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  1. Hi so my friend is a vegetarian and I've recently been able to get him to come workout with me and he wants to eat heathier. I'm not sure how to help him with his food but I'd like some tips! We're college students so meal prep is essential too! Any recipes would also be greatly appreciated
  2. Okay first holy oh my god how have I not heard of Alex Viada before?????? Second, thank you for posting! I've read the article and it's very intresting and a good read. and basically if you want to do two very different things, in the article it talks about lifting and running, try to find something that's similar about them and get better at that so it can help both of the things? (Oh and also start slow before going fast!) I think it did a bad job of explaining it but the article is linked so you can read it for yourself!
  3. Ha when I go over across the water to Seattle I'm always at a sticker shock! Everything is so expensive in cities!
  4. I've been lifting for about maybe a year now? I started in my junior year of high school for P.E credits and it's just stuck. So what your saying is to stick with lifting and drop everything else? If anything I'm gonna try out some more calisthenics because it'll fit my schedule better and I love the idea of being able to do everything with my body but I'll still be lifting cause you never know what'll walk into the ER and I want to be prepared for everything!
  5. I'm not sure where to post this but assassins are pretty savvy at getting around places and rock climbing is pretty beast and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with it? I wanna try it out and incorporate it into my week, something fun and to destress to
  6. There's a lot of pull up bars out there, any idea on which one I should get? I want it to be multi personal, meaning I'll be able to do the different variations of pull ups with it. I'm in an apartment so I need somethin that won't damage the walls or the doorframe ect.
  7. Hey guys! firstly, thank you so much for all of the welcoming and kind messages! You've all given me great advice and some I've taken in and some I've disregarded, but more on that in a minute, it's not a bad thing, I promise. that being said my schedule had changed. For school, work and workouts as well. When I first wrote this I was only going to be going school twice a week in the afternoons, but I've made a smart decision in regards to my education. I've decided to take a quarter off of the prerequisites and take a quarter to become a certified nursing assistant. As
  8. So last challenge I went in as an assassin but recently I've started getting into kickboxing so I was wondering if I can do this next 4 week challenge as a monk? Or at least as a recruit? My YMCA has a kickboxing class once a week on Fridays and I've been going to it for a while now, I'll put the rest of my workout and diet below and you guys can tell me where I'm better suited but I'm going to be primarily focusing on kickboxing! My workout regime: every morning: a mile run/walk with my dog every afternoon I'm doing bag work lifting x3 a
  9. Any tips for a six minute mile? I'm really close but I'm just not able to shave off that last few minutes (I'm at ~8 minutes rn) thanks!
  10. I bike everywhere, work a few days a week (in the mornings mind you so the latest I get off would be 1:30 on some days others it's at 11:30 or even 11) and go to school only two days a week (still going full 15 credits) , (master scheduler aren't I? Haha) so I've made sure I'm carving out a schedule where I can balance work, school and fitness
  11. Lol I can see why I mean it's roy mustang
  12. Uhhh let me look I'll look for u and I'll see what I can do also is that a FMA reference?
  13. Hi so I found the workout that Michael B. Jordan used to get in shape for Creed, I was wondering how good it is? I've when been looking for a workout I can do when I'm not in my kickboxing class. Creed's workout But there's also Joseph Valtellini's workout Found here I'd like your input on both and which one I should use, thanks! p.s there's also this one I just found Here
  14. Hello! so I've been going to a kickboxing class once a week for awhile now but I want to train more, like x2 or even x3, but the class is only offered once a week and there aren't a lot of places that offer kickboxing classes, it's a small town. so any advice? I also lift weights x3 times a week and bike everywhere but I really want to get deeper into kickboxing!
  15. I'm not sure where to post this but I got a fitness pal and my name is HanaLove98 and u should add me cause I'm really bad at keeping track and so we could hold each other accountable! Thanks!
  16. This is the best story ive heard on here oh my god
  17. I'm not sure if this thread is still active but I'm a cyclist too! My school is about 2 miles away and work is 4 miles away and I don't drive so I get in a lot of road time lol anyway besides the introduction, I wanted to ask, I have a simple rack on the back wheel of my bike that I strap my backpack down to with bungee cords but I was wondering if any of you had or have experience with those baskets that you take into the store with you as a hand basket? Or even just baskets in general? I'm finding it hard to attach anything else besides my backpack to the back of my bike and wan
  18. So my kickboxing class is on fridays and I figured I could lift on Mondays and Wednesdays and Friday before/after class. My lifting schedule is pretty simple and clean: Monday: squats, overhead presses, and pull ups Wednesday: deadlifts, bench presses, body rows Friday: lunges, dips, chin ups Since Friday is one of the lighter days and my kickboxing class are on the same day it's one of my more active days. As for what I do when I'm not in the gym, I'm biking everywhere, I'm a college kid so I use my bike to get to class and work. (School is two miles away a
  19. Hmm well I get a little pocket money from babysitting some kids in my neighborhood but that's not consistent but again I don't spend any money if I don't have to so that 20 bucks is still in my wallet from when it went in a month ago and besides that I don't draw out any cash, I keep whatever I get from work into my debt card through direct deposit. As for entertainment I'm sure this will pick up once school starts but also I'm pretty easy going on doing things that don't cost a lot of money, like watching a movie I already have or watching something on Amazon Prime (which I also get from my b
  20. Okay so I agree but more importantly just how exactly did you drive up the price of Nigiri in a whole town? How did you what did you please explain I need to know!
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