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  1. (badelynge: collective noun for a group of ducks on the ground) I wandered off and has no good excuses. I let most things slide: the diet, the strength training, the mindfulness. The one thing I kept up with was running. And yesterday, October 7th, I ran a 5k. Granted, it took 39:25 but I did it! All of a sudden, I'm motivated again. Time to re-spawn. I'm not sure if I delete past entries or not. I'm not very proud of my half-assedness the first time around. But I'm feeling good and ready to fly, so here we go (again).
  2. And we are done!! First 4-week challenge, completed. Let's see how I did. 1. Main Goal: Lose $1,000.00 in Quarters (lose 50 lbs). Challenge: Stick to 1,200-1,500 calories a day. I will log everything I eat on My Fitness Pal, I will stick to it for 4 weeks without a cheat day. How I did: Well, all-in-all I lost 8.6 lbs in four weeks. I should put a little asterisk after that number - I lost 7.4 lbs last Thursday night alone after a bout of Norovirus; but I've gained 4 of those pounds back since then (a good thing). I'm not sure if I'm done gain
  3. Today is officially the last day of the challenge! I was going strong and then had some...challenges. On Thursday night I came down with what I think was norovirus...would not recommend!! I will not get into details but I lost 7.4 lbs over the course of 18 hours. :-/ Luckily, I did my c25k w4d2 run before I got sick. I SHOULD do my third week 4 run today, but I'm still feeling pretty exhausted. I went to Target to get some stuff and wound up having to sit down for a bit, tired. I hate to come all the way to the last day of the challenge and not finish the last ru
  4. It's just a few days until the end of the challenge. I will go until Monday, because the proper week begins with Monday and ends with a weekEND. I'm just popping in to celebrate a success - yesterday I worked from 8-5:30 and ran home for 15 minutes to get dinner; then I went to a meeting from 6-9:30. My husband took the dog out for a walk so she was fine...but in the interest of not breaking the streak, I took her out for a late night walk, just the two of us. I'd forgotten how pleasant night walks in the summer can be. The heat of the day was dissipating and there was a bit o
  5. End of week 3! There were a few days in which the dog-walk was less than 30 minutes (due to weather), but we have indeed gone on a walk every day. Luce now knows that this is A Thing That Happens Daily and has started pestering me for the walk just after dinner ends. Smart girl! I have completed Week 3 of c25k. I'm feeling very good about it - even running in the July heat. I find myself just taking the hills as they come and not trying to avoid them. I did run one day indoors due to bad weather. I stuck to 1,200-1,500 calories 5 of the last 7 days. O
  6. So far so good! Coming up on the end of week 2. Luce (my dog) has gotten at least a 30 minute walk every day. I have completed week 2 of the c25k and am looking forward to week 3! I found the podcast I liked and put it on my resurrected iPod. Sticking within 1,200-1,500 calories has been more difficult than I thought it would be. I'd say that out of the last 12 days, I've been successful 6 of them. Of the 6 not-under-1,500 days, I don't think I've gone over 1,800 more than once...and the one time I know I went over I didn't go TOO wild. The thing I find most d
  7. The weekend was a challenge - the dog got walked both days, but I'm sure that I went over my calorie allotment at the two potlucks on Saturday. I did come in under my limit on Sunday. And I did w1d3 of the c25k. So: WEEK ONE RECAP 1,200-1,500 calories: 5 of 7 days Dog got a walk: 7 of 7 days c25k running: 3 of 3 days Mudras: 0 of 25 done And now it's Monday - I went over in calories (damn you, donut at work) but I got the dog walk in before the storms arrived. Tomorrow: 1,200-1,500 calories, dog gets a walk, c25k w2d1. Find the run
  8. I missed yesterday! Yesterday: I came in at 1,491 calories, went for c25k w1d2 and did fine, and took Lucy for a nice walk. 300 of those calories were supposedly from 1.5 glasses of white wine. Today: I enjoyed dinner and came in at 1,846...346 calories over, but over the course of the week I'm still under 1,500 on average. Lucy got a walk. TOMORROW: It will be hot and sticky tomorrow, so I think that I will do c25k w1d3 on Sunday. We are going to not one, but TWO potluck picnics tomorrow so I'm going to have an odd diet. I'm going to stick to fruit
  9. Day 3: took Luce for a 30 minute walk with Joe, returned some of (his) late library books. I took peanuts to work as well as some raisins...1/4 cup of raisins is 130 calories! Not worth it. Today I came in just under my goal limit at 1,495. I probably went a bit over because my breakfast fiber cereal was close to being out, so I just poured the rest of it into the bowl (probably 1.5 servings). In the future: raisins are not worth it. I wasn't even craving anything sweet. TOMORROW: 1,200-1,500 calories; 30 minute walk with the dog, c25k w1d2.
  10. How do I respond to comments inline? I'm 5'7" - I eat back my exercise calories on MFP so I aim for 1200-1500 with that in mind. Day Two: took Luce for a 30 minute walk at 11am, and did w1d1 c25k right afterward. It got really hot and muggy this afternoon so I'm glad I got it in there before the mugginess came in! I found the podcast I like (Carli) and was glad to have my good old ipod classic back in service. I wound up with 1,276 calories today. I made chili for dinner - even though it was hot out - and it was super good. I'm so glad that Joe likes chili every month of
  11. Day One: took the dog for a 30 minute walk (with husband Joe); came in a 1,225 calories. At several points during the day I thought that I would gnaw my own arm off...luckily there were some peanuts in the break room. Note to self: peanuts are a good snack. We have some in the house so I'm set on that front! I got out the scales today too...I weighed 199.2 and the chicken I ate for dinner was 4 oz and the sweet potato fries were 2 oz :-) I also drank so much water and tea today...lots and lots of it. TOMORROW: 1,200-1,500 calories; 30 minute walk with the dog, da
  12. One last thing: I count four weeks as starting on MONDAY, not Sunday. So it'll all begin tomorrow (7/10), not today. My whole life is set up Monday-Sunday. It would be a huge PITA to switch it for this one thing.
  13. It's the day before the challenge begins. Just a few notes - Challenges #1-3: I have spoken to my husband and gotten his support. I will speak to Shannon today or tomorrow to let her know about the c25k challenge Challenge #2: I will run on my usual date pattern of Tuesdays, Thursdays, and one of the weekend days.
  14. This is my first 4-week challenge. Here we go! 1. Main Goal: Lose $1,000.00 in Quarters (lose 50 lbs). I need to lose one of these. Challenge: Stick to 1,200-1,500 calories a day. I will log everything I eat on My Fitness Pal, I will stick to it for 4 weeks without a cheat day. 2. Main Goal: Keep up with Shannon (BFF who is running circles around me) Seriously, look how much fun we had after the last race. Can we do it again? Challenge: Restart the c25k. Stick with it for 4 weeks (well, 9 weeks really
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