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  1. Let's just say I'm going to fail my running goal and my soft drink goal this week, hoping to fit the running next week, and have a review on the soft drink for the remaining weeks. I'be been working on a pair of wings for a Weeping Angel costume.
  2. Sorry I have been meaning to update but forgot to. My bad. So I know I went over my soft drink by two last week. I didn't log for two days and I didn't go a run (got busy crafting on my days off) I also had a soft drink today.
  3. In the past I have tried and for a while it worked, but after a couple of weeks I always seem to go back But they will only get you so far Thanks, yea it's been good, yesterday I went for a run, and used it, and I felt like I ran more than what I would have if I just winged itLogged food Saturday and Sunday, sadly had two drinks of soft drink on Saturday and like I said went for a run on Sunday. I also weighed myself this morning as I'm trying to lose weight and it turns out I stayed the same weight, and I was a little disappointed as I thought I did really well food wise this week, but than I checked myfitnesspal and I didn't do as well as what I thought.
  4. I logged food today and yesterday, and had a soft drink both days - a coworker took me out for lunch yesterday for my birthday
  5. I logged all my food yesterday and I didn't have any soft drink, today was my birthday so I didn't log my food and I had a soft drink, but I did go for a run today, I did w1w1 of the 5k Zombies, Run! program, I had two unplanned sprints running after my sisters dog while on the run as well
  6. What kind of things are you looking to volunteer at?
  7. Yea I've made it to Mordor, no to get home again! Food logged, and one soft drink drunk
  8. Challenge recap 1: I managed to log 30/42 days 2: I started off strong but lost interest towards the end 3: every week I met my target of 70,000 steps 4: I managed to read over the 10,000 page mark in January
  9. Main quest Walk to Mordor and back (I'm on the back half now) 1. Log 35/42 days on MFP This is 5 more days than what I had to do last challenge, I did log 30, but I think 35 would totally be do able if I put my mind to it 2. Go for two runs a week I miss this I just need to put my mind back to it 3. Cut back on the soft drink My drink of choice is Pepsi max, and because of the caffeine in it its making it hard to go to sleep at a decent time, making me tried the next day, making more likely I have another one. The plan is (please note the numbers are the max amount I can have) W1: 4 W2: 3 W3: 3 W4: 2 W5: 2 W6: 1 4. Finish 10 of the manga I got back in July and still have read yet
  10. Thanks, I brought the dresses, although a few girls in the fashion do make their own dresses and stuff,
  11. Thanks, if it makes you feel any better the shoes are heels Thanks,I once went to a shop which you had to walk up some steps to, and the steps had the words life is too short to wear normal clothes
  12. Week 4 Goal 1: 6/7 Goal 2: can't remember Goal 3: 72,127/70000 steps Week 5 Goal 1: 4/7 days logged Goal 2: only went for one walk Goal 3 79,597/70000 steps
  13. Your Zombies, Run! Town is looking good
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