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  1. Hi, I'm Garjan. I've been following the blog for a few months now, but the new 6 week challenge inspired me to actually join the forums and get my life-levelling set in writing. I'm a 3rd year university student and stay relatively active - but have always had trouble with my weight, self-image, etc. I figure this will help me get my act together and buckle down a real routine to start improving myself and my lifestyle. I'm super excited to be a new member of the rebellion. Everything I've read - from blog posts to rules of the rebellion and all the forum posts have inspired me to really work at improving the way I live. And comparisons to geeky things like video games, books and d&d help too. Here are a few things about me: Geek, gamer, girl. I like lifting heavy metal objects - sadly I'm going back home so body weight workouts for me until classes roll around in the fall. Cardio bores me to tears - I hate cardio machines and am not a fan of running due to generally poor endurance (but I do like biking and swimming for fun). Glad to have found others who also do things other than chronic cardio. I like swords - the fencing variety. It's the sport that's kept me engaged the longest and I'd like to remain fit/healthy enough to continue for decades to come.
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