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  1. I do not enjoy dirty keto. It does keep you in ketosis which can be helpful in the short term, but Costco ran out of broccoli (technically, when I went last weekend they had 3 pallets for sale that had already gone bad) and the rest of the plant stuffs I usually eat, so this week has been waaaay heavier on sausage and cheese. I’ve still been eating nuts, of course, and in decent quantities. But as a nut free bakery, the nuts are relegated to my car and I can’t just grab a handful while working like I used to. Jessie reminded me that we’re literally across the street from a farmer’s
  2. It’s been a rough week. Good, but rough. Finally have access to our money. First hired help starting “soon.” Helpful equipment has been ordered. Plans have been made. I worked 70 hours at the bakery plus my regular job, then yesterday I stayed home with the kids while Jessie and Marinara went in. The kids and I all took a nap together then went to a local fair, had dinner, and went up to help at the bakery. I only went in today because I left my computer. The kids are at grandma’s tonight because they don’t have school tomorrow and Jessie and I had a date night of sorts watching
  3. I dunno. I still love the smell of freshly baked bread. I haven’t craved it at all. It’s almost like the scent is disconnected from food for me. The pretzels smell almost exactly like (and taste almost exactly like) my grandma’s homemade, bathtub-proofed rolls and the scent is basically her love to me so it’s kinda a great thing to be surrounded by all day. It really is. I hope I don’t lose muscle in places I haven’t been working as hard. I don’t think I have lost much muscle and I can definitely see more of it because being a baker apparently melts fat like a nice heat ray
  4. What it’s like working in a bakery: a randomized series of bullet pointed thoughts. -The work is pretty simple -Flow is everything and is actually, often, most of your day - People absolutely love pretzels. Am I selling crack? Because the demand is like crack -People panic when they’re out of pretzels. Am I selling crack? Because… -I need to hire people. There so very much money here. We can sell every pretzel we can make and people are beating down the door to give us more money but we just don’t have enough hours in the day -I can’t imagine getting tired
  5. Thanks! I also think that bouncing between those options is pretty close to my natural rhythm 😂 In all seriousness, the work itself is hard but good. The hours have been murder and hard on the family. So I’m some ways it’s an improvement and other ways it’s been extremely difficult. I feel guilty being away so much, and don’t want that to just be the new norm.
  6. I keep bouncing between “this is awesome” and “I don’t know how the hell we’re gonna do it.” Hiring will help. And I’m sure our newfound sort of access to our bank funds will help, too.
  7. Thanks! Finally got online banking activated and usable. Thank goodness. It sure took long enough! (A day short of 2 business weeks). It has been a day! And it’s one that’s ending early. Yesterday was really late. I need this evening to be more normal, and to do some laundry, and that sort of thing. Also rest. Also set up the POS. Also finish setting up Quikbooks. Also officially switch phone ownership. Also… 😂 But in spite of the things there are to do, it’s ours. It’s hard work but I like hard work when there’s meaning behind it and when the things I do matter.
  8. I’m sure it’ll be both. 2/3 of my customers are a great local restaurant that grew into a chain in hot area. Their kitchens smell amazing. Their freezers smell amazing. And then my place smells like freshly baked bread, which is actually a great background scent for me. Deliveries ran late last night, and lasted from about 6:30-10. I took the 2 youngest kids with me and as expected they slept except when Jessie called (and they woke up at her voice). I’m super tired and must have turned off my 3rd alarm. I’m seeing a light at the end of the tunnel on the overwhelm though. Our fi
  9. 😂 Technically, I beat the dough, cut it up, stick it in an oven, and then freeze it before it is ultimately baked or deep fried again so that bar is pretty low 🤣
  10. My ability to stubbornly see the best in people is simultaneously my best and worst trait. It’s been invaluable in helping/enabling others to see and be their best selves. It’s been really good in my corporate job. The issue is identifying people who aren’t ever going to change. Or coming to grips with the fact that not everyone’s best self is what I imagine it to be, or that there are simply style and personality conflicts that make some people less optimal to work together. My dad is a generally good and helpful guy but he tends to mansplain pretty badly and treat women like they
  11. As a note, we’re planning to continue hand-rolling the pretzels even if we use additional tools to make it easier. This will not become a fully-automated factory; those pretzels are never quite the same and the hand-rolled process is part of what gives our pretzels such an edge. But we CAN reduce variability and make the whole thing a lot faster, and automate things like measuring flour, packaging the pretzels, route planning, and invoicing. The biggest innovation we’re going to bring, though, is a multi-person team, which dramatically begins to speed up production, as well as basic things lik
  12. Thanks, me too! So there are a lot of steps that I think we can further automate. My dad spent almost his whole career as an electrician working on/installing/upgrading automation tools for a car production plant, and there are a bunch of robots/machines that could help take human error out and probably do it all faster as well. Anything we can do to save time and improve quality will help. After meeting the owners and managers of the clients we sell to, I am confident we can sell literally every pretzel we make. It is a blessing but, until we fix the process, also a cur
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