters to be slain. Which I did, cursing the entire time. Thank you! Yes sometimes I am really good with going to bed on time… others I get sucked into my screen time and give the excuse of being a “night owl”. Which doesn’t change the fact that I need to be in work on time…. Hahaha yes, the non alcoholic beers don’t really save money in the end if I still drink them at the volume I was drinking other alcohol. But if I started at 3 alcoholic beers a day on average, and switch to 1 or 2 non alcoholic beers on weekdays and work my way down to just water/tea it does save money eventually. (When I get there….) Cheers!
  23. Week 0 is done. 2 bike workouts and a nice dog walk. Saturday was beautiful and unseasonably warm. I feel like I should have gone hiking or maybe a run outside but I think I needed the “easy” Saturday after this past week. Alcohol 3/4 days done. Happy with this so far and just planning to keep at it. Sleep goal I need to take a look at. I think the time of 10:30 is not the right target for where I am today. This week will experiment with “eating dinner before 9pm” as the goal. See where that takes me.
  24. Great job on the writing! Changing up your writing goal for this week sounds like a good plan - and even better to test the changes and see how they feel. I was wondering about doing the same for one of my goals. I think you just helped me make that decision Hope you have a wonderful day.
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