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  1. Oh and about the diet it's prominent after 1month if it works or no.My metabolism makes sure of that
  2. Absolutely I measure myself every month on the 5th date, my back hand and Weist.I com,t care about weight because I often get allot of water and get it removed after.Our workouts are pretty much always supersets.imagine bench press +flies push ups and some dips.legs squats with the bar squat then jump(it's out thing) and pretty much everything you can do with dumbbells.Our trainer is a big no no of machines.we do pull ups deadlines and all the rest I remember.
  3. Honestly I've had many theories on what it might be.First off I onviously suspected my training regime but I have an instructor and well the workouts are on point,tired as hell sore as hell the next day pain so much. After that I went to the theory that it's my eating and well I have somewhat closed it. Eating many meats carbs protein fats as well of course.I've tried to do 6000 calories a day but all that did was eat the wallet and make me hold alot of water. I tried eating every two hours,nope three hours,nope ,I've tried mass gainers didn't help at all at the moment I'm drin
  4. hahah yeah I know my homework, all that even.The thing is how does one deal with the fact the illness is a handicap you see? PS:ULTRAMARINES!
  5. Oh no Garris, you misunderstand I don't ask for how to keep my illness in line I know that, I ask if anyone has any experience how to build muscle with it.
  6. And how's the Bodyfat % ever since your first post?
  7. Of course thanks!I already made a post asking a question, hopefully in the right part of the forum!
  8. Hello all!Long story short I have ulcerative colitis that is in remission now, but I have been training for almost 3 years and think to myself, what am I to do?I barely advance and can't seem to anymore than what I am at the moment! Does anyone have any nutrition tips?I really am in the dark with this thing and I finally ask for help since I don't know what to do anymore
  9. Hello all!I recently found this site and wow....nerdfitness?As in gamers that love to move?I believed I was the only one! My story has always been very strange,ever since I remember myself I loved to eat,being fat and mostly not moving.I was really happy with myself really,being fat didn't bother me really. My life was average and normal till I became 11 years old, days after my birthday I started feeling strange pains in my gut, I believed I was hungry or ate something?What else would I have thought?So I mostly ignored it and it went away, the thing is it didn't a few months after it s
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