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  1. I have just arrived in your city! I'm here for about a week and would like to meet some Italian nerds and maybe get some help. I'm staying in a hostel near Termini station and been told that the area is a bit dodgy to go out in after dark. I've also been following a running programme, I'm about half way through it and it's the best progress I've ever made so I don't want to give it up while I'm here. Any advice on good/better places to go for a run?
  2. Thanks, but it's not as impressive as it sounds. The Angry Birds workout is one I found on Nerd Fitness (http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2011/03/10/angry-birds-workout-plan/) where you try to complete a total number of exercises in as few reps as possible, last night's planks took me four sets of 30-35 seconds each and when I can do it in two sets I'll start aiming for three minutes total.
  3. Ok, this is to be my first challenge, signing up at fifty minutes to midnight so just in time for day one. I'm aiming to become fitter by building strength and increasing my stamina. My strength is pretty poor at the moment and I've spent the past two years struggling to find a way to workour regularly as I enjoy working out and the results feel good, but I still struggle to maintain a regular workout schedule over a space of more than three weeks. To make things harder, this challenge covers quite a busy time for me, I'll be travelling in the UK a bit for a wedding and a fencing competiton
  4. So, now that we've imposed ourselves in you how does this all work?
  5. Since I've been lurking since May last year. I used to be quite fit when I cycled eight miles each way to work and couldn't afford unhealthy food, then I got a better paying job closed to home (it's terrible, honest ) and my fitness suffered for it. I didn't realise how much until I went larping in Germany in 2011 (Drachenfest and Conquest of Mythodea) and after the first week of running around a field hitting people with bits of rubber I was exhausted. I keep telling myself the insane heat had something to do with my exhaustion in week 2, but it was also that I'm no longer as fit as I once
  6. I'm just starting my most recent fitness attempt, I try to make each one better than the last and stick with it for longer and eventually I'll manage to stick with it permanently. I've been doing the basic training from the Rebel Strength Guide for a week now and thinking that this attempt would go much better with some accountability. I've tried this with friends before but no one locally is interested and people on the internet have been flaky when I needed encouragement. Mind if I join you guys for some motivation/accountability?
  7. I'm just starting the Basic Training Programme from the Rebel Strength Guide and have a few questions. Firstly, the workout involves performing max reps of an exercise (eg bodyweight squats) for a few sets. Does anyone find that their max reps vary from workout to workout? For example at the end of last week I managed 100 bodyweight squats in the first set while at the weekend my legs flaked out at around 70. Secondly I've found that my upper and lower body are at vastly different levels of fitness as I cycle to work often but rarely get any upper body exercise. The arm exercises really
  8. It might be a little late, but I'd be up for a meetup in London or Cambridge.
  9. There is nothing unfortunate about G&T! Unless its made with bad gin. You weren't drinking bad gin were you?
  10. I want to give them a try too, but despite searching this forum and Google I can't find anywhere in the UK selling them in anything less than ENORMOUS packs. I really hate drinking things I don't like the taste of and I can't afford to drop £20-£40 on something I won't end up using. Does anyone know where I could get free samples or buy single serving size packs before committing to a huge jar?
  11. I'm in Milton Keynes, but planning to start travelling and see a bit more of the UK soon. There's more people from the UK in this thread by they way: http://www.nerdfitness.com/community/showthread.php?9863-Any-rebels-in-Cambridge-or-London-UK.
  12. I should have mentioned this earlier, I'm up for meetups but June isn't a good month for me, sometime after would be good though.
  13. Hiya, I'm new to the site and based in Milton Keynes so I can get the bus to Cambridge or the train to London really easily!
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