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  1. OK, soooooo . . . Sorry I have not been very active here. I think I hit my usual mid-challenge slump at the beginning of the challenge. That's the downside. The upside is, I feel like I am going to hit the last 2 weeks with my normal early-challenge vigor. A few things went very right so far, the last 2 weeks. - My having meal prepped for the bulk of the month has been great. Not having to worry about what is for dinner any given night has been a huge burden off of me. It also makes weekly grocery shipping so much easier. If I forget a few things in the odds and e
  2. Thanks! breaking it down to try and correct it is one of the only things that is keeping me from just getting discouraged by the failure. I am forcing myself to look at it as a learning opportunity. Right now, my reward system is $1 earned for whatever loot for every task completed. I need to revisit that a bit though, as I earned $10 on Monday, and that seems like an excessive daily amount earned and yet still didn't do any of the "big" items like work out or hit my calorie goal. I just filled my to do list with little, easy things. Things I need to do and make habits of, etc, but
  3. So, while my daily to-do lists have about a million things on them, I think I want top have a few each day that I particularly focus on. Today's main goals: hit caloric deficit exercise of some variety over lunch break, even if just walking finish readying house before Priest comes for house blessing
  4. Hey there! Sword thing was great - I will Definitely going back this week. Prep over-all went ok - not 100% but I hit the major points. I have about 15 meals in the freezer now, not counting my breakfasts and lunches, or pureed vegetables for the Red Panda. I seem to be going into this challenge a little more cautiously, but I am hoping the slower start will mean I can build up momentum, rather then burn out! I am all for agreeing to keep each other accountable.
  5. I have thought about doing one of the monetized workout/health apps. I will have to look at HealthyWage. What made you pick that one in particular?
  6. You aren't alone on that! I had the exact same problem and have had to do the exact same thing. Do you find having to change your goals as demoralizing as I do? It's never enough to incentivise me to keep up the first week energy, but I always get a little annoyed when I have to re-plan and or change the goals I spent so much time planning.
  7. So! Last challenge was an AWFUL failure. But, one must learn from failures. Failure: Somewhere between week 2 and 3 I start slacking on meal prepping, which escalates into not following meal plan/eating on the fly, which escalates into eating everything I don't want to be eating. Cause: General laziness and scheduling hiccups interrupting my prep days over the weekends, and not wanting to lose the time I could be with my family to a mountain of meats and veggies Solution for this upcoming challenge: Do one GIANT-SLICE-DICE-PREP-AND-FREEZE-ALL-THE-THINGS prep day
  8. I can very much empathize with this! I always start strong and then somewhere around the end of week 2 I just, stop doing all the things I should be doing. Your goals sound great, and I love your idea of weekly statistics/going for a percentage rather then an all-or-nothing measure of success. Might have to incorporate that idea into this challenge for myself. Good luck!
  9. Oh my is this challenge crushing me this month. Birthday and snow days really de-railed me. Also, finding time for the things de-railed me. Also, meetings during the work day de-railed me. Basically my challenges are a giant train wreck. But, in fairness, I let them become that way. I just need to stop whining and and buck up. I think I just need to take the rest of this challenge a day at a time, and spend some time figuring out what keeps going wrong so I can change my tactics for the next challenge. So, day at a time goals for today: 1. I WILL Get gr
  10. Also, can we talk for a second . . . I totally used a 20soc a few weeks back to email a group about a thing that I desperately want to do, and no one has emailed me back, making me sad, ingraining all the social anxiety I had to over come in the first place to email, and keeping me from doing things . . . .grrrr.
  11. So, yesterday as a bit of a wash. I somehow lost track of the time and never got my first hour of steps and that just set a certain mood for the rest of the day. I stuck to the meal plan, and all little snacks that got added were logged. I was, no lie 2056cal in and 2057cal out. Soooo, no deficit, but at least there won't be a surplus either. No regrets though - those homemade peanutbutter rice crispy treats with melted chocolate that my brother in law made were sooooo worth it. And I manage to not eat an absurd amount of the tray, so, little victories. On target for today though.
  12. I've only got the one kid and one job, so sometimes I feel like I should have much more time to get things done, since it's not multiple with activities and all, but then I remember she is still in that new-squidgey-relies on me for literally everything phase and I feel a little better I might have to check Darebee out. I have been avoiding adding to many apps/organizers/tracking items to my system, cause I often feel like I spend more time fussing with them then actually doing things, but I need to figure out some alternatives and that sounds like that might work. I lov
  13. Never made the cupcakes. Again I say, who knew that laziness could be a tool in the "get healthy" arsenal. I will just have to be sure to continue to use my lazy powers for good instead of evil.
  14. Yikes! Who put me in charge, lol! Still deciding, and avoiding the office kitchen, while doing so, since there is tell of cookies in there. . . Damn the gluttony of cubical farming. I think i will allow it one way or another - I already have 2 days worth of bonus points, so won't put me behind if I take the hit to the day. Or I can just be flexible with myself and say swapping no nighttime carbs for no day time carbs is fair. This is all predicated, of course, on my not being a lazy arse and actually making something. Who knew that could actually help! At any rate, pos
  15. uuhg. Week Zero was a non-starter, except for the fact that not focusing on trying to do all the things helped get me the time I needed to set up me up well prepped for Week 1. - For fitness - I am on track, 4 of 4 hours for steps so far, and also well on the road to getting all green circles for the bonus - yah bonus! - For nutrition - No starchy carby joy for breakfast or lunch, and no opportunity to get any before dinner. (no car or change for the machine for the win). I also have today's dinner and all of tomorrows meals pre-logged, so yah even more bonus!
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