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  1. This week has been pretty good goals wise. Hydration and stretching goals have been met every day, and I’ve done the Beginner bodyweight workout twice now, though I am still struggling to get through a full circuit without quite a few breaks. But all in all after a week and a half I’d say I’m in a much better place today than I was before I started.
  2. Thanks for the support y’all!! Today is off to a good start, finished a bottle of water before I left my house for work and followed along to Yoga with Adriene “Yoga for neck, shoulders, upper back” since those are the areas with the most pain and stiffness throughout the day.
  3. So Saturday was an abject failure, I didn’t even take one sip one water and laid in bed most of the day, but that’s fine we’re not dwelling on it. Today was good, drank two bottles of water while I was working and even though I didn’t stretch this morning, I did follow along with ‘Yoga with Adriene’ on her ‘Office break yoga’ my lunch break in the back of my delivery van.
  4. Took all day to finish the second bottle of water, mostly because I kept forgetting about. And made it through one circuit of the Beginner Bodyweight Workout. But this was more work than I’ve done in a very long time I’m counting today as a win
  5. I’ll have to check out Adrienne. oh they helped alright, helped test my balance 😂
  6. On the hunt for a good stretching routine this morning I followed along with “5 minute morning mobility routine!” From Tom Merrick on YouTube. Definitely felt the stretches. It was made slightly more difficult by both of my cats demanding attention and rubbing all over me while I was focused on on falling over. i also began drinking a bottle of water before I even stood up from bed. id definitely call this morning a success!
  7. Looks like some real solid goals! I'm also jumping into this challenge a little late. Good luck!
  8. I haven't been active on here since 2017 and I think back then I only completed maybe 2 challenges. Since then I have let laziness and a near fatal fall over a year ago keep me from adequately taking care of myself, however, today I say NO MORE! It's time to get back to being serious about my health, even if the main motivator is that I recently started a job as a delivery driver for Amazon and end ever day feeling worse and worse (especially my knees, lower back, and shoulders). So without further ado here are my current goals. BIG PICTURE: Increase mobility in order to not be in pain every day and overall feel healthier. HOW DO WE GET THERE?: Start every morning with a full body warm-up/stretching routine. Complete the Beginner Bodyweight Workout 3x per week. DRINK WATER!!!! At least two bottles per day I know I'm getting here a few days past the official start date, I hope that's not too much of an issue.
  9. Yes! Mittens the shield kitty! Turns out pumping out a few push-ups and elevated push-ups throughout the day was extremely effective. I goth through all of Day 1 on the hundred push-up program. though I've found that it puts incredible strain on my wrists which isn't good. So I'm going to start doing the 'ninja mobility' warm up from the 'Ninja Turtle Workout' and hopefully the wrist portion should help.
  10. It is very much like zombies run, however instead of collecting items to build up your base. You collect new outfits for your avatar.
  11. So far I've only done the first mission, fighting a bunch of goblins. Basically you walk or run at a comfortable pace while listening to the story unfold and at key points you have to speed up, usually to run away or attack enemies. I'll be sure to add those in thanks! Why yes I am. The DM in my name stands for Dungeon Master.
  12. I went to do day 1 of the hundred push-up program and found that I've gotten a lot weaker than I thought I had, barely got 5 in before my I couldn't do anymore. So my new goal for zero week is to do at least fifteen pushups a day, just bust out a 2-3 here and there throughout the day.
  13. I am definitely here for a doggy challenge!
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