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  1. Six days in... five pounds down and staying away from the break room like my life depends on it. Still working on making exercise a daily thing, and also need to build a solid meal plan. Anyone have any sites/apps they like for meal planning?
  2. I'm kind of easing myself in... lol. Down five pounds already, so I feel like it's just that much more motivation. I'm cool with starting this coming Monday (7/17), if you want to put a date on it!
  3. This is awesome... I wish I could be a six hour sleeper! I need eight or nine if I want to not feel like crap by about three or four in the afternoon, so I'm thinking that I may have to squeeze my workouts in on the way home at night. Days off, I'm shooting to be a morning girl.
  4. ...of many, I'm sure. So I've kind of let myself go over the past few years. Like, really let myself go. 50 lbs, no real goals other than to keep my head above water and get kid #1 through HS without a major meltdown, and to just generally cheer on the hubs and kid #2. But then I got to thinking... I'm getting super tired of sitting on the couch and vicariously living through Tony Bourdain. Time to get moving. For the sake of accountability, I'm biting the bullet and asking you guys for help with accountability. Goals for this challenge: 1
  5. I'm doing as close to a real whole30 as I can... If I don't plan completely, I'm usually screwed at least a couple days a week bc I work long shifts and good clean food isn't readily accessible where I work. I loved it the first time I did it, but I got tired of cooking by about week three. I'm truthfully just looking for a group to gripe with when the going gets rough, so my husband doesn't have to take 100% of my no-sugar mood swinging. lol
  6. Anyone currently doing a W30? I did one in January with great results (seriously... I felt like I completely different person). Looking to do another, but would like to get a group going if anyone else is interested.
  7. Hello, friends! My name is Nicole... looking to reclaim what has gone missing over the last four years (mainly, my strength, agility, energy and focus). Maybe also my size ten jeans. I'm not really sure what else to say - I've become somewhat reclusive outside of work and family events, and I'd like to venture back into the land of the living. Happily married, two fabulous teenagers, and in my mid-30's. Just wanna get my groove back! See y'all around!
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