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  1. The Leaf’s Locus

    Someone called with questions about a bid. We only had good news to give. I’m a bit nauseous. I hope a bid is coming soon!
  2. [Sylvaa] What's Next?

    That's not cool. When I was in HS our band and color guard made both us and our parents sign a commitment form with the scheduled and summer requirements. I was in band and the winter guard. It IS a ton of fun and great experiences, but that doesn't change the chaos and uncertainty now injected into your vacation. A little communication goes a long way!
  3. The Leaf’s Locus

    That's a fantastic idea, and I just did it. We have an almost 8 month old, a 3 year old, and an almost 5 year old. So that family's in a remarkably similar situation! The masculinity part is the taking charge, because as an introvert my default is to let the extrovert handle the entire social calendar. It's not surprising that she's getting tired of being the only one to manage it!
  4. The Leaf’s Locus

    The weekend was rough, to say the least. Let's start out with the goals 1. Prep and sell house The house is prepped, and the prepping continues. I'm still packing bits here and there, and making minor repairs like replacing shower heads, new toilet, replacing cracked outlet plates, fixing vinyl floor/tiling, etc. We keep it show-ready basically all the time and it's pretty stressful with 3 children. We've had 19 people look at our house over the last 10 days and we've dropped the price once. Several people like the house but not the area, or think it should be priced lower based on updates they want to make or some of the minor fixes that are necessary. We still have plenty of time, but we want to leave. My wife is incredibly anxious since it's not sold before (totally different circumstances, but that thought still hangs like a dark cloud). I'm anxious, too, but mostly tired. I was hoping to get the house sold and move before the baby was mobile, but she dashed those hopes last night. She's army crawling all over after her big brothers! 2. Eat more pulses. Mostly missed since Friday. As has most eating; I've dropped a chunk of weight. 3. Do something at least lightly physical 7 days a week Definitely hit. 4. Sleep 7+ hours a night Achieved twice since Friday. So, I totally blew Mother's Day this year. We're back on the same page and I have some adjusted priorities as well. Mother's Day was also a fiasco because we've not been on many dates or, indeed, had much time together alone for quite a while. Normally, by the time the kids finally fall asleep we're ready to pass out ourselves, and we've been super busy with other stuff. I can't push all responsibility to plan stuff like that on her. I've got to exercise some of that healthy masculinity and inject some romance and connection into my relationship with the world's most awesome person.
  5. I'm glad I'm not alone in having a rough weekend. May you find the strength, courage, words, and actions necessary to overcome.
  6. [Sylvaa] What's Next?

    I'm probably not the best gauge for non-weirdness or normalcy. But for what it's worth, I think you're pretty real and that's more important than being a bulge in the bell curve!
  7. [Sylvaa] What's Next?

    That makes sense. And I'm glad you're finding it super easy to adjust! Your body probably goes into general water conservation mode when you drink less since you don't wander around dehydrated. You'll also retain even less water when the glycogen is gone. When I did this, I noticed that within a week I felt thinner simply because my liver wasn't as full of water. I even fit into an old suit. (I stay pretty well hydrated too, and when I stop drinking I fell like my fingers turn into sausages).
  8. [Sylvaa] What's Next?

    That's hilarious! Keep in mind that when you first start cutting carbs below maintenance level, the first weight loss is largely stored glycogen in the liver and muscles that isn't being replaced. Glycogen holds water too; about one gram of glycogen holds 2-3 grams of water, so the initial weight loss in much faster that the sustained weight loss will be. You're not doing anything wrong, and I can tell you from experience that it's surprisingly fast in the beginning. You'll even out and it'll become a little slower and more normalized later. The real key is sustainability. Lower sugar and carb (although not quite ketogenic) works really well for me because eating a large chunk of sugar at a time sends me into the boom/bust blood sugar cycle. If you're feeling satiated and not deprived, and not otherwise experiencing problems, stay with it! Especially when focusing on healthy fats.
  9. The Leaf’s Locus

    No time for a full update, because tons of amazing things have happened since the last challenge. But in summary: -My sister-in-law is cool and my co-brother-in-law is my new best friend. -I am starting a side business with my wife that could become a full-time career if the pilot phase goes well, and may just be something fun/fulfilling on the side of it doesn’t lend itself to supporting a family. -We found an amazing, perfectly-located house north of us so we’re going to put an offer in and put our house on the market. -The kids are doing great. Reading is going very well for all of us. -French has taken the back burner for now but I should be ready to hit it again after our (hopeful) move. -I gained about 10 lbs in the last month and 15 since January and my physical shape is generally awful. I’m sad to say that my job is now a total dead end, the culture changed from, Team-based to cutthroat, and I’ve eaten the heck out of my stress. I’ll be back later to detail my goals. For now: 1. Prep and sell house 2. Eat more pulses. 3. Do something at least lightly physical 7 days a week 4. Sleep 7+ hours a night