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  1. Kingmuzza’s Body-Mind-Soul Challenge Main Goal (Long Term): Get Fitter Main Goal (this challenge): Reverse the trend – stop getting unhealthier, and start getting fitter. Quest 1: You Are Your Own Gym Starting with Basic Program, Week 1 Just substituting Pull ups instead of Let Me In’s Rewards: 10 points – 4 days in a week 6 points – 3 days in a week 3 points – 2 days in a week 1 point – 1 day in a week Quest 2: Do a Random Exercise i.e. Go for a run, play a game of squash, go hiking Rewards: Aim for doing 2 or 3 things a week. Don’t over-exercise when I should be resting
  2. Hi, umm, is this where I sign up? I used to come here a long time ago, but I think maybe I should start from the beginning again. I don't have much time tonight, but I'll be back with a proper start shortly, I promise - I just thought I should introduce myself before the challenge goes to far ahead. Main Goal : Get fitter again. That's not really the main goal, the main goal is to consolidate my life. Life's too busy, but with things that I want to be doing. So SIMPLIFY. That's the main goal. (That's also the "Life Quest") 2 contradicting starting points: 1. DON'T TAKE ON ANY MORE PR
  3. Ahhhh, the buckler of swash returns. Welcome back Threepwood! On the going to gym with a plan idea, have you looked into Starting Strength? I think you should (which should be reason enough really!). Also, its what I'm doing, and I'm quite stoked that my numbers go up at a pretty regular pace so long as I actually lift weights regularly enough. Apparently there's a book, but all I done is look at this wiki: http://startingstrength.wikia.com/wiki/FAQ:Introduction If you have a plan you make progress and you can see your progress, which is way better than just going to the gym and seeing what yo
  4. Kingmuzza walked into the common room after his scouting patrol this morning. New recruit! Good. We're going to need all the help we can get. Welcome to the Rebellion little one. Great goals. I think you'll do well. Although your jogging method looks pretty sound, I'm sure you'll get success from it, I know a lot of people around here recommend the Couch 2 5k program, pretty sure its free to download, and seems to really help with motivation. Maybe have a look at that. Also, I'm one of the Paleo addicts here, so I recommend taking your diet to the next level. Go look at Whole9life.com. It's ch
  5. The camp was filled with the hustle and bustle of everyone preparing for the new challenge. KingMuzza had said hello to a few old fighting companions, but he wanted to get on with it. Everyone thought the war was over, but our hero had a nasty feeling it was only just beginning. He wandered out to the striding machines(elliptical) they were all standing ready. With all the comeraderie in the camp, no one was out on scouting patrols. KingMuzza climbed into one, took it out to the lookout points near the mountain pass, spent some time lying in cover, watching the road. It felt good to be out doi
  6. Hey Kenobi. I reside on a little spot on the map about as far from the USA as possible. Mauritius be a tiny island stuck out in the middle of the Indian Ocean. About 4 hours flight east from Africa, about 6 hours flight west from Australia, pretty much straight south of India. The. Middle. Of. Nowhere! But its a nice little island. Coconuts and banana trees and long white sandy beaches and a coral reef and eccentric Indian locals and stories of pirates and cyclones and such. I grew up in the wild lands of South Africa, but once I got kids it started to feel a bit dangerous, so we fled to this
  7. I approve. Especially I approve of the fun family fitness idea. I've got to put some thought into getting that going in my family. I'll be watching to see if I can steal some good ideas off you.
  8. Haha, Yeah Sloth-like - been on the no smoking mission for a few months now. Think I might have actually kicked the habit. (I find that really hard to believe, so I don't talk about it, but its been a while now since my last cigarette, and wierdly, I don't actually think about it all the time any more). Sometimes I think about it. OK, pretty often I think about it. But I appear to have pulled it off. So next is beer and coffee. Not that I actually have any intention of giving up beer permanently though! Which probably just makes it more important that I give it up for the next 6 weeks. Addicti
  9. Yeah for the Whole30!!! I've been eating paleo in a kind of relaxed way since the last 6 week challenge. But from Monday my first Whole30 starts. Super keen about it. We'll be in it together. Good luck. It's gonna be awesome!
  10. Muzza was early into the briefing room. Found a spot in the back corner with his hood pulled low over his eyes. This was going to be his third challenge, so he was starting to feel like one of the veterans here, but inside he’d been disappointed with his work in both of his first two. He was also optimistic, the first two challenges had laid a good enough foundation, but it was time to kick things up a gear, time to start really performing. Be a Ranger the Sergeant could be proud of. As he was sitting lost in his own little world the Drill Sergeant walked in: “Muzza. Good to have you back old
  11. Nice looking challenge. Good luck with it all. I like your challenge 3 especially. I'm busy writing my challenge and in diet it says "No Beer, No Coffee", both of which are going to be big hills for me to climb. But I also like the idea of not being emotionally tied to any food (or drink), so I think it'll make the world of difference in my life to be able to go hang out with my friends at the bar and not feel the need to get drunk with them. (says Muzza as he sucks on a beer at his computer). So from Monday its only water and green tea (or rooibos tea) for me for at least the next 6 weeks. I
  12. I love it when people have proper stories! Good effort. I mean, <cough> The aging ranger had been watching from the trees while this whole fiasco took place. It was good. The rebellion needed new soldiers, whether they're assassins or rangers, warriors or scouts, good men were hard to come by. Muzza took note of the young lad, with a bit of training he could be useful in future quests, maybe for cannon fodder, but maybe for something more. He would watch this lad's progress closely, albeit from the shadows of the forest. Anyhow, Good luck. We only get 1 life, got to make the most of it.
  13. Nice! Sounds like you're gonna have a busy time, there's a lot of exercise you're signing on for. But nothing wrong with that, I think my plan is gonna be as full as yours. So good luck with it, give it all you got. And well played on being the first thread in! I'm kinda jealous, I've been waiting and waiting for the next challenge to go up, it goes up, and already you've got your thread in. Well played.
  14. I stock my pantry with big bags of cashew nuts, brazil and macadamia nuts and whatever dried fruit I can find. Then I just mix it all together and put it in a bag and take it to work for when I feel like a snack. But what folks have said above about not really wanting to snack because you have proper sized meals with lots of protein and fat is really true as well.
  15. I suppose somebody better be advocating Paleo here. It sounds radical, but cut ALL grains, added sugar, dairy, legumes out of your diet. So all you're left with to eat is meat and veggies, but the advantage is you don't have to stress about fat (ghee or coconut oil or olive oil), and you can really eat as much as you want / can. I've been fully paleo for about 6 weeks now, and I've lost 5kg / 10pounds without even thinking about it, and where it seems to be disappearing is around my belly. Also, at some point I realised that now I get to eat all the food that I actually like! Adding pasta or r
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