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  1. I have been trying to opt for outside activities. Thinking of new fun things such as hiking in the woods fishing climbing and beachcombing. Feeling fatter than ever but choosing to ignore that voice. I've been trying to eat healthy. I had a great breakfast option of veggie omelet while on vacation. But need to focus on packing healthy snacks and eating at home more. But....I am meeting my goals of exercise, eating veggies everyday. Still need to work on the pray/meditate time. We get ourselves so busy in this world. Must slow down. We went jetty fishing and lots of hikes acro
  2. I realized working so many hours also was a challenge, remember that Friday Saturday and Sunday exercise, those days count as three days a week! We often forget those. And exercise can be fun things so plan some fun outings on the weekend. That is what I am trying to do for now since during the week is a long long days. I know I need to exercise more than that and spread it out but that is my focus. During the week try to take a five-minute lunch walk or something start small and make it successful. We have to quit beating ourselves up. Focus on positive HOW instead of why not
  3. I made exercising fun! My hubby and I went for a hike. Found a place in our "backyard". A short 1.5 mile hike in to a plaque where 4 counties come together to a point (similar to the southern states that all come together). So we did a 3 mile hike! Had a blast doing it! And connected enjoying each other's company. Now to look for more spots to hike. Im an adventurer. Kept is short and simple so for now I feel successful! Trick my mind to enjoy success. I also chose veggies instead of fries for dinner! Slow and steady!!
  4. WOW!! I had never heard of 531 until I saw your post and your spreadsheets!! I work with spreadsheets for a livings. Maybe I'll incorporate them to my workout life. As long as it doesn't feel like work LOL. Anyways so awesome to see your actual better than your projected. Great job.
  5. You have very measurable goals! That's awesome. I was able to quit soda by switching to unsweetened black and green tea. Easy to grab at the convenient store or make my own and it still gave me the caffeine I was needing. Just my offering of what worked for me. Good luck! If that doesn't work make yourself drink a glass of water before you let yourself have a soda. You'll be surprised how much it cuts the cravings. Cant wait to hear your progress!
  6. My 4 week challenge goals are going to be pretty basic as I want to SUCCEED for my respawn and make life changes!! Diet eat a vegetable with at least one meal daily Fitness some form of exercise every day Level Up Your Life Meditate/pray daily
  7. I'm writing so I don't psych myself out of it. I joined Nerd Fitness academy a year ago and did great a couple months then fell off the wagon. I stumbled upon the 4 week challenge and thought I need this!!! I gave up soda and all liquid calories except a morning coffee and also gave up smoking my first time around. However my job is sedentary and I have just gained weight. I am not at my highest, but I hate my body. I'm happily married, 45 yr, and my daughter is getting married next June. My husband and I are ready for new adventures and to redo life for activity and nutrition.
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