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  1. Let's just say I'm going to fail my running goal and my soft drink goal this week, hoping to fit the running next week, and have a review on the soft drink for the remaining weeks. I'be been working on a pair of wings for a Weeping Angel costume.
  2. Sorry I have been meaning to update but forgot to. My bad. So I know I went over my soft drink by two last week. I didn't log for two days and I didn't go a run (got busy crafting on my days off) I also had a soft drink today.
  3. In the past I have tried and for a while it worked, but after a couple of weeks I always seem to go back But they will only get you so far Thanks, yea it's been good, yesterday I went for a run, and used it, and I felt like I ran more than what I would have if I just winged itLogged food Saturday and Sunday, sadly had two drinks of soft drink on Saturday and like I said went for a run on Sunday. I also weighed myself this morning as I'm trying to lose weight and it turns out I stayed the same weight, and I was a little disappointed as I thought I did really well food wise this week, but than I checked myfitnesspal and I didn't do as well as what I thought.
  4. I logged food today and yesterday, and had a soft drink both days - a coworker took me out for lunch yesterday for my birthday
  5. I logged all my food yesterday and I didn't have any soft drink, today was my birthday so I didn't log my food and I had a soft drink, but I did go for a run today, I did w1w1 of the 5k Zombies, Run! program, I had two unplanned sprints running after my sisters dog while on the run as well
  6. What kind of things are you looking to volunteer at?
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