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  1. Unfortunately I cannot adjust my desk. I do my best with my chair and I often get up and walk around. I have started a 30 day back and core workout from darebee. I’m learning about muscles I didn’t know I had could be sore. It’s not super intense and a good short bit of streatching and such in the morning. im also trying to think of ways to adjust my sleeping position so all my work isn’t undone. I have not been too successful finding something useful and comfortable. But I’m a side sleeper and I already know that’s a problem.
  2. I don’t really have a work out routine. I’m trying to build one. Last month I completed a 30 day yoga challenge. And fell off the workout wagon this month a bit. I’ve been doing some stretches in the morning for my legs. Simple lunges, one legged stretches, leg raises, short planks for core activation. I work at a desk and try to keep good posture there as well, my seat is all properly adjusted (i think), I even have a a foot restcuz I’m a shortie. The worst thing I can’t seem to get good posture with at all is my hour drive to and from work.
  3. In doing some research based on my problem areas and knowing I don’t have the best posture, I’ve started to think I have anterior pelvic tilt. Pretty much means my core is weak and my muscles tight,and I collapse in my lower back sticking my butt out. When I realize I’m doing it I try to correct it but it’s not often enough. It’s leading to lower back pain hip and knee pain. im trying to correct it and looking for advice on streatches and exercise.
  4. Pick me! Pick me! i need some accountability. Fitness Goal: stretches! I am so stiff from hours at a desk. I’ve never been able to touch my toes but now I feel stiff tying my shoes! i need some ideas though. I enjoy yoga. I find the worst part about trying to get fit is muscle aches after. Advice on that? nutrition goal: drink 48 oz of water a day. Probably not nearly enough, but baby steps right? lifestyle goad: read more. I used to read all the time... what happened?
  5. Well it’s the new year... Time to try this fitness thing again... again... I am terrible at forming a habit. I want to, it just never sticks. I’ve been telling myself it will work this time because I have time in the morning with my new job. However, I have a lot of changes in my life right now,. I moved to a different state and in with my sister. My fiancé was temporarily left behind until he can follow. I have a new job with a longer commute. I don’t know if this is the best or worst time to try again and make a habit. I still haven’t successfully drank 48oz of water in a day
  6. So in the new update year I will suddenly have an extra hour in my morning before work. I’m stoked because that might actually help me keep my New Years resolution of working out... at all. now the question is, what do I eat post work out that will get me throughout the day after I used so much energy. I can’t have pop tarts on the way out the door anymore. i didn’t have a very good blender so smoothies are kind of dead.
  7. I don't mind using GPS, it when the app doesn't even want to run if data isn't on that I don't like.
  8. Are there any running apps that will work with data off? I hate using all my data on my runs.
  9. K8E80

    What to eat?

    I'm a patite person, I've always just eaten whatever I wanted, but I know that's not actually good for my innerds. I have been paying attention to what I eat for some time, making sure I eat veggies and all, But now I have a job that requires literally 8 hours of rigorous hiking. I find I'm sore, and randomly hungry or exhausted. On top of my job I do yoga (well I'm trying to) every night. I don't know what to eat anymore. I mostly eat chicken and salmon, A good amount of eggs, and veggies with everything. I need ideas. I especially need ideas for backpack lunches that are not a bologna
  10. Ian, you got this! Keep at it and you will end up inspiring others.
  11. Haha whoops. Had to have a typo. What a noob.
  12. Hello experienced folks! I'm new, obviously, and just want to say Hi. I've decided to actually start my journey after having commitment issues to many goals I set for myself. On the bright side I make it a little bit closer to finish my month long goals each time, but thats just an excuse to make myself feel better. I've chosen to try again because I'm at a stepping off point in my life. I started reading "Level Up your Life" a few months ago, and then the unexpected happened and I finally landed a job in my field. "That's wonderful!" You might say, and it is, however, i
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