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  1. With this post, I close out my attempt at this challenge. Was it messy? Did I screw up a lot? HELL YES. But I persisted... In that persistence, I started to learn at a deeper level. I gained insight into what I want to do after. I gained a deeper insight into Ashtanga and boxing (I have A LOT to learn), so my journey is now just beginning, when I thought this would just be a temporary one-off to revisit my nerdy origins. Here's what's going down: Shadowboxing (Fire): I actually decided to continue this with FightCamp, an interactive workout you can do at home, three times a week. I'll be doing that while refining my schedule for in-person training with a coach. Water (Water): This experience made me realize how little water I was actually drinking before. I will continue, partly because of that insight and the fact that I'm prepping for 75 hard, a challenge where you have to drink a gallon of water a day (plus other stuff)/ Ashtanga (Earth): I'll be doing this more on weekends as part of my restorative practice for the week. I look forward to learning the poses from memory. Air: This will be included as part of (ideally 20 minute) meditation session, which I do daily. Stats Day 20-Missed Day 21- Air-Completing deep breathing after this post Earth- 6 rounds of Sun Salutes Fire-Completed 5 rounds of shadowboxing Water- Already crushed a liter, going on my second PS Thanks @WolfDreamer & @Tanktimus the Encourager for your support. Thanks for ANYONE who left a comment or Like on my nerdy and unpredictable journey. I appreciate it!
  2. Day 19 Air: Completed 10 minutes of deep breathing...It actually helped me deal with a mini-crisis that popped up Earth: Completed 6 rounds of Sun salutes (Ashtanga)...I actually looked forward to them! Water: I now have over a Liter of water per day (my original goal!)...On the 6th bottle now..Srill drink coffee and tea, but no sode (Working on cutting out all sugary drinks in the future) Fire: Completed 5 rounds of shadowboxing
  3. Day 18 Air: Completed 10 minutes of deep breathing Water: Already on 5th of 8 bottles Earth: Completed Sun Salutes A & B 3x with opening and closing mantra. I've got Sun Salute A, but still wobbly on B Fire: Completed 5 rounds of shadowboxing
  4. Day 17 Air: Completed 10 minutes of deep breathing Earth: Completed 3 rounds of Sun Salutes A & B. Also began a few postures in the Primary Standing series. Fire: Completed 5 rounds of shadowboxing Water: Already on my fourth bottle and not stopping yet...Damn, I'm drinking water PS I found it easier if I just have already water around me.
  5. Day 16 Air: Completed 10 minutes of deep breathing Earth: Completed 3 Sun Salutes Water: Drunk 8 bottles of water Fire: Completed shadowboxing rounds
  6. Day 16 Water: Up to 6 glasses of water so far today Air: Completed 1 round of deep breathing Earth: Completed 3 rounds of Sun Salute A & B and considering dabbling in Primary series Fire: Completed 5 rounds of shadowboxing
  7. Day 15 (Today) Air: Completed deep breathing session Earth: Completed 3 rounds of Sun Salute A & 3 rounds of Sun Salute B Fire: Just finished 5 rounds of shadowboxing Water: Currently on 3rd bottle of water (I might be moving to liters but that means even more peeing!)
  8. Day 14 (Yesterday) Air: Completed deep breathing Earth: Completed Ashtanga session (3 Sun Salutes A-which are getting better and one weirdly performed Sun Salute B Fire" 5 rounds of shadowboxing Water: 8 cups of water PS I had to pee a lot
  9. Day 13- Water: 4 cups of water Goal met Fire: 5 rounds complete Goal met Air: 7 minute breathing session complete Goal met Earth: 3 rounds Sun Salute A & 1 Round B Goal met
  10. Keep evolving, Man! All of this is part of your journey...It may not feel like it, but every single thing (good and bad) has a part to play. At the same time, LIVE IT. When you feel angry or mad, be angry or mad. If you need to get something off your chest, get it off! Deal with the NOW. Learn from the LATER
  11. Insight Timer is the bomb! I've been using it for years!
  12. Alright, I'm still fighting through this!!! Let's cover where I've been Day 3 of return 1.5 cups water, rest coffee & tea. No exercise Day 4- 3 cups of water No exercise Day 5-3 cups of water No exercise Day 6- 3 cups, shadowboxing routine Day 7-3 cups, shadowboxing routine Day 8-3 cups, shadowboxing routine, 3 rounds A & B Sun Salutes, Breathing Day 9-2 cups Day 10-Missed everything Day 11-Missed everything Day 12- On second cup of water, completed shadowboxing routine, will see what else I get done today
  13. Day 2 of the return Water-2 cups..I'm actually starting to want water again Fire- 5 shadowboxing sessions done Earth-4 Sun Salutes (3 A & 1B) completed Air- 5 minutes of pranayama completed
  14. Alright, after some chaos...I am back. 'I am now tracking each day on paper, rather than going through what I scrambled on pieces of paper to find my updates For now, I'll have to make some adjustments: Water: I Liter I'm just trying to get at least 4 cups of water per day now I have taken a 30-day no soda challenge (on day 2), so that is now taken care of....but I now have an addiction to coffee! I did buy a water canteen and will start just carrying it around with me. I know 4 cups isn't ideal, but I gotta start somewhere Fire: For now, just one round of 5 shadowboxing sessions per day is all I have time for now. Earth: I don't have time for a 30 minute Ashtanga (or whatever the hell I was doing) session...but I do have time for Sun Salutes! So that is what I will focus on first. My goal is now 3 Sun Salutes per day (either variation or both) from Ashtanga. Air: I've been pretty good on at least 5 minutes per day of pranayama breathing, so I'll continue at least 5 minutes of pranayma per day For today: Water-1 cup as of now (The rest was coffee and tea) Fire- 5 shadowboxing sessions done Earth-3 Sun Salutes (2 A & 1B) completed Air- 5 minutes of pranayama completed
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