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  1. I'm pretty good at respawning... lol. This is my 4th time. I'd really like to not be doing this again. I always get so ramped up and then I just forget about it. Life gets in the way. But, after a move back to Vermont (from sunny Florida) about a year ago, I am realizing more and more how I need to take care of my mental health more than anything. I had forgotten how dark and dreary it gets in the winter up North. And how easily I can slip into depression. I want to do something about it. More than just medication. And to take care of my brain, I know that I need to take care of my b
  2. In Highgate, Vermont.... anyone in this area?
  3. It seems that we may have some similar goals (and a love of fantasy and anime). I used to run and enjoyed it immensly. Not only that I enjoyed it, but it improved my mental health. I haven't run in years. I also feel the pull to run but just don't. Maybe I'm scared. Afraid that I will be too out of shape at this point. I'm not sure. But I could really use an accountabilibuddy and wondered if you'd be interested in keeping in touch every few days to help each motivate each other and encourage each other to make some SMART goals?
  4. I agree. Sad emoji doesn't cut it. There's just nothing except a hug and an "I'm here for you."
  5. Holy crap! Congratulations! That's quite the hike!
  6. Hey Hazard! Reviewing my very old posts and I now realize you're the guild leader for the 1st time challengers. Are you still walking to Modor? I have lost my previous log so it looks like I'm starting at the beginning again. *excited and motivated*
  7. Respawn time! Been a few years since I've been active in this group. Let's see how far I can take this!
  8. So it's been awhile since I've been on but I've been a member for a few years now. Recently, I have seen my wife get very excited about getting herself into shape and eating better. It's very contagious and I'm ready to give this another shot. Possibly my 3rd respawn. (But hey, how many characters have I created in World of Warcraft? And I enjoy each one and learn something new each time) My main goal is going to be to lose 50 lbs. I do not have a SMART goal for that yet, but the subgoals will be SMART. - Eat 2 home-cooked meals at home, each with 2 vegetables and
  9. Started making the smoothies I planned on making. In the past, when I have made green smoothies, I have felt a major change in my body and my energy levels and ability to focus. But also, in the past, I have had only smoothies and I believe that was too strict for me to follow because I always look forward to yummy greasy food too much and once I have a taste of it, I forget the smoothies completely and gain all of the weight back and feel terrible again. This time, my approach is to have one green smoothie a day and then whatever I want for supper. That way the temptation part
  10. WEEK 2: Ate much better today. I feel a lot better too. DIET Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday COMPLETED Cook "real food" meals 4x a week X X Track food for 21 days straight (TR-18 irradication)
  11. So, even though I did not complete all of my quests this week, I can see what I need to work on the most. So I will be devising a more strict plan to make sure I make at least 4 "real" food meals at home this coming week! Pumped to start the week off right! Go Havik!! DIET Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday COMPLETED
  12. Long day at work. Inventory. So the bosses bought us pizza and brought in donuts for breakfast. I was able to use my will power and skip the donuts, but I should have brought my own lunch and not count on them to bring in a healthy food. So i caved on Pizza. Going out for my walk/Pokemon adventure with my wife and to see the Christmas lights in the local park. DIET Monday Tuesday Wednesday
  13. Thanks! I really appreciate hearing that. Thanks for checking in
  14. Ate really badly today. Broke Steve's never miss two in a row rule. So tomorrow will be better. Added another thing to my challenge, which won't be hard for me because I do it naturally, but will help me acquire some influence points for my team on Rising Heroes! Go Havik! The chart below is really helping me focus on what I need to do and I feel that it is a way to hold myself accountable. DIET Monday T
  15. Today was pretty busy at work and then I didn't eat that great for any of my meals today, but despite that, I still made myself go for a walk and get the rest of my quests completed. DIET Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday COMPLETED Cook "real food" meals 4x a week X
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