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  1. Quick Update: Today I went on a run, and I thought about it before hand... which sparked the need to poo so I went, I was happy. Then I thought "I won't eat before hand and that should help". Off I went on my run, I got to the mile point (also where the bathroom is) and had to go, I was glad that I made it to the bathroom and got in there and sat down and went.. but I found out quickly that I hadn't been able to hold it quite. I had another accident. wah! Obviously my plan for today didn't work. I did have my phone with me today so I called my husband to have him come pick me up. Cleaned myself up and waited for him. Now I just want to stay positive and hopefully be able to accomplish my goal of "Being a runner!" I am going to keep trying to find ways/times/foods that help/hinder this whole process. Perhaps thoughts that I can think/say to help my body not think about the big number 2. Thanks so much for everyone's inputs here, I definitely feel a little more normal and not so embarrassed and ashamed. I also talked to my dad about it today too since he's run and thought maybe he might have some advice. I may have to keep my running close to home or always near a bathroom until I can figure this out. Anyways, I ran/walked a mile today! yay that's more than yesterday!
  2. Thanks Misty for the great comment! :) Hope the working out is going well!

  3. So... I need help, I want to be a runner but I have issues and I'm thinking it's probably just bad habits that are causing this issue. Not all the time but a lot of the time if I go out running or walking I end up having to go to the bathroom... not just peeing and sometimes it doesn't wait until I get home. It's so embarrassing and then I'm walking home and really feeling like I should crawl into a hole or something. Should I not eat a certain amount of time before going out? Is it what I am eating? Eh I just don't know. I've had this issue now for years and in previous years it's been so embarrassing that I've just stopped exercising or at least stopped leaving my house. I want to run, I want to run outside and if this continues to happen then I just don't know how I can run. Ugh even posting this is hard, as you can imagine. But maybe you guys can help. You're my only hope! Desperate in Wisconsin!
  4. Funny thing about this is that right after I got out of the shower my 3 year old friend and her 1 year old sister came over... definitely didn't get to veg after the whole run thing... playing was a much needed thing so now I am wiped! And we are finally eating dinner... wow it's been a pretty long day.
  5. Well definitely a little slower than everyone else... but I did it! 5k in 45:28. I don't think i've ever run/walked something like that before. At the last half mile I used driveways as my walk/run intervals. Eventually I made it back home. It's also a pretty hilly 5k so yay for me! I took a shower and I am still sweating and my face is crazy red... but hey I did it!
  6. Thanks! I actually have a problem with psoriasis when I eat gluten so I've pretty much have gotten gluten out of my diet but I do sometimes eat gluten free bread which I am probably going to cut out anyways since it isn't nearly as satisfying as bread bread. I will check out that book. I haven't yet decided how to do this whole thing with the paleo diet but I am trying to purchase less processed foods. I will see if I can find that book at my library and go from there. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for asking the question. Now that it's getting warmer out I've started wanting to shave more (not that I will) but a man's razor makes sense... we just bought a lot of them from Costco for my husband... I also am liking the idea of an Epilator... hmm. I shaved "down there" once or twice and have decided that's not for me. I try to trim around the edges some and just go with it. I think once I am skinnier that maybe I will try doing something sexier perhaps. I'll talk to my husband and see what he would like since he is the one seeing me mostly.
  8. I've always wanted kids myself since like I was 5 or something. When I was 28 we got pregnant with our first child, at 18 weeks we lost our first child and I was devastated. We decided to try again since we didn't know why we lost our first son, we didn't know if it would happen again or even think it would happen again. So 6 months later we were pregnant with our second child, and at 19 weeks we lost him due to incompetent cervix issues. Now I am almost 8 months past when we lost our second son, and I really have decided at least for the next 3-4 years that we aren't having kids at this time. Many people think I am crazy since I am 30 and it's only going to get tougher as I get older. Well they don't know anything because they haven't been in my shoes, they haven't lost two kids in the last year and a half. Really it's none of their business whether we have kids or not, sure they want to see little mini-me's of my husband and I running around, but too bad, they aren't getting that. So I understand where you are in your life, I am finally getting to the point where I might have to tell people "If you don't like it then just deal with it and if you can't deal with it then perhaps we need to not talk for awhile." It's just not worth the frustration.
  9. Thanks for asking Sundae. So far this week I ran one day. I plan on running today or tomorrow. It's been one of those horrible weeks with migraines and body aches and crap. I have to figure out a way to run despite how miserable I am feeling. Oh and the run on Tuesday was kind of a bust cause halfway through it started raining and then I had to go to the bathroom... ugh it just was a bust.
  10. I think you did awesome! You got out there and did the run. I just got on Mapmyrun after many years of not using it and I am so glad I did. I love it! And I just mapped out my 5k so I'll have to see either later this afternoon or tomorrow how well I run that. Well run/walk. Did you do it with the week 2 intervals? 90sec jog and 2 min walk?
  11. Thanks I definitely aspire to be a scout. I don't know where this newfound love of running has come but I want to be a runner. 4 things that I want: - To be a runner (running 5ks, marathons, etc) - To be healthier and in better shape (lifting weights and hopefully in turn "hot") - To finish school - To get a promotion We'll see how it works out with some of these things.
  12. Oh this one is scary... but then I just read Steve's article on taking risks and feel like this is a pretty safe risk. I've never run/jogged/walked 5k on purpose, let alone trying to do it in any amount of time. So it looks like that's 3.1 miles... so I could figure out how far that is from my house... at least figure out how far it is to 1.5 miles and run back. urg scary. But I've wanted to run a 5k ... i want to be a runner and that's what they do isn't it?
  13. You have the right attitude already! I feel the same way about my own fitness struggle. It's time to make the changes, just saying I am going to is not enough. Glad you (and I) found nerdfitness, it truly is a great place. I agree about the weight lifting too. We started with the stronglifts program and have gradually moved up in weight, and while you do it you can work on getting the correct positions for the different exercises. You would be surprised at how much you can lift. I know I was! (and I'm a girl!) You can do it!
  14. So the more I read around NerdFitness... and the scout thread... the more I am like not there yet with my scoutyness. I guess I mostly picked Scout because that's where I want to be in the future. I want to run a marathon, not this year but maybe next year or the year after. I want to be free outside and enjoy the air and wind and sunsets and sunrises... Maybe this is the right place for me... don't know. But that's ok. There are other challenges. I Ran my mile.
  15. Hmm I joined the scouts but really think I should have been more of an adventurer... but whatever.
  16. I'm in Milwaukee area too. Menomonee Falls to be exact. Did anyone ever get together?
  17. I think I probably will start with the second week too... I've done the first week a few times now. haha. And I ran my mile today! woot!
  18. I think I may have to take a look at your eat to live diet thing. I've never heard of it. Looks like you are doing pretty well. I didn't run as much this week as I wanted, actually most of it I didn't do well on. But that's ok. Tomorrow is a new day!
  19. Did my mile tonight, was having a really crappy day and decided I needed to get out and about. No where near how awesome some of you were doing... but I am happy. 13:31. Most of it was jogging with some walking when I could no longer breath. I probably need to practice some proper breathing while running techniques. But hopefully by the end of this 6 week challenge I can beat that mile run. Funny though, took the 13:31 to get a mile from my apartment then walked the rest of the way back... the clock said 37:25 when I got back. Good job Misty with getting out there. I posted on facebook that I ran a mile but it didn't really matter how long it took since I did it and stopped sitting on my couch for 40 minutes and was actively moving.
  20. You can do it. I need to really do my own stuff too. But that's what the goals are for... right?
  21. We've already been doing stronglifts program. I will have to update where I am with that. I do that with my husband and our good friend.
  22. I will do the run. I know someone else said they would be the slowest but pretty sure they won't. It's been awhile since I've actually timed my mile. But looking forward to it.
  23. This is my first challenge, and I am excited. So let's get started. Class: Scout (also keen on the Ranger) Race: Dwarf Age: 30 Weight: 234 Height: 5'6" Sex: Female Stats: (not sure that this is correct... but hey, we'll go with it!) STR - 2 DEX - 1 STA - 4 CON - 3 WIS - 2 CHA - 3 My fitness & nutrition goals: Lift weights 3 days a week Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday - Stronglifts **Instead of the lifting weights with stronglifts I am going to have to do something else since our friend with the weights is moving and unable to lift for 4 of the 6 weeks - Each week make one diet change that moves me closer to a paleo/Primal diet - Start and do the first 6 weeks of Couch to 5k on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday - Eat diligently my weight watchers points (28 due to my weight) Life goal: Apply to a new job in my current company and hope that I get it. As well as endeavor towards being a student again, have been accepted and will start classes this Summer. Introduction: Little bit about me to start out with. I am married, have been now for 7 years this May 23rd. We've been pregnant twice and have lost both babies at 18-19 weeks. For now we are taking a break in the whole having a family thing and focusing on our physical well-being. For me that involves getting down to at last 180 by next February and developing good eating habits. Hoping that being active within the nerd fitness community will help with getting my lazy bum up and out. 1st Weeks Challenge - Run a mile Time: 00:13:31 2nd Weeks Challenge - Run a 5k Time: 00:45:28
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