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  1. I feel you on this 100%. All my life, I've been put on diets, ignored by the opposite sex, and hated every minute of it. But I have recently come to find out that being heavy is my comfort zone. And even though I don't like it, losing weight cares the bejeesus out of me because I'm not going to know what to do. At least in my current state, I know what to expect. I'm not sure if I'll ever get over the idea of not being this size. I just know that also under the threat of diabetes drugs and insulin (which I am super opposed to taking and don't currently need) I am going
  2. Bumping this as a newb. Mount Prospect area. But I'm down with all the NW suburbs.
  3. Hello, fellow nerds. This is the first forum I have been on in almost ten years, so please bear with me. It's been a while. I'm here to get my booty and the rest of me in shape and get healthier because I have been diagnosed with health stuff (nothing new) that requires me to actually get physically fit if I'm going to stay off drugs (always the goal) as well as improve some already there chronic pain problems. After lurking quietly for a few hours, I think I'm going to be best suited to the Druids because, well, when you know what kind of tribe you'll fit i
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