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  1. Yeah. I need to slow down. We need to slow down. We’ve known that for a while but sort of dug a financial hole with student loans that made even all we do just treading water. The bakery is a serious game-changer in this way. Woody is dead set on Max. But Cujo would be pretty funny. The manager’s first day was today and she did great. Business also appears to be up; we’ve been advertising more actively and a local bowling alley owner appears set to buy most of our products wholesale *fingers crossed* Also I got home today and visited my much-neglected homestead. The berries have taken over. There is a single apple and a single cherry growing which is all good news. I harvested half a pound of strawberries which is awesome considering I otherwise haven’t looked at them much less watered or fertilized them this year. (Just the stuff I’m protecting from deer) Woohoo!
  2. Wait, are you suggesting it might be healthier for me to do less? It’s like the writer used your comment as too-obvious foreshadowing. (See below) Thanks! I should be able to slow down substantially with the bakery with the new manager starting. (She starts tomorrow). My other job is getting bad this month; as bad as March 2020 with how the market is doing. Yay! I won’t be murdering myself for it though. I’ll be giving my contracted hour and that’s it. I did have a health scare last week. It was probably a panic attack but I went to the hospital anyway because it presented a lot like heart issues. They did an ekg and some tests and we eventually left after about 8 hours of not being seeing. But the tests showed up in the online account and matched an EKG from when I was 18. Still following up with a cardiologist Friday. On other news we’re actively pursuing getting and training a service dog for Woody, especially for his anxiety. He got all excited and told his classmates about it and a large number bullied him relentlessly Friday. He was devastated. His godfather Marinara, in a rage including his solid sense of humor, indicated we needed to get Brutus https://www.pixieandbrutus.com as his service dog and give the little brats a good scare. Seriously though even after that he’s excited. The Best Dog is 10 and was trained as a therapy dog, and has performed that function within our household for years. But a service dog could follow him to school where he really needs the help.
  3. Hey man. I’m here. I’m following. I support your goals and dreams; they’re valid. It’s not conceit, it’s ambition that you have. You don’t have to feel guilty for ambition, and you’re not the kind of person who steps on others to get there. Making the world a better place is admirable.
  4. In other news, Rex discovered that I used to eat frog legs. I mean, I grew up in a redneck culture in which frog gigging was seen as peak hunting. And ngl guys, I enjoyed it. Mostly because I had no idea how many copperheads were close by . But it was fun. However my little chef snd animal lover has taken to frogs and I can no longer eat them. (Not that I have in 20-25 years). Tuesday night Woody and I did weights at the YMCA again. He’s pretty good, actually. It’s nice one-on-one time for us. I was at about 350 feet on the farmers carry with half my body weight in each hand and he’s the same distance with about 20% of his total. Not bad for an 8-almost-9-year-old. Tonight I did the farmers carry alone as Woody had to go into dance class. I went 450 feet (more floor space was open) with a total of 10 lbs over my body weight. That’s further with an extra 5 lbs a hand and I’ll take it. I know this level of “progress” is mostly me getting towards where I actually should be with the weight but I’ve way too many responsibilities to go too hard again and get super bad DOMS by acting careless. As it is, I had to stop 3 times to redo my grip on the last 50 feet so this is probably pretty close to the sweet spot for the 450 and I can maybe go up one more dumbbell for the 350 distance. It’s broken up into 4 sets as it is so the overall goal is to get to the biggest dumbbells and make the trip with fewer and fewer sets in preparation of carrying children, increasing grip strength, and supporting my grease the groove practice of merely carrying a 50 lb sack of flour in each arm ( not terribly far off of carrying the two youngest children sans child acrobatics). Altogether, I’m feeling pretty good considering I missed almost an entire nights sleep Sunday into Monday and I’ve been literally falling asleep whenever I sit down. There’s been a lot of other frustrations as well, not directly for me. I’ll be glad when we’re all full time at the bakery. Those days are the best days. Those are some good days. Today I was alone though. It wasn’t bad. But it always better working with Jessie. I’ll be happy to have our new manager start. Less than 2 weeks!!
  5. *points to open seat* Is this seat taken? I’m on the struggle bus these days, too. Here to help build you up though!
  6. Greetings, and welcome to all! I’m a married parent of 4 kids aged 0-8. The last few challenges have been rough; Jessie’s job has been in the busy season, my job has been in the busy season, and the bakery officially opened for retail business. Plus kids. Plus school. Plus struggles with one of the teachers at school for one kid and struggles with dance instructors with two others. As often is the case, this post is taking place over two days. That said, good news everyone! We officially hired a new full-time bakery manager today (offered Friday, she accepted Monday, starts 2 weeks from tomorrow/today). I’m extremely excited. It’s going to take a huge amount of pressure off of me, and also make it easier to plan advertising. I’ll get to move into a role heavier in sales, marketing, and finance (while still spending plenty of time in the kitchen!) and we’ll be about to expand as well as actually take our vacation this summer. I’m ultimately an adventurer at heart, though I train similar to a lot of Rangers (and I’m something of a Druid Paladin which is also something of an equivalent to a Ranger). I love hiking, exploring, traveling, and other fun things with the family. Since shortly before joining Nerdfitness, my physical training is typically built around injury rehabilitation (which happens a bit more often due to autoimmune arthritis) and training to be able to travel, explore, and play with my family. I have a pretty effective Disney World training system, and try to ensure that at any point I’m strong enough to carry my whole family somewhere. That has become more difficult as the years go on but I can still do it for the most part. I am also an enthusiastic suburban homesteader bent on establishing an orchard and vegetable garden, so things can get pretty out-doorsy depending on my goals. My needs mean I do a variety of types of training, and my earliest two physical training goals were “run fast” and “be able to competitively play any sport I come across.” I prefer to avoid gyms and do a lot of body weight training. When I do lift weights it is at the YMCA or, more commonly, takes the form of children, sandbags, or logs. This time, we’re training for one of the Disney races as a family. It’s gonna be a later event so we have plenty of time and I’m training, in particular, to be prepared to carry the younger 2 kids for the race. So far this has taken the form of loaded carries and greasing the groove with squats and lunges; I’ve been either using 50-lb sacks of flour or dumbbells thus far. I can farmer’s carry my weight for 100 meters. Homesteading season is upon us. I am afraid the Ranier is dead and I’m afraid one of the apple trees died as well. We’re reigning in my red neck tendencies this year and redoing a bunch of our gardens. We may also be remodeling the house to add more space for my mother in law and her sister to move in as well. At the beginning of last year, we started shopping for an existing business with a professional kitchen to give a physical location to our small bakery. We now own the bakery kitchen and business. The bakery has been opened a month and we just hired a full time manager which I am ecstatic about. Once she starts we can get more serious about expanding business without completely running ourselves into the ground. There will be a lot more flexibility to handle groups of people (larger numbers ordering made-to-order items cause our biggest throughput issues) and she can also help us build the team. I wish she was already on; L’enfant somehow got a cupcake with egg it in yesterday and thus yesterday was one of those nearly-no-sleep days. Healthwise, we’ve been living the keto lifestyle for most of the year and we’ve found it to be incredibly easy to stick to 99% of the time, meaning we’re seeing more success and I’m burning less willpower on food-related stuff. I am past my arbitrary goal weight, and I’m focusing hard now on maintaining around this weight while achieving my goal composition. I think the race/loaded carry training will help. I’m concerned that sleep problems will hamstring me though which is why, as always, it’s goal number one. I’ve not been physically or mentally as well lately. Jessie has work friends and I’m grateful (she really, really needs some good friends especially given her job) but she’s home less while I have been more isolated and I’m feeling the loneliness return. It can be pretty intense. I don’t really have many IRL friends. I love Marinara but he’s sort of emotionally unavailable and my other friends are almost all far away anymore. I’ve been working on connecting with people, though, and it has helped. We saw Rex’s godparents after his birthday party and that was amazingly helpful. I've been struggling hard on my “no yelling” goal. I feel exhausted all the time and it’s made it hard to break habits. I continue to strive towards zero yelling. I am also striving to be careful with my words at all times. I’m tired of being so very careful of my words most of the time to the point where I’ll simply be silent (where I have to be careful to not stonewall) but then just let loose and impulsively say a bunch of thoughtless things. Goals: 1. Sleep. As best as possible. This is critical to managing my emotions as well as general health and quality of life. I’m currently trapped in sleep deprivation until we can hire and train our team. But I can also see a light at the end of the tunnel. 2. Race training. This includes calisthenics, the race plan training, and loaded carries. Race training as a family is currently paused as Jessie hurt her sciatic nerve and needs rest to recover. She tried training through and reducing the intensity but that exacerbated the problem. 3. Take one concrete step forward per day- at least one tangible, visible thing to make life better. This ranges from things as small as “dig out the replacement toaster” to as big as “reorganize the playroom.” I don’t have to complete the bigger ones as long as I make progress. 4. Take one concrete step forward per day career-wise. I need my job but I’m not satisfied in it and otherwise need a change. I need to hone/adapt skills and look for other opportunities. -> Currently, this involves finishing the bakery paperwork and executing the grand opening. . 5. Home and Garden. I want both to be better. Especially the home. The basement is… bad. I spent one today doing laundry and cleaning up. The basement needs a tremendous amount of work. The dogs have been staying down there and it’s better than kenneling them but they’ve eaten some toys and containers which made a huge mess and the best dog’s separation anxiety issues are coming back into play. I hope that in the future I (or one of us at least) can be home half the day with them most days. We have a cleaning lady but I don’t think 3 hours a week is quite enough. Over the summer she’ll be moving to 2 days a week. 6. Therapy. I have a new(er) diagnoses and new(er) medication that have been, it feels, pretty life changing. I finished intensive therapy that was also insanely helpful prior to that and I am continuing with less frequent sessions. My goal is to better learn how to manage ADHD and how to be a more connected, present, and supportive husband and father. I think I have been progressing well. I feel healthy. I am excited about how this has gone. I am working on anger management and taking a page from the book of Mr. Fred Rogers. I had no idea that he struggled with a strong and volatile temper. He never wanted to be remembered as a saint because he didn’t want his example to be unachievable but I do think he is probably the best person who ever lived a full life. I will be looking to him as an example and we’ve decided to introduce the show as a regular part of our kids’ lives. Gods know it’s as helpful to me as it is to them. And I’m adding care of words as well to this goal for things don’t have to be yelled to hurt. I am eager to rest and get to work. Oh, and if you’re following from my last thread and the thread before, we’re STILL RPing a scene with Barnaby the Brass Dragon in our D&D campaign since March 4th. Almost 2 months of RP and close to 60 hours of me pretending to be a lonely brass dragon having the time of his life at a party while sharing dragon lore with the party.
  7. Feeling incredibly angry with Woody’s teacher again. He’s like a different kid, feeling he can’t do anything right, anxious and fearful about school, developing tics. He’s had general anxiety and depressive issues but school is a focus. There are 4 weeks left now and last week she dropped a bombshell on us, on top of the other bombshell of his terrible report card. In previous grades, including his nearly self-directed remote second grade year, his grades have been excellent and his passion for school high. This year he has to constantly redo homework and he teacher doesn’t tell us things until long after they’ve become a problem. She takes no responsibility for any of this, and makes no adaptations or accommodations for him (or anyone). Jessie heard this feedback and feels like a bad parent for not helping him enough (but no amount has been enough, we’re totally disempowered here). I also feel like a bad parent for not storming in and pulling him out of that class forever. I’m really angry. I don’t know what to do. And I also worry about what’s going to happen to his siblings. It’s been one of the things I’m very angry about. Jessie was taking to his friend’s mom, whose kid is thriving (and seriously needed an adult to kick his butt end tell him no so of course he’s doing well there) and other previously successful kids have been struggling. It is bad teaching. There are things she does well but as a sometime teacher myself her refusal to adapt absolutely infuriated me and I’ve formed a pretty strong opinion about her. Woody can drive you nuts and struggles generally with organizational skills. Sure. But that doesn’t explain why he did so well organizing and executing second grade and so badly this year. (Hint: teacher more interested in helping him succeed than making him do things exactly her way). I’d be asleep but I’m angry and struggling to calm down, especially since she’s kept us in the dark. She let him completely mislead us at the student led parent teacher conferences (he’s optimistic and wants to do well; she’s a teacher who knows what he’s saying isn’t accurate so why tf didn’t she’s lead the conversation to present what she knew then?). So angry. Feeling betrayed. Again I’m a lot less committed to private school and this almost ruins the school as an entity did me. So angry.
  8. Today was National Pretzel Day. It was also the day of Bo Peep’s kindergarten test, dance night for Bo Peep and Rex, and Jessie’s tech week. Orders were busy at first but died down; most people ordered for the office rather than drop by. I fell asleep twice, once while waiting for Bo Peep at the school and once during dance. We saw our neighbors at dance, as their girls do gymnastics at the YMCA. I heard from them 2o minutes later; our dog was outside. (She spends the day inside, in the basement) so Rex missed his musical theatre class so we could go get her and make sure things were ok. My neighbor brought a bowl of water over for her. I suspect she fell asleep in the grass (as she is wont to do) and didn’t come when the kids called her this morning. I’ve more but I’m tired. I’m doing a field trip pretzel baking demo for a bunch of preschoolers tomorrow so that’s going to be fun. Then Friday I’m interviewing someone to be our full time manager. This weekend we have 2 birthday parties, the show, and of course a bakery day. Oh, and Sunday we’re going to a Cardinals game as a family so that should be fun.
  9. All but the tiniest part of the carpet is up. It’s a good thing we did pull it up. There is some kind of leak by the back door and the whole subfloor is rotted. Allergies are also already better than they were, which has always been my experience with removing carpet. It’ll reduce the cost of installation in any case. We also had a meeting with some developers about building a house. I think that ultimately it’s gonna make more sense to add on to our current house but we’ll see. The development we like the most is actually out by my parents, which could be problematic, especially being fairly far from the bakery. However, it is close to my sister which would be nice and that area gives more house for the money. So when we expand to multiple locations it could very well be the best option. In any case, I’m kinda over living and renovating our own home with potential buyers in mind. I tend to hate most of the current trends when it comes to selling homes around here, as does Jessie. It’s unfortunate because our instinct is to make our spaces comfortably quirky. But as far as I’m concerned we should be making it ours unless we know we’re going on the market. Especially after 6 years of trying to sell the other house and most of it never really felt like home.
  10. Well, the AC went out too. When the warm front moved in the house for hot and humid. The HVAC guy came back out Saturday morning and was able to determine that the lightning actually took out the AC, and every time it tried to switch on it blew the fuses. Which we both flipped the heat to cool and back again last Sunday. In other news, the main floor carpet is definitely pet ruined at this point so we’re tearing that up and maybe will be replacing the subfloor too. We were already planning to have waterproof vinyl installed and I’ve got a guy coming out to measure for it tomorrow. They had a sale deal in which we would actually get it cheaper with installation than we would buying it ourselves so we’re putting it down over the marble and the whole area that had the carpet. The marble is a pain to keep clean and the carpet is ruined, between pets and kids. (There is also still paint on the carpet from I don’t even remember what). At the other house we had waterproof vinyl with a think sound absorbing layer and while it wasn’t as quiet as carpet, it was waaaaay better than hardwood or the tile we had. And the marble we currently have is nightmarishly loud too. We weren’t planning to start this until Jessie was off school but when the AC went out everything got super humid and the carpet is unbearable. Plus the vinyl deal. People tell me it’s not as good as marble but as a guy with tons of kids and pets I think it is by far the most superior option overall. So we’re doing that today.
  11. Thanks! Always glad to have you. I’m currently on hour 3 of crabby L’enfant being unable to sleep. Today (Easter) was weird. I took the kids to church where I discovered L’enfant was dehydrated. He’d gotten some pretzels which have egg in them and then had tons of diarrhea that didn’t stop until this afternoon. Which made him Dehydrated. We got him fluids but his nap was totally off and he’s having trouble sleeping to boot. To exacerbate matters, a cold front came through so we’re back to freezing temperatures and, hooray, the furnace isn’t working. (Fortunately the other electrical and gas appliances like the oven, range, and hot water heater are fine). HVAC is one of the handful of things that’s just out of my wheelhouse so in maybe 5-6 hours I’m gonna call someone to come look at it and hopefully fix it. Because it’s chilly in the house. Woody and Bo Peep are spending the night at grandma’s. Rex already sleeps in a nest of blankets and stuffed animals including 2 stuffed dinosaurs as big as he is so he’s nice and warm. I have Jessie under about 8 blankets in our bed but the little guy and I are hanging in the kitchen since he’s wired for sound. I think he’s coming back down from an allergic reaction in part but also generally not feeling well. Fun times.
  12. To be fair, I don’t know how to react either Spoiler for real-time anger processing of news received after I started this post. In happier news, Woody asked me… today or yesterday? Woody: Dad, how would you feel in the PAC Man world? Me: I’d probably scream a lot. Woody: Why? Me: There are actual ghosts who eat you? Woody: They’re just demons. I’ll show them a cross and take care of it. Me: What if they’re nonChristian demons? Like Shinto demons deep in rural Japan who’ve never heard of Christianity? Woody: Well, in that case I- *breaks out into the exact choreographed dance* Never gonna give you up! Never gonna let you down! Ladies and gentlemen, my 8-year-old IRL Rickrolled me. I laughed myself half to death, then we showed Jessie, and I’m honestly super proud.
  13. Welp. Rex has a norovirus and has been throwing up all day. That sucks. I hope he doesn’t give it to his siblings or anyone else in the family and that he’s better for Easter. On another note, it appears that L’enfant has a food allergy and that food allergy is probably eggs at the very least. He’d been getting some limited rashes but they went away quickly and acted a bit more like a contact dermatitis until earlier this week when he had a whole body rash. The doctor checked him for strep but he’s negative, and they suspect it was a food allergy based on the limited rash he’s had (maybe also joining forces with a mild virus). However, Jessie and I both noticed the rashes starting around the time he started eggs. And he’s been strictly off of eggs and stuff with eggs in it now for a few days and everything appears to have cleared up. I’d hoped we’d dodged the food allergy bullet but c’est la vie. I’ve allergies and Jessie has an egg sensitivity (formerly full blown allergy) and if that’s all it is I’ll be relieved. Especially since egg is one of the allergies kids commonly grow out of. Yay. Woody got a birthday invite from his Very Best Friend from remote school and he’s out of his mind excited. She’s a cool kid and her dad said they’d stop by the bakery to see him after school sometime so now Woody only wants to be at the bakery after school . She’s just like him though. Heck, they have the same (bad) handwriting (which I admit is only a little worse than mine).
  14. Just to reiterate; I don’t think you’re overreacting. I think that was incredibly inappropriate and the kind of thing that contributes to 1. People being completely desensitized to something that should be pretty horrific 2. People wandering around and saying/doing/supporting incredibly anti-Christian messages within the church 3. Psychological trauma for certain vulnerable people.
  15. I’m hopelessly behind brother, and everyone else here. But rest assured I threw som “That’s Metal” to every post here. And those are some majestic wolves my friends.
  16. The first fully open week of the bakery was pretty darned good altogether. The grand opening was pretty insane, but it’s been pretty steady most of the rest of the time. Though Thursday was Opening Day for the Cardinals so I was totally caught off guard by the rush and was the only person working. Based on all the opening day style school events for both Jessie and the kids I thought Opening Day was Monday or Tuesday. Fortunately, Marinara came to the rescue. Altogether, I think we’ve got a pretty decent setup, and we’re ready to start the next phase. Speaking of next phases, we’ve decided to do a race event as a family. At least one of the Run Disney races. So I’ll be starting to train for that. I believe it’s going to be next January, giving us around 8 months of training. We started Saturday. Along those lines, we had Easter pictures yesterday and at one point I just picked up Rex and hauled him around for a few minutes. And it was striking because I remember when Woody was Bo Peep’s size and I struggled to carry him long term, though I once ran halfway across Disney World with him. Yet now Rex, who is 60% larger now than Woody was at that time, is barely like carrying anything at all. Woody is still pretty heavy to me but Rex and Bo Peep are a cinch. The only hard thing about carrying L’enfant is doing so with one arm all day. (Like yesterday; he’s teething and cutting eye teeth so he wants to be held constantly). Otherwise I can play with him and toss him around all day. The increase in overall “farm strength” strength endurance I have in carrying heavy loads since I joined the Adventurers is phenomenal, and I am absolutely happy with that progress.
  17. Same here. Well, we’ve not much call for cheddar around here. ‘Illchester is staggeringly popular in this manusquire, though. Yes. When the cheese cups arrive tomorrow we will be good until Saturday You’d think. Dollars to donuts she did, via physical note sent home with the forgetful student Yes. Of course today he had no homework and provided proof. I even built him a table this afternoon
  18. Well, my dad went into a fib again early in the morning Monday. He’s home from the hospital again (Monday afternoon) after adjustments to his meds and the normalizing of the beat. I got a haircut. I like it. Yesterday was the first “normal” day of the bakery being open. It was pretty easy altogether; I had a delivery early but I had plenty of time to make food fresh as I made some of the longer things just before anyone showed up and had a few I could sell before having to make more. Then my afternoon person came in and it was super easy. I’d like it to ultimately be a little more rushed, but I’ll take a slower buildup in the “lunch rush on my own” department. As it is we ran out of cheddar and jalapeños. We’re well stocked on things now, though. We still gotta figure out weekends. We definitely need more people if it’s gonna be anything like it was last Saturday, because Marinara isn’t supposed to be a regular worker (he’s supposed to be logistics and emergency backup) and Jessie’s mom and aunt really can’t take on a sixth day of watching the kids all day. Also my parents really aren’t up for an every Saturday childcare. I wouldn’t terribly mind just one of us working Saturday but I’d prefer if both of us could. If it isn’t so busy and they can stay reasonably quiet (I’m looking at L’enfant and Bo Peep and their screaming contests), it’d also be fine if they came up and hung out in the back. Oh. Also. Woody’s grades are down. Like a lot. It’s a complete surprise to me, Jessie, AND him, and they do not reflect what he knows at all. At parent teacher conferences things were good. We haven’t gotten any bad feedback or notice of a problem. However, I think Woody and Jessie nailed down the problem last night. He has been rushing his work and his handwriting is terrible when he rushes. I think the teacher can’t read what he writes and it’s been hurting his grades. I’m pretty frustrated with his teacher anyway because I really don’t think grades like this should show up without warning from the teacher. Not through a handwritten note given to the kid notorious for losing papers but maybe just a quick email? Anyway, he’s coming to the bakery after school so I can supervise his home work and so he can have a nice, quiet place to study instead of trying to do so in the chaos his younger siblings provide at his grandma’s house and he seems pretty excited about it. I’m excited to spend more time with him too. I’m hoping we can have some extra time for our 1 on 1 D&D campaign after he finishes his homework.
  19. Thanks! It seems his dad was pretty fortunate altogether. It’s been a tough time for dads lately. Mine was hospitalized for a few days almost 2 weeks ago now with a fib and also dodged a major bullet. Yeah. It really messed up our plan. But I also think we handled it pretty well. Jessie was an absolute champion. She handled the crowd like the theatre pro she is. Same. I suspect there will be some adjustments going forward with being officially open. I think we need to hire more of a team as well, which we are still actively working on. But I’m feeling a lot better about being open in general and not dealing with paperwork for the remodel. And thieves. I’m positive some took things they didn’t pay for. Though I’m still more mad that they jumped line than anything. That’s the plan. Part of it depends on how long I can work remotely otherwise. I can do the other job remotely almost forever. I like it more under my current manager. However, I suffered from panic attacks nearly every day I was in the office in that job and will not return to the office. I mean, when the pandemic hit I almost immediately lost like 15 lbs because I was eating healthier and spending less time actively panicking. Didn’t even know it was panic attacks until one happened in front of my therapist and he and my doctor were able to diagnose it. I see the future as managing and growing a chain of these bakeries. I love being in the kitchen. I’ve enjoyed building the thing. Optimally, I’ll stay full-time at the day job and focus on evenings/weekends with the bakery for a while until we’re actually on more of a solid financial foundation long-term and then I’ll jump ship when it’s big enough for us to get health insurance. Or Jessie will jump ship from her job. Some asshole kid spat on her (by accident, aiming for the other kid she was fighting) and I wouldn’t blame her if she never went back. But what I want to do is work with Jessie and Marinara full time on the bakery and perhaps other businesses. I am absolutely done with pretending to work at a desk in an office all day. The improvement to my physical and mental health when remote work began is out of this world. My dad recently reminded me why I originally quit engineering: an absolute repulsion to the amount of desk work I’d probably have to do to pay my dues before getting a proper field opportunity plus not being able to actually partake of most of the cool hands on parts. The original actual plan was for me to quit in something like October or November last year. I have amazing dental insurance, though, and Woody broke a tooth and otherwise had a lot of major and necessary work to be done. It took forever to get him in to the pediatric dentist and I was staying until that was through. Then everything else that happened happened, and we changed directions not once but twice, and then had the extended renovation stuff going on. Since it’s mostly a couple hours in the morning with extra thrown in here or there based on how I’ve set things up and learned to optimize the system and it’s workload, I have stayed and likely will continue to stay as long as they’re ok with me continuing in a remote capacity. Jessie and I are going to Europe in June and then probably with my family to Alabama after that, and after that time (which should use up most of my accrued vacation) I am planning to revisit the whole thing. Also due to a payroll error they owe me a couple thousand dollars. Before the bakery that would have been utterly catastrophic. But I’m not planning to leave until they pay up because if I leave I’m pretty sure they’ll stiff me or make me sue over it. Heck. Might have to sue anyway. We’ll see.
  20. Yesterday was the grand opening of the bakery and it went better than I could have possibly expected. Also worse One of our new people’s dad had a stroke, so he missed training and the opening. We were already a bit short and then we had 3 times the high end of anticipated people. Apparently the line was out the door and down the block the entire time we were open. I never saw outside myself; I worked the kitchen the entire time. We were quickly overwhelmed, in part because many items are made to order and take 10-20 minutes to bake. We caught up but then we ran out of prepared dips and sauces. Fortunately, several friends and family members jumped right in to help and that really saved us. They did basic things like fill the dips and put together orders. We flew through our pre-made baked goods (approximately the same amount as all of our wholesale customers use each week) and I made dough as fast as possible. We also completely ran out of a lot of supplies that we had enough of to last months based on previous retail sales. It was crazy but also enjoyable. I’ve missed working in a busy kitchen. A migraine struck about half an hour into opening, and I also got overheated and dehydrated. Jessie was phenomenal in the front. Several people clearly jumped others in line and those poor people who were jumped waited almost an hour for food that I often made for them multiple times. Shady. I think we’ll pre-bake a bunch of the made-to-order items going forward because actually fulfilling the orders is pretty easy. If we didn’t run out of those items I think 2-3 people could do the same thing. I am so excited and nervous to be officially open. The front looks amazing. The feedback has been fantastic. So far I love owning and operating a bakery. I’m glad the remodel is over and we can focus on regular business now.
  21. Got a nap but it definitely wasn’t long enough to compensate for almost a full nights sleep. I’m at the party store looking for stuff for our opening Saturday and the way the packages are written is really messing with my brain. Some products have English and French (alternating lines) and the others have English and Spanish. A few have all 3. Meaning my sleep deprived brain keeps thinking it’s reading the exact same line over and over again. No, dummy, you’re moving to the next line, it just says substantially the same thing ya gotta remember to skip .
  22. Before I do, we have this bumper sticker on a secondhand freezer at the bakery that perfectly expresses my favorite love language (that is, cooking for people and bringing them tasty beverages is one of my favorite ways to say “I love you.”)
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