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  1. Kingmuzza’s Body-Mind-Soul Challenge Main Goal (Long Term): Get Fitter Main Goal (this challenge): Reverse the trend – stop getting unhealthier, and start getting fitter. Quest 1: You Are Your Own Gym Starting with Basic Program, Week 1 Just substituting Pull ups instead of Let Me In’s Rewards: 10 points – 4 days in a week 6 points – 3 days in a week 3 points – 2 days in a week 1 point – 1 day in a week Quest 2: Do a Random Exercise i.e. Go for a run, play a game of squash, go hiking Rewards: Aim for doing 2 or 3 things a week. Don’t over-exercise when I should be resting. 3 points per event 0 points if I should be resting Life Quest: Consolidate Stop doing so many things Rewards: 7 points – complete one of my ongoing big projects 4 points – don’t sign up for any new things for the whole week I’m a few days behind – so Week 1 is really just a test week. I can still get points, but I won’t be able to get full Quest 1 points. Week 2 will start on Monday.
  2. Hi, umm, is this where I sign up? I used to come here a long time ago, but I think maybe I should start from the beginning again. I don't have much time tonight, but I'll be back with a proper start shortly, I promise - I just thought I should introduce myself before the challenge goes to far ahead. Main Goal : Get fitter again. That's not really the main goal, the main goal is to consolidate my life. Life's too busy, but with things that I want to be doing. So SIMPLIFY. That's the main goal. (That's also the "Life Quest") 2 contradicting starting points: 1. DON'T TAKE ON ANY MORE PROJECTS!!! I have projects in my life (some at work, some as governing body of my kids school, some quiet dreams, some private jobs). Most are of my own doing, and most I even want to be doing, but they're overwheliming me. 2. OK, the NerdFitness challenge is actually a worthwhile challenge, so that's the only new project I'm allowed to take on. There's other worthwhile ones too, but I have to get the ones I've got out the way before I can get onto any new ones. This will be good for me - and "mind, body, soul" thing - that's why I need to get healthy eating and exercise in as well. The healthy eating I'm already starting on, the fitness - not just yet. So the fitness thing. I'll get back to you in detail on this - but to whet your appetite - You Are Your Own Gym, starting at beginner week 1 (yet again), but substituting out Let me ins for something else, because those hurt my hands. Maybe stop smoking (or more likely, not). Wifey and I have gone paleo(-ish, again), over the past few days, so try to keep that up. Do other things! But not ALL THE THINGS!!! because that messes up my life goal. Okay, laters people. Before I start any of this, I have to finish the drawings for House Griffiths Granny Flat. I promised to have them finished already, so I'm hoping to finish them by the end of the night. I have to get that ticked off before I do anything else. Your thoughts?
  3. Ahhhh, the buckler of swash returns. Welcome back Threepwood! On the going to gym with a plan idea, have you looked into Starting Strength? I think you should (which should be reason enough really!). Also, its what I'm doing, and I'm quite stoked that my numbers go up at a pretty regular pace so long as I actually lift weights regularly enough. Apparently there's a book, but all I done is look at this wiki: http://startingstrength.wikia.com/wiki/FAQ:Introduction If you have a plan you make progress and you can see your progress, which is way better than just going to the gym and seeing what you feel like doing. Also, this is a pretty simple plan to follow, which makes the whole process a lot easier. Anyhow, best 'o luck for the challenge. I'm looking forward to the whole thing. This time lets all pull it off for the whole 6 weeks.
  4. Kingmuzza walked into the common room after his scouting patrol this morning. New recruit! Good. We're going to need all the help we can get. Welcome to the Rebellion little one. Great goals. I think you'll do well. Although your jogging method looks pretty sound, I'm sure you'll get success from it, I know a lot of people around here recommend the Couch 2 5k program, pretty sure its free to download, and seems to really help with motivation. Maybe have a look at that. Also, I'm one of the Paleo addicts here, so I recommend taking your diet to the next level. Go look at Whole9life.com. It's changing my life in a big way. So instead of just cutting added sugar I'm cutting added sugar, grains, legumes, dairy and alcohol. But wierdly all my cravings are gone and I feel a million times better about myself. My wife's doing the Paleo thing too, and she's gone from 105kg maybe 2 months ago, down to 90kg yesterday, and all without feeling like she's starving herself or feeling like she's missing out. Have a look. But anyway, cutting sugar like you're doing is an awesome start and I applaud you for it. I've got a boat-load of confidence in you. Enjoy the challenge.
  5. The camp was filled with the hustle and bustle of everyone preparing for the new challenge. KingMuzza had said hello to a few old fighting companions, but he wanted to get on with it. Everyone thought the war was over, but our hero had a nasty feeling it was only just beginning. He wandered out to the striding machines(elliptical) they were all standing ready. With all the comeraderie in the camp, no one was out on scouting patrols. KingMuzza climbed into one, took it out to the lookout points near the mountain pass, spent some time lying in cover, watching the road. It felt good to be out doing something - the striding machines reminded his legs what he was going to be in for, and lying silently under the cover of the forest(planking) awoke muscles that he'd been ignoring. But the road was all quiet. Eerily so after the high drama of a few weeks ago. Nothing seemed amiss. Our hero returned to camp, not put at ease, but at least knowing he'd gone and looked for himself. Trouble was coming, he just wished he knew where it was going to come from. I know the challenge only starts on Monday, but just thought I should get out there and break a sweat. Elliptical: 20 minutes Planking: 3 sets x 60second Pushups: 1 set x 10 reps
  6. Hey Kenobi. I reside on a little spot on the map about as far from the USA as possible. Mauritius be a tiny island stuck out in the middle of the Indian Ocean. About 4 hours flight east from Africa, about 6 hours flight west from Australia, pretty much straight south of India. The. Middle. Of. Nowhere! But its a nice little island. Coconuts and banana trees and long white sandy beaches and a coral reef and eccentric Indian locals and stories of pirates and cyclones and such. I grew up in the wild lands of South Africa, but once I got kids it started to feel a bit dangerous, so we fled to this little island a few years ago. Life's good here. You should come visit.
  7. I approve. Especially I approve of the fun family fitness idea. I've got to put some thought into getting that going in my family. I'll be watching to see if I can steal some good ideas off you.
  8. Haha, Yeah Sloth-like - been on the no smoking mission for a few months now. Think I might have actually kicked the habit. (I find that really hard to believe, so I don't talk about it, but its been a while now since my last cigarette, and wierdly, I don't actually think about it all the time any more). Sometimes I think about it. OK, pretty often I think about it. But I appear to have pulled it off. So next is beer and coffee. Not that I actually have any intention of giving up beer permanently though! Which probably just makes it more important that I give it up for the next 6 weeks. Addictions suck. I could do with less of them in my life. Hence the challenges.
  9. Yeah for the Whole30!!! I've been eating paleo in a kind of relaxed way since the last 6 week challenge. But from Monday my first Whole30 starts. Super keen about it. We'll be in it together. Good luck. It's gonna be awesome!
  10. Muzza was early into the briefing room. Found a spot in the back corner with his hood pulled low over his eyes. This was going to be his third challenge, so he was starting to feel like one of the veterans here, but inside he’d been disappointed with his work in both of his first two. He was also optimistic, the first two challenges had laid a good enough foundation, but it was time to kick things up a gear, time to start really performing. Be a Ranger the Sergeant could be proud of. As he was sitting lost in his own little world the Drill Sergeant walked in: “Muzza. Good to have you back old man. But there’s a whole lot of work to get done, this time you’re gonna need to put in 110% effort. You ready for this?” Our hero quietly plucked on his greying beard – in the first battle against Arcadia he had helped a bit in the beginning, but then he let other things get in the way, first he became too busy, then he cut his foot open so he had to stay back base camp. Now the Rangers were going to need elite men. He needed to be one of them, but right now none of his stats were good enough to be part of the elite. Now was the time to change that. Right. Challenge 3. Still working on overall fitness, strength, staminia, speed, power, need to bring flexibility into it as well, and general health. Where am I going in the future? I'd like to get to a level where I can launch into big, long term training plan (foundation phase, hypertrophy phase, power phase, power-endurance phase), the aim being to compete in a bunch of races next year. But I don't think I'm ready for that yet. I think I've got a reasonable foundation to build on though, so this challenge is going to carry on building on that foundation - general fitness-wise, so I feel I'm ready to launch into a more advanced training plan. But I also have an insanely busy life, and while I don't think I can cut down on much of what I do, it needs to all be more efficient and better organized for me to excel in the things I want to excel in (fitness and otherwise). So I think I've had 2 warm-up challenges, now is the time for the big one. Starting Attributes (carried from end of last challenge): STR: 6 DEX: 4 STA: 4 CON: 4 WIS: 6 CHA: 2 Other starting attributes: Max Bench : 5 x 57kg Max Deadlift : 5 x 70kg Max Squat : 5 x 57kg Max OHP : 5 x 30kg Max Row : 5 x 34kg Most recent 5km time : 28min41sec (actually 4.3km) = 6min42s / km Goals Note: I can't decide on points for the goals right now. Maybe I'll decide later or maybe I'll only decide at the end of the challenge, based on whatever the results are. 1. Whole30! Eating Paleo changed my life last challenge. Kicking it up a gear means: No cheating at all! No beer! No coffee (I know this is normally accepted Whole30-wise, but I want to get the addictive stuff out of my life, which includes coffee) [+2 CON +2 WIS] 2. Strength Seems that sticking to the Starting Strength program makes way better progress then just doing what I feel like. So challenge is to strictly do SS workouts every second day. Also there's this Fitocracy Quest which has been haunting me "Squat, Bench, Deadlift 62kg x 10 reps". If I can't get this done by the end of the challenge there's something wrong with me. But the bench especially is really tough. Now is the time. But assuming I smash through that quest nice and early in this challenge, then points will be awarded on general improvements in my lifting numbers. [+3 STR] 3. Stamina and Dexterity Lumping running together in one big goal - distance and speed over various distances. Run regularly and get better at running. Starting Strength (above) is going to take up 3 days a week, so ideally running should also take up 3 days a week - that's the challenge goal. Elliptical and swimming are completely acceptable substitutes for running should the desire strike me, so I'm leaving this pretty open. Also, I'm not going to plan out long runs; tempo's; tabata's; or whatever, so long as I have a cardio workout, it counts as one of the 3. More are welcome if I manage to find the time, and I'll mix things up so there's speed and distance, but don't want to make it too structured. Deliverables for the 6 weeks are based on Fitocracy challenges: Run 10km in 1 session and Run 1 mile in under 8 min. [+3 STA] 4. Life Goal: Get Organized Damn Nerdfitness for only allowing 4 goals! I had a long list of stuff I wanted to put down here. But all those things boil down to making sure I have time. I wanted to make time for my wife every week, time for each of my (2) kids every week, time to get my charity work progressing, time to spend in prayer, time to read the Bible, time to sort out the house, time to sort out my permanent residence visa and architect's association membership, time to organise our Christmas holiday. Time. Time. F*@%ing Time! So the challenge is to learn to make time. By cutting out stuff that wastes time. By scheduling my day, my week, my 6 weeks, so that I get stuff done. Honestly, I'm not sure exactly how to pull this off. But that's why it's such a big challenge for me. How can I measure that I'm successful at the end of the challenge? By seeing stress decrease in my life. By seeing stuff being achieved, and ticked off the list. By making myself a monthly planner, and sticking to it. I don't know. Let's see. The goal is to have produced measurable things that makes me more organized and efficient about my time, and having used these things to get stuff achieved. [+3 WIS +2 CHA] So that's the challenge. Now is the time to give it all I've got. Take things up a level. Achieve things that I'm proud of. I've got 6 weeks. Go!
  11. Nice looking challenge. Good luck with it all. I like your challenge 3 especially. I'm busy writing my challenge and in diet it says "No Beer, No Coffee", both of which are going to be big hills for me to climb. But I also like the idea of not being emotionally tied to any food (or drink), so I think it'll make the world of difference in my life to be able to go hang out with my friends at the bar and not feel the need to get drunk with them. (says Muzza as he sucks on a beer at his computer). So from Monday its only water and green tea (or rooibos tea) for me for at least the next 6 weeks. I hope I pull my challenge off, and good luck to you with yours.
  12. I love it when people have proper stories! Good effort. I mean, <cough> The aging ranger had been watching from the trees while this whole fiasco took place. It was good. The rebellion needed new soldiers, whether they're assassins or rangers, warriors or scouts, good men were hard to come by. Muzza took note of the young lad, with a bit of training he could be useful in future quests, maybe for cannon fodder, but maybe for something more. He would watch this lad's progress closely, albeit from the shadows of the forest. Anyhow, Good luck. We only get 1 life, got to make the most of it.
  13. Nice! Sounds like you're gonna have a busy time, there's a lot of exercise you're signing on for. But nothing wrong with that, I think my plan is gonna be as full as yours. So good luck with it, give it all you got. And well played on being the first thread in! I'm kinda jealous, I've been waiting and waiting for the next challenge to go up, it goes up, and already you've got your thread in. Well played.
  14. I stock my pantry with big bags of cashew nuts, brazil and macadamia nuts and whatever dried fruit I can find. Then I just mix it all together and put it in a bag and take it to work for when I feel like a snack. But what folks have said above about not really wanting to snack because you have proper sized meals with lots of protein and fat is really true as well.
  15. I suppose somebody better be advocating Paleo here. It sounds radical, but cut ALL grains, added sugar, dairy, legumes out of your diet. So all you're left with to eat is meat and veggies, but the advantage is you don't have to stress about fat (ghee or coconut oil or olive oil), and you can really eat as much as you want / can. I've been fully paleo for about 6 weeks now, and I've lost 5kg / 10pounds without even thinking about it, and where it seems to be disappearing is around my belly. Also, at some point I realised that now I get to eat all the food that I actually like! Adding pasta or rice or fries to your meal only helps to get more calories in, they're all pretty tasteless. It's actually tastier to be eating just meat and veg. For example - for dinner last night I had a huge steak coated in chili flakes and organic cocoa, and a pretty full plate of tomato and beans and basil all cooked together. It was delicious. Adding potatoes would have just meant that my tummy got full before I finished the steak. There's boatloads of other health benefits too - all day energy rather than sugar spikes, etc. etc. etc. There's a whole lot of science to back it up these days. Wierdly, its honestly life-changing. Go look at www.whole9life.com, buy there book, and read it quick, there's a bunch of us starting their Whole30 challenge here on Monday.
  16. Sign me up for the August 6th kick-off. Been eating pretty Paleo since the start of this challenge, recently finished reading "It Starts with Food"; basically all my meals are paleo, but I cheat often enough, and I still drink beer. Now its time to do it seriously, without any cheating, without any beer, and I think I'm adding coffee to the list of forbidden foods, because I drink too much of it, and now is the time to put all those things to rest. Super keen though. And I'm pretty sure its going to be a Whole6Week, rather than just a Whole30.
  17. More Random thoughts on next challenge What am I trying to make myself into Fitness 1. I'd like to be able to run far whenever I want. i.e. I'd like to be able to go out on a weekend and run 10km or 15km and not think of it as an unusually big mission, just a weekend run. 2. I'd like to not look like a skinny runner. I confess, I do weight training mostly for aesthetics of the whole thing. Although I'm also having fun with it, so from a functional point of view I'd like to progress to a point where I don't feel like a weakling, where I can be proud of how much I can lift - haven't really put thought into where this point is, but I'm not there yet. From an aesthetics point of view, I'm not sure how you quantify that - I suppose by measuring my arms and chest, etc. 3. I'd like to be able to do any activity that comes my way without worrying that I'm not fit enough - hiking, long-distance kayaking, playing a game of soccer, swimming across the bay, anything. That means doing intervals, bodyweight things that focus on power and acceleration, and doing all varieties of physical activity so I get used to them. Diet 1. I want to not be a slave to anything that I put into my body. Be that cigarettes, beer, coffee, sugar, bread, whatever. 2. I want to be able to fuel my body optimally, so that I succeed in bulking up but reducing fat at the same time. Eating so that I'm not hungry or craving anything. Eating so that I feel fit and ready to take on a workout whenever the opportunity comes. 3. But still I want to enjoy what I eat. I like cooking. I like getting my family healthier. It is absolutely critical that eating healthy HAS GOT to be tastier than eating crap. I think I can pull this off. 4. I must FEEL healthier by eating better. I suppose feeling healthier goes with diet and fitness, and its hard to quantify, but killing myself and feeling crap doing exercise defeats the whole point. Hmmm. Life Goals 1. Get more organised. I need to manage my time better, and use my time better, so that I get everything done in my day. I have a busy life and that's not going to go away, but some focus on the problem should make me more efficient, so that I can get to a point where I feel that I've got things under control. This could be a big one - not quite sure how to do it, but for a start I shouldn't be spending time surfing the net while I've got work to do. - Detailed thought required. 2. Family Health. My wife has got a fair amount of weight to lose, and she's doing incredibly well. I need to focus a bit on encouraging that and also transfering our habits to the kids. So I'd like to get the whole family outside together more - going for walks, playing at the beach, I dunno. But I also know that I can't push too hard, because then it looks like I think they're not good how they are, which isn't what I think. Tricky balancing act, but maybe well worth the effort. I think frequent outdoor fun activities is how to play this out. - Detailed thought required.
  18. This seems like the best place to remember ideas for the next challenge: Diet: 1. Cut out coffee. I drink way too much coffee, and since going completely paleo coffee seems to give me heartburn in the morning. Well, I think the problem is that I've started exercising just after I wake up (just after I've had my first 2 cups of coffee in the morning, but otherwise on an empty stomach), which doesn't work well. So, push the Whole30 thing - I should cut out coffee, (and beer). 2. And Beer. I keep on rationalising that its ok to drink beer, I don't get drunk often (but sometimes), but I still drink a few beers almost every day. Whole30 says I can't. No point in almost doing the Whole30 but leaving in beer. Big hurdle to this will be my birthday on Sept. 2nd., which I've always taken as a chance to over-indulge, I think its time to grow up. Not sure if I'm ready for it though, seems like a big step into adulthood. 3. And so the time has come to dive 100% into a Whole30, lets call it a Whole6weeks. I'll start when the challenge starts. Fitness: 1. Fitocracy's got a Plank 60min/month challenge. I'm in.
  19. Addendum to next challenge: Be a Better Husband and Father Date night with Wife once a week = 6 dates Focussed time on each kid at least twice a week = 2 kids * 2 focussed time * 6 weeks = 24 times Do husbandly stuff around the house that I keep putting off - i.e. fix the broken lights, sort the veggie garden, hang pictures, clean out the toolshed. Do fatherly stuff that I keep putting off - i.e. take Jasmine cycling, put up shelves for Jasmine, bath the dogs with the kids, piggy-back kids at every possible opportunity, help them organize the play room how they want it. Cool, those are nice things to aim for.
  20. Well Done!! You're an inspiration. My next challenge is definitely going to include being a better husband and father, its too easy for those things to fall by the wayside when theres so much other stuff going on in life. Again, Well done! See you in the next challenge.
  21. End of Challenge review Goals: 1. Get back out on the road! Maybe a lack of cardio equals a lack of energy. So the big fitness challenge now is to start running again. Baby steps. Run at least twice a week, every week for the next 6 weeks, any distance each time. [sTA +2] [DEX +2] If the weather sux, a decent elliptical workout is an acceptable substitute, but only if running is impossible. Extra [sTA +1] for 1 run at the end of the challenge for 10km, no walking, any pace. Extra [DEX +1] for a solid mile run at the end of the challenge. Say, under 8 minutes to get a Fitocracy quest goal. 2. Don't give up on strength training. The Fitocracy "135lb (62ish kg) Bench Dead and Squat x 10 reps" challenge still evades me. 2 strength workouts per week to pull this off. [sTR +2] if I make it. This is a secondary challenge though. Running must be primary. 3. Paleo. So much good things have been said about this, now is the time to give it a shot. Research and devise eating plan. (I'm clueless right now). [WIS +1] 1 week hardcore trial (no cheats, etc.) [WIS +1] Launch long term eating plan (assuming successful trial) [WIS +1] Results: 1. Running First 2 weeks, ran twice a week. Third week, ran once Forth week, nothing - Injured foot! Fifth week, Elliptical once Sixth week, Elliptical twice. Reasons: Third and forth week my life was crazy busy, so my fitness suffered badly. Then I cut my foot so I can't put running shoes on, hence changing onto the elliptical. Overall: Did better than I thought I did. Felt like I failed this because I haven't been running so long, and I went off the rails in the middle of the challenge. Score: B on the running frequency, so [+1 STA] and [+1 DEX], didn't even attempt the fast run or the long run, so no points there. 2. Weights First week, 2 strength workouts Second week, only 1 workout Third week, 2 strength workouts Forth week, nothing Fifth week, nothing Sixth week, 3 strength workouts Reasons: Life was crazy busy, like I said above. Overall: I've been aiming for this fitocracy goal - Bench Squat and Deadlift 62kg x 10 reps - at the end of week 6 I'm getting closer, but still nowhere near. I'll keep this goal for next challenge. Score: B, so [+1 STR]. 3. Eat Paleo Complete success. Wifey bought "It starts with food", which is a life-changing book. Been eating Paleo ever since. I cheat a lot, trying to find a calm patch of my life to go Whole30, so if someone offers me pizza I eat pizza, if there's sport on the tv I drink beer, but probably 85% of what goes into me is 100% paleo. I'm happy with that. Also, I think our family's eating habits have been changed for the long term, so the experiment is a complete success. Score: A [+3 WIS], I'm adding [+2 CON] onto this because I'm feeling so damn healthy. Mini-Challenges Only 2 completed mini-challenges, even though I tried 3 of them. Warrior challenge - carry own bodyweight 500 paces [+1 STR] Scouts challenge - run 4 x 100m sprints [+1 DEX] Overall OK, so it wasn't perfect. I had 2 weeks in the middle of the challenge which were pretty much written off. But I did more than all those folks still sitting on the couch, so I can't be too bummed. In fact, looking back, it doesn't look like I did too badly at all. Looking forward to the next challenge. And, on the plus side, I've got attribute points to add to my character sheet, so next challenge I'll feel like I'm already doing well. Updated Character Sheet Ranger: Level 2 [+1 level increase, because its a reasonably successful challenge, so I don't feel like an utter beginner next time round.] STR: 6 [+2] DEX: 4 [+2] STA: 4 [+1] CON: 4 [+2] WIS: 6 [+3] CHA: 2 [0 (Still an ugly shit)] Goals for Next Challenge Just workout often - don't set too specific goals - I think get an A for 6 workouts a week (Strength, Cardio, Plyometrics, Yoga, Anything), a C for 3 workouts a week, etc. Then set bonus points for a few deliverables - mostly Fitocracy quests, so: - Bench Dead Squat 62kgx10reps - Run 10km - Run a mile in under 8 min - Swim 750m Life Goals: Organize all the outstanding stuff in my life that's hanging over my head. Life Goal 2: Move forward with all the charity work that seems to be landing in my lap. Right, so that's it. Thanks for the challenge folks. See you all in a week.
  22. Week 5 summary It appears KingMuzza is up to his old tricks again. Missing in Action for almost the entire week. Got on an elliptical for 7 minutes on Thursday, and that was it. Had plenty of chances to get workouts in, just didn't. Then I scraped all the skin off the back of my foot on Saturday, so I'm not putting running shoes on for a while. And had various festivities all weekend, so ate crap, drank too much, feel like shit because of it. General challenge fail. Bummed.
  23. I think its Week 4 - summary Holy Crap! What a week! My work life is spiralling out of control, my family are getting ready to leave me for a 3 week holiday, its all too hectic. And so my workouts suffered, but maybe not too much. 6 week challenge 2 runs per week - got 1 run in yesterday afternoon. Legs felt like lead for the second half of it, but I'd been lifting a few hours earlier, so I couldn't expect very much. 2 weightlifting sessions per week - actually achieved. Once on Tuesday, and again yesterday. I'm not consistent enough to be making progress right now, but I think if I can just keep steady for few weeks until my life settles down a bit I can count that as a success. Not really getting closer to my goals though. Mini-challenges - yeah right. Forgot about the scouts fartlek challenge (and would have killed myself if I had tried it yesterday), and hardly posted anything for the Ranger's lift MOAR challenge (yesterday was too late, so only got Tuesday's lifting in), plus I never got any weighted walks in. Life challenge Paleo eating - kind of going fine as a general rule, but with tons of cheating thrown in. Gonna start a proper Whole30 as soon as I come up for air though, looking forward to that. Overall Sometimes life is insane, and the challenge is to keep your head above water. I'm managing that right now, except I'm stressed and jiterry. But I'm at least doing a bit of exercise, so I'm feeling pretty healthy, really the goal is to not slide backwards, which I'm managing. This week is probably much of the same, but sometime in the future it'll be ok.
  24. Thanks, I'm quite lucky to have the most awesome wife in the world ever, so its nice to celebrate that. And you are more than welcome to swap weather with me, I want my summer back!
  25. Update stats at start of Week 3: STR: 4 DEX: 3 STA: 4 (+1 for successful Warrior mini-challenge) CON: 2 WIS: 3 CHA: 2 New Mini-challenges: Rangers - Move MOAR weight & go walking with a weighted backpack - Great, lets see how this goes. No other challenges available yet.
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