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  1. When Are We Again, Anyway?

    So far we’ve read Annabelle and Aiden, Lyle at Christmas, Tacky’s Christmas, Merry Christmas Curious George, The Night Before Christmas, The Finest Christmas Tree, The Night Before Halloween, The Raven, Jurassic Park (which we’ve read a chapter or three a night most nights of the year and we’ve finally finished), the ABC Space book, What is a Wookiee, and many others. I just started keeping track on a Goodreads shelf for each kid. We have a few hundred children’s books and I have no idea what we’ve read with the kids anymore. Baby girl is hearing 50 Women in Science: Fearless Pioneers Who Changed the World (I read whenever I feed her). Gotta start the science and empowerment young, doncha know.
  2. When Are We Again, Anyway?

    Thanks, its good to be back. My biggest hurdle so far was finding the keys that were hiding in my pocket this morning lol. I wish I were better about reading to the kids and to myself. It got waaay away from me reading for fun personally for a few years. Full time job + grad school for the wife and I both on top of having the kids and trying to move a few times killed a lot of my good habits. Reading is probably the most useful skill I ever learned. I learned to read very well as a kid by ridiculous amounts of practice. My parents didn’t read too much to my little sister though, and there’s a huge difference in both skill and desire to read. Being that I’m off work until mid-January, there’s really no better time to read like crazy to them. All that said, it’s been a goal on my character sheet from the beginning at NF to read to both boys 7 days straight and I’ve yet to achieve it. I want this to be the month it happens.
  3. When Are We Again, Anyway?

    This is my sixth attempt to post this since October 21. So, I'm still struggling here. I'm up another couple of pounds and basically nocturnal now. The baby make that easy but the toddlers are strictly of the early-rising diurnal mindset. Given the whole end of Daylight Savings time, that means they were up before 5 am. To make matters worse, we live in unincorporated county, just outside of the city where it's not quite rural but not entirely city either. And that means that it's apparently not illegal to shoot off fireworks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 day a year. No noise ordinance in the county. They scare the kids and make nights miserable. I've gone from loving fireworks to mostly tolerating them unless they're a prat of an organized display, because lots of people shoot them off. We rarely go a full week without a night of fireworks, and last night, they went off until 1 am. But, I digress. Goals: 1. Help my wife (at the very least) return to diurnal living since she's got only one more week of leave left. She's got a 45-minute drive that is worse with traffic, and I don't want her to be miserable or dangerously tired. 2. Actively lose weight at the 0.5-2 lbs/week rate of my goal, including prioritizing my protein like before. And limiting non-goal foods to once a day. I've become terribly lax about piling the junk food in without thinking, especially when I'm up late or in the middle of the night. I am awfully close to where I began, and I have an established goal ceiling as well- never let the hundreds number go up a digit again. It's lower than it's been since before the oldest was born and I generally feel better than I have in years. It's fantastic for the joints and basically the rest of health so I'm working to keep the weight down and the muscle on. 3. Get the house in order and establish routines. I'll be living the SAHD life for 10 more weeks. I've made progress on the house but my routines are non-existent outside of what's required to get the oldest ready for and taken to/from school. I've been able to wing it for the last six weeks with my wife home but I'll quickly drown without said structures alone. 4. Keep reading, keep keep reading. It's been terribly helpful to me mentally. I've made good progress in my biography, picked up a Terry Pratchett, a J Patrick Allen, and an Amalia Carosella for fun, and it's been doing wonders for my mental state. Stress levels are, with the exception of occasional spikes, the best in memory. 5. Read to the kids daily. We're usually pretty good about it, but as I said many routines just fell apart with a newborn. Hopefully, we learn from these disruptions for child 4. The boys love to read, and we have so very many books that they haven't even read yet. When it's just me I'd like to get into the habit of going to the library regularly, too. 6. Rock the interviews. I have interviews for two promotions on Thursday. I want offers from both.