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  1. I absolutely did not know this, that is amazing and sharks are awesome too lol. My cycle matches up with full moons pretty regularly lol (there’s one tomorrow) so Werewolf seemed to fit way too well. Also werewolves are awesome.
  2. Sorry to hear about the job rejection. Hopefully the yoga helped center you a bit ❤️
  3. Hi friends! It’s still week zero so I’m still getting back in the habit of tracking stuff. Will track and post for real once the full challenge begins again. Mostly because it’s also werewolf week so even if I’m doing good things, I’m a bit grumpy about it lol. Hope you all are doing well. Will do my best to poke into other threads and be social through the weekend.
  4. Haven’t quite gotten into Vampire, but B. Dave Walters DMs a D&D Ravenloft based campaign I watch (Black Dice Society) and has Jason Carl as occasional guest Strahd so I tried a couple episodes of LAbN (before getting distracted by something else probably) . Definitely need to get more into it, Alex Ward is awesome from the couple eps I saw. but most importantly all of your art is amazing so any story stuff that inspires you to do good art things is fantastic in my opinion sleep well and I hope the allergies pass soon!
  5. Super congrats on 100 days dry! What an accomplishment! Super proud of you ❤️
  6. Following! You’ve got some great goals. Alcohol is definitely a boss battle for me also. Here to cheer you on for all the great progress so far! Also sounds like you’re doing great things with the doggy training. 3 years is around the age where my GSD was actually a pleasure to walk slightly more often than not (omg he was such a bratty teenager). Enjoy your walkies and training experiences!!
  7. Thanks both! I really only started ~3 weeks ago but it’s been helpful so far to have accountability.
  8. Super super late post. We're all good now, thanks for checking friends Took quite a bit to recover and feel back to normal (even after being vax'd). Definitely felt like a "one step forward, two steps back" type of thing with random bouts of tiredness even a couple weeks after. More than the physical symptoms I think it just threw me off the game mentally. But I am back for this upcoming challenge (+ will work to keep it that way) Definitely appreciate you both checking in <3
  9. Hey all! I have been having trouble with consistency and posting / checking in lately. But, no longer! Seriously, just going to keep my goals for this upcoming challenge really basic. Also after getting frustrated with my lack of motivation to remain consistent with workouts and stuff, I did end up signing up for NF Coaching. So most of my actual progress will be logged separately there. But I also want to stay engaged with this community too. So gonna try out the following: Goals: 1) Forum update at least 3x weekly 2) Hydrate (track water consumption daily) 3) Daily check-in with Coach Bonus: Say hi to friends (aka check in and support other threads) Hope you all are doing alright! Can't believe we're already in September. But I love autumn and am very much looking forward to it not being stupid hot outside so not going to complain too much.
  10. Hey all - thanks for checking in. Sorry for radio silence last 2 weeks. After a month or two of close calls with Covid exposure, we finally succumbed and caught it (my partner brought it home from a work trip). So challenge stuff has taken a bit of a back-burner. But good news is that we are both finally feeling better and starting to get energy back. Outside of the legitimate sickness, I have been feeling a bit bummed / discouraged in getting back into the habit of doing good things. We have a holiday weekend in America (4th of July) so I hope that I'll start feeling more energetic once that passes and I return to the normal routine. Hope everyone else is doing alright. Thanks for your support despite my silence on the forums ❤️
  11. Love the adventure pics! RAGBRAI sounds like an epic experience also.
  12. Tracking log is up. I went for a run yesterday because it was a really nice day out. So not planning on another run today. Instead, going to do some yoga (possibly outside? Idk our neighbors are weird sometimes) and clean up a bit around the house. It's Father's day here in the US, so Happy Father's day to all the dads.
  13. Yeah it’s referenced in a lot of their stuff, not sure if any of the NF videos or articles exclusively dig into it but I’ve found this link pretty helpful in the past: https://www.precisionnutrition.com/pause-button-mentality-infographic thanks for stopping by
  14. Happy Friday all! Okay zero week zeroed. I want to set up my tracker plan this weekend but otherwise relax. Was a busy week at work and my BF was away on a business trip. Weather is supposed to be nice though so hopefully will be able to drag the BF and dog out for an adventure to the park. Still going strong on eating a lot of salads. The army of lettuce in our garden looks barely affected despite my best efforts (including shoving lettuce at sharing with neighbors and coworkers)
  15. I’m in New Jersey, USA so we do get mild freezing temps and snow, but nothing too crazy for too long. I think the worst it got this winter was 15F/-10C…. Our strawberries are in planters but survived our version of winter just fine (other than the squirrel thing). So maybe?
  16. Hahaha glad to introduce you. I also did not know Kindle Insights was a thing. Sounds like it gives you some pretty good data. Also I am now going to look into that gargoyle book you are reading, because the title and series name sound quite interesting
  17. oh no! I hate when that happens As one who also has this issue (cannot remember the last time I could squat while keeping my heels grounded unless I propped them up or was facing down a slight hill) -- Really appreciate the resource you shared and will also be giving it a shot Berries are hard. We tried to plant a few strawberry plants last year.... The few plants that survived the war versus the squirrels over the winter have had a handful of flowers but no fruit so far (also the squirrels continue to sabotage any attempt). At least our lettuce and tomatoes are doing alright so far.... Also... following!
  18. Great job! I've been dual-tagging for a little while (Rangers will always feel like home to me). Definitely recommend if you want to keep in touch with your "home" class while also branching out into another interest.
  19. Love the nail polish color. Nice and bright and cheerful - almost like a really clear blue sky.
  20. I love your trackers! The colors are so cheerful Following!
  21. Thank you! I didn’t start watching the show until after Season 3 came out. Hope you enjoy! I definitely struggle with the “all or nothing” perfectionism. But seeing a lot of the NF articles talking about the dial mindset. Figured I’ll give it a shot - every little step forward is good right, no matter how small? thanks for checking in
  22. Hello! Love your challenge goals and wish you lots of fun adventures with Lara this challenge. Cheering for you!
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