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  1. I wish I could say this was new information.
  2. Tell them that I'm eating the food I bought. They might take the opportunity to punish me and go through my stuff for having strange ideas.
  3. My parents will throw a fit. They're very controlling.
  4. I just find it unlikely that they would let me eat their meat, as it is expensive.
  5. I currently volunteer at an animal shelter. My diet would involve a lot of meat. and I don't think I could get that if I volunteered at a food bank.
  6. Thank you! Is there a way to make that picture bigger? I tried dragging it but it's still tiny. Edit: Nevermind, I found the original picture.
  7. I don't drink pop, and we rarely have cookies. I wish that worked. Thanks anyway.
  8. Once I feel like I'm off track, I tend to not track my calories. Tracking is rather inaccurate for me anyway, as I don't have a food scale. If I measure, I get laughed at.
  9. It feels hopeless...my parents constantly shut me down.
  10. Thanks for the info. My parents buy few eggs, but I think they're a great staple.They freak out about cholesterol. Thanks again. If my parents weren't so controlling...they'll purposely not buy healthy food that I like. It's hard not to let my feelings overtake me, sorry.
  11. I chose a keto diet because it has worked well in the past. I realized on this diet that carbs wreck my mood. I was able to feel full for hours on this diet. I like drinking chocolate milk. It and regular milk are my bane. I have. However, my family berates me if they see me measuring anything. When I first tried dieting I restricted calories. But I was calculating incorrectly. I thought I would be having one cup of cereal, but it was actually closer to 3 cups. I'll check out the workout. I don't think I could walk every day, unless I go to the gym. I've dieted multiple ti
  12. Hey. I've been trying to lose weight for a few years now. I am a student. I've been rather sedentary since I was 10. That caught up to me, and now I have 30 pounds to lose. I am going to do a ketogenic diet. I have lost weight on it before, without exercise. My main struggles are with my parents. They buy almost exclusively bread products, and won't let me follow a ketogenic diet. Until I can move out, I will have to make do with what I've got. I love video games, books, and animation.
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