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  1. In agreement with arilian. You could be doing a Lot worse (when you werent exercising and eating right). I can be hard on myself too. Cant wait to hear how crossfit came out. Looking forward to hear your progress! You are doing ok in my book!
  2. glad we are all doing okay even with the little bumps in the road! I'm doing okay still solidly in the A catergory. Oh and guess what even with the bumps I still managed to lose 8 pounds when i weighed in this week. I checked it like 5 times to make sure. I dont believe it. but either way keep up the good work!
  3. Wild you are doing marvellously! Super proud keep up the good work!
  4. Hey Eddard! Hope your doing okay. I know you can do it!
  5. great job! since last reading rave reviews about fit bit from you and laurel I believe. i'm considering it. one problem? i dont know if it will sync with my older lap top and according to my list wont since with my phone.. boo!
  6. Great job Laureleye! glad you are staying on top of things! What is your new project?
  7. Hey Everyone! So here is a recap! Thursday did my body weight workout and had my last class for Spanish! I tried to take the test and then my back-light of my mac went out. I played with the brightness got it working for a little while. then it went out again. So great My computer needs to be fixed. spend money i dont have... and looking at the mac forum trying to troubleshoot... (bad idea I know) said it could be a 700$ fix. my puter might be on its last legs. ugh! so thats why i really wasnt on since thursday. I was so stressed because I was having problems with my boyfriends computer as well. that i waited until friday to take the test. After my boyfriend got out of class we ended up going to bk. I ended up getting 2 double cheese burgers and mozzarella sticks. oi vey didnt realize how many calories one was, nevermind two! So friday i took my test (got an 85 tyvm) and just didnt feel like myself all day then went to work and had a freaking horrible day. worst one i have had in ages. I got so upset. I had to put in headphones and listen to my "Inner strength" playlist just to keep myself going. blech! ended up only eating 7-800 calories that day because just didnt go right. saturday went ok was still sore so couldnt walk very much. Saturday afternoon I found out oneof my tires has been so low it was rubbing on my rim and i need a new tire. saturday night boyfriend and I ended up playing games with his family. was fun. had to try and proportion out spaghetti. thank god i had enough calories at the end of the day. I couldnt ask them to make a healthier alternative for my sake. So anyways, Sunday- I went to my best friends Jack and Jill. Didnt even bother with proportions when food came out and they had no salad or anything other then hot dogs so I tried to eat small portions of food. but ended up grazing alot. in fact the amounts on mfp are total guesses. 90% of everything was homemade so had nothing to base my nutrition information of off. but still wanted to write down at least what i ate. Monday. I went to work which went.. ok i guess. gonna leave it at that. called my tire guy (yes I have one) and gave me a deal on a new tire and got it mounted with a free tire rotation! Diet went under calories but the junk food from the weekend gave me munchies for salty foods.. ugh. Today- Going to either go for a walk or do a body weight workout.
  8. Alright so I turned on my tv this morning and rachel ray show was on.. perfect timing because she was about to go over a few extreme diets. She was gonna talk to a real doctor about the three diets so you know what your getting into. Then a handsome man comes on who.. guess who it is.. A guy whom I've seen before.. Dr. Ian smith. A man who if you have watched a few talk shows might of very likely seen on the Talk show circuit. Before they go into the diets.. They start of talking about his new book! Called Shred. I'm was like.. okay what kind of authority can he really be if hes promoting his own book in the same segment as he's analyzing these extreme diets... Then the first diet they talked about the fruitarian diet. they mostly eat things grown from the ground (so it sounded like), with the exception of 75% by weight of their diet is fruit. Rachel and him immediately tear it down and say well fruits have a lot of sugar and that can eventually turns into fat. Yes.. I agreed with them. The Nerd Rebellion helped educate this. Then- The next diet they go into... Guess what it was.. PALEO. I was like huh okay lets see what they say. then he's like well you cant eat grains and legumes. and rachel Ray (an italian who if you don't know often cooks with pasta and grain in many many of her recipes) went big eyed.. You cant have legumes or grains!? but your missing so many good nutrients. Then they start talking about how its a mostly meat diet and how that bogs down your digestive system. They were talking about it as if it was the low Carb Diet... that all you eat are Damn meat and you have to avoid diary. It was disheartening and made me mad! It was like. Thousands of people watch this show because she has some very tasty sounding recipes and then they can't even give these lifestyles a fair chance. I think of how many people would just go along with it and just buy yet another new diet book. They didnt have one nice thing to say about paleo. He went right into promoting his go to smoothie thats low calorie and high in sugar ( honey, greek yogurt, milk, and strawberries.) wait didnt you just say in the long run that sugar = fat/ weight gain? Sure I am bias towards paleo. and I've heard so many LONG TERM Success Stories here on this site. I talk to you guys. You guys are Real people. I've read good information about paleo. I've investigated it myself. I decided to try and educate myself about it, now I dont do it, yet. But so far the information I've learned. I've liked, and it just makes sense to me. To be honest it just caught me off guard how much negative connotations I felt during it. I for some reason thought it was gonna get something better then what i thought it was. Anyways thanks for listening. Had to vent to someone. Decide for yourself and watch the clip for yourself here
  9. I have one account on schwabb it refunds all atm fees, bad thing is it only has a brokerage account no saving account and I need/ want one. Plus need something close so if I need to deposit money I can. So I'm kinda stuck with a land bank. I have 1 capital one 360 atms in my state. No where close to me. Thinking peoples or BoA. Thanks for the comments Tamz & ed! Check In. So Diary has been good and easy. According to the entries I have been eating consistantly under my goal. Today was close as I had 2 cousins birthdays so had a small slice of cake only ate about a quarter. Worked out today too. It was Work but it was still running up and down stairs. lifting boxes, running around the warehouse. I decided to go the long way around, and walk up the stairs more then I needed to. so it counts. will bbww tomorrow.
  10. yea! I'm right on top. Had a buffalo chicken wrap with a salad instead of fries and coleslaw. then went over to my cousins and ended up having a small slice of cake but only ate a .25 of it. AND still came under calories. huh.
  11. love, Love, LOVE the new goals! a lot simplier to keep track of as well *nods* Keep it up!
  12. Welcome to the Team! Looks like you have a good set of goals there. I've been thinking about trying paleo too. cant wait to see how your challenge progresses!
  13. Hey! Glad to have you on the Team! And Super glad to have another Dwarf on board! Looking forward to hearing your progress. Congrats on 8 months! thats something to be proud about!
  14. Welcome Phutomaki & Certified Wong Buggalo! Morre the merrier! Certified- I have been taking spanish 1 and 2 for the past 10 weeks last class is thursday! but my major is graphic design. in spring I'm graduating with my BA in information design (aka graphic design). I'd love to be a graphic designer. I love your goals! Phutomaki- More then welcome what are your goals? Wild- count me as a Knitter crocheter as well! I also watch futurama but thats more because its on and nothing else is. my boyfriend watches it pretty consistantly! update: Finished my powerpoint presentation today so All that's left is 8 more homework assignments and a test before I'm done woohoo! Eating and doing my diary has been going well haven't exercised this week yet but tomorrow I will seeing as I work at the very least. I'll follow you. we have keeping each other accountable by checking in everyday. With a back up method of Email.
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